Morrissey Central "SMOKE LINGERS ‘ROUND THEIR WHISKERS" (December 20, 2020)


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Such crap but.... it is slightly amusing as a once-off instantly forgettable nugget of nothingness. The vast majority of internet posts from everyone is vapid drivel nowadays anyway.


Sam , do you have a job or friends or something? Because this is really starting to embarrass us all.

Ripley C

Dismal. Imagine this being your daily job.

"Look what I did, Moz, shall I post it?"

"Yeah, whatever"
Imagine obsessing on Solo. How's your new job going? (Shortly to be a boring pensioner) Have they sussed yet you are a regressed teenage troll who is obsessing over a singer who I imagine failed to recognise your adoration and existence ) ? LOL. I'd be terrified if I worked with you, UNCLE . 🤯


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3 years ago, I changed the password to Clapton's twitter account. And its been going quite well ever since. I've also changed the passwords for two recent clients including "Whitney Houston", and "Gandhi" and a guy who is preparing a company for a public offering.

Anyway, don't randomly post stuff online. It is bad.

one cat two kittens

Seriously. I knew this guy sam is f***ed up! I feel bad for morrisey!


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This is how a distinguished career ends...

...with dancing cats and a message dictated by an ill-informed nephew!

Moz should have terminated things with SER on the cover of that one forgettable single. Rather, "The Boy Eraser" - indeed!


Oh my

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The discussion can be about: cats, the Ramones, the oddities of M-Central or Skinny trying to figure out the racist or fascist message behind the video...

If I was a Nostradamus (I am not), my guess would be that the interview was mostly about BMG and not exactly condescendent towards BMG... and Morrissey (maybe because of the advice of some others, maybe without the need for much advice) decided not to publish it as to avoid being perceived as "problematic" for Record Labels; because he needs a new Label and been perceived that way was not going to help. Anyway, that's a wild guess...

So I assume there will be a second interview, but a bit more relaxed (i.e, not too hostile towards BMG)... and, meanwhile, we have cats, Ramones, Sinatra, Maradona and, of course, Skinny having a problem with cats, Ramones, Sinatra and Maradona.

My services as the resident Nostradamus finish here, because that is only an assumption (except the part about Skinny, which is easier to predict).

Anti-Moz Army

Rubbish as to be expected from SER and the delusional Moz “camp”. Dear COVID, please rid our world of the cancer that is Moz and his fan base. Thank you in advance.
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