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Just watched a couple tonight- 'Cone of silence' from 1960 on Talking Pictures, quite good. Realistic acting.

Then 'Murders in the Rue Morgue', 1970, on Sony Movies. First half good, second half awful. And Jason Robarbs name was spelt wrong in the credits. Never a good sign.

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This here's one of them landmarks in the history of pictures.
Seems like the original score was lost, but The Cinematic Orchestra
went ahead and made a heck of a new score for it.
Glad I finally got a chance to see this thing.

Them pictures still breathe the freedom from all cinematic conventions and allusions. Score's interesting too. Quite modern and jazzy in parts.

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Watched it again, just for the fun of it...

It made me ponder on the historical parallels and differences to the current situation somewhere else.
It's mostly the display of narcissistic (autocratic) self-aggrandizement slowly coming to terms with reality, that is most obvious here. Formerly loyal followers turn away, looking for a way out of this sinking ship.
Question is how to "detrumpify" the loyal followers within the population?

I just read that Trump, when losing the immunity of his office, will face 30 law suits in New York alone. He might end up bankrupt and even in prison. But what would four more years in office change for him? It's just a way to delay the inevitable judgement day. Does he think that four more years would give him the chance to yank around the helm to carve out an escape route for himself?
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gilda and cover girl both with rita Hayworth. I still have to watch 'youll never get rich' and 'you were never lovelier', also with rita Hayworth. im on a rita Hayworth kick. to me, she has always been the epitome of old Hollywood, moreso than better davis or joan Crawford. all the allure and glamour and mystique and tragedy of old Hollywood is embodied in her person.
I think I know more about her than you.

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I watched Jackie Brown this morning. It's one of my favorite movies and I've seen it a few times. I don't know if it's the best Quentin Tarantino movie. That might be Pulp Fiction. It's my favorite though.
And I just finished watching Breaking Bad again so it was nice to see Robert Forster.
Jackie Brown is a great film. A bit forgotten amongst QT’s work. And I agree re Robert Forster, I just saw El Camino for the first time last week, it was great to see him in that.

Tarantino kind of revitalised his career, a bit like Travolta.


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One of the biggest industries in the world is the manufacturin' of weapons
and as long as folks are programmed to Support The Troops, then it's gonna
continue to flourish.
Nowadays they use Support The Troops to sell all kinds of products.
I even heard a commercial on the radio the other day where the used Support
The Troops to sell shoes.
In this commercial, this guy says "I messed up my feet while servin' in Iraq and
wearin' these shoes was the first time my feet have felt comfortable since."
People are gonna think if they buy those shoes they Support The Troops.
Haha, it sounds funny but it's real.
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