Rumours of gene reunion

oye terence

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adding a bit of fuel to the fire..just read about this.

In the third week of January '08, all four members of Gene briefly took to the stage again for ex-managers 50th birthday party.They performed 5 songs at the 100 Club in London which were: 01.Be My Light, Be My Guide 02.For The Dead 03.Where Are They Now 04.London, Can You Wait? 05.Olympian

oooh i forgot about that!
i really hope it happens.

Mike Mozfan

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You never know, if they played a gig this year albeit only 5 songs there is hope. FYI: their last gig here in Phoenix was 2003 at a real dump. Audience was fewer than 50 ppl. Got some great pics, alas with a disposable camera, but you can still see a few of my shots on their still-existing website. :guitar:

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Saw them in Tokyo (with ex Style Council guy on keyboards). It was solid.

Fighting Fit is as good as any Morrissey song (and Moz even stated he liked it).

El Manzo

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Forget about it. No gene reunion around the corner. Martin is too busy being a top manager right now, and that 'Jagger alert' in his head is probably still ringing...


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