The Smiths and Morrissey live Bootleg CDs for sale

Hello everyone,

Just in case any of you might be interested in buying bootleg CDs of The Smiths and/or Morrissey hit me up. One of my good friends has asked me to reach out to all of you and see who is interested in buying the last of his Smiths and/or Morrissey bootleg CDs. Below you will find the list of all that remains in stock. They only ship within the USA.

1) The Smiths - Wonderful Woman (CD)
2) The Smiths - Thank Your Lucky Stars (CD)
3) The Smiths - Same Day Again (CD)
4) The Smiths - Charming Man (CD + DVD)
5) Morrissey - Higher Education (CD)
6) Morrissey - The Cheapest Show in Town (CD)

Thanks for looking everybody!!!!
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Out of all these CDs I’m only missing the following listed down below.

Morrissey - The Cheapest Show in Town

Perhaps I can ask around and see if any MOZ fans that I know could use any of the CDs listed on your thread. BTW could you please let me know any info on Cheapest Show in Town?
The Cheapest Show in Town is an amazing show taken place during the Oye Esteban North American tour. It has a great set list and I love the sound quality considering the fact it’s an audience recording. All I do about it can be read on I sure hope this answers your question.
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