Snowflake cowards & Johnny Depp

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Obviously it isn't good if Johnny Depp is a wifebeater. There's nothing funny about that.

But of course he is still a great actor with a lot of brilliant films to his name. And the snowflakes are inevitably out in force calling for him to be erased from history, cancelled, boycotted etc etc.

Going forward as an actor, maybe, I don't know, but regarding his previous films, only a snowflake coward would honestly feel 'too disturbed' or 'sickened' to watch them.

I mean honestly, it's just virtue signalling, achingly earnest handwringing, to show how 'woke' they are.

I once heard a snowflake coward saying in a pub, they wouldn’t ever watch a Woody Allen film again because of what ‘he’d done’!! He was investigated twice & cleared both times!!!! He never did anything!!
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Fake Cham, wringing your hands over Johnny Depp is 'snow-flakey'????o_O

what does that even mean Fake C? wringing your hands over Johnny Depp
is snow flakey? WTF??:mad:
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