Official Facebook "#RSDFillTheGap" (April 18, 2020)

"Whilst we ask you to wait patiently for the coveted Morrissey RSD 2020 release, please support your local independent record stores by filling those gaps in your Morrissey library. Share your favourite finds in the comments below!"


I'm glad they are acknowledging this as still happening - I would have been queuing early today for an event I always enjoy.
So a tentative June 20th as the new RSD date for the collectible's release - all being well with the World.
For anyone interested, Parlophone have put what was an exclusive vinyl only ChangesNowBowie up on Spotify to stream as a way of marking what was today's RSD too.


People die every day all the time. All sound studies show this virus has the same infection death rate as a severe flu strain. Oversold and overhyped by media and politicians with an agenda.
Well you're right about the first part. The second part, not so much.


Nobody with morals is thinking about buying records while the world suffers around them.
I can hardly see how someone staying at home should be shamed because they purchase a record to pass the time. The suffering of the world is on 24/7. A little pleasure from a new purchase is no sin in my book.

Morrissey's left nut

My "M" section has a gap. Right before Mott The Hoople, but after it doesn't pick up again until My Bloody Valentine. I think it's good. Gives some breathing room to what used to be a cluttered section.
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