Req: The Primitives (1960s band)

Mr Smith

is partially blind
Looking for a track from the Primitives (the 1960s freakbeat/R&B band), not the 1980s one that Morrissey liked.

The track is called L'ombra di Nessuno. Anyone have this track and able to upload it up for me?


It's all good
Will this do? Funny song, Nobody's Shadow, which is odd, because it sounds like Standing In The Shadow Of Love, which itself was a copy of (Reach Out) I'll Be There.



Mr Smith

is partially blind
Brilliant. Thanks for that, Uncle Skinny. Much appreciated. This is a great track.

Will try to repay the favour if you're on the look out for something. Just say the word and 99 Luft ballons is yours.
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