The Smiths Have Reformed - See Link!

Seminal 80's pop band The Smiths have announced they are reuniting for a comeback concert tour of the UK next year. Morrissey, Johnny Marr and Andy Rourke will reform the group, but original drummer Mike Joyce will not be participating.
The Smiths were the definitive British indie rock band of the '80s, marking the end of synth-driven new wave and the beginning of the guitar rock that dominated English rock into the '90s. Sonically, the group were indebted to the British Invasion, crafting ringing, melodic three-minute pop singles.
Morrissey has since enjoyed a successful solo career and recently released his latest solo effort "Ringleader of the Tormentors" which reached number one in the UK album charts. He is currently embarking on a 30-date tour of the UK.
Since their split in August 1987, fans have lived in hope that they would one day reform. Tickets go on sale next month and are expected to sell out quickly.


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is MSB sort of like the April Fools version of the Onion?

i see that no matter if you hit the 'entertainment' news button or the world news, you still get the exact same stories and none of them are smiths related!
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what a weak mind i would have to believe this.

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This simply CANNOT be happening. I mean, if it were true then yes it would be great, but it is highly unlikely. Is this website well known? I've never heard of it before.


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OMFG!!!! Does anyone know if they will tour the states?? I might have to get a plane ticket for this. Thanks for posting this man!


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lol, the person is clearly a wind-up merchant - If this is true I'll eat my Ecudorian hand-made Panama Hat


I dont beeeeeeeelieeeeeeeeeve this for a second.
But if –only if– there is half of a chance I swear to God I will sell my mother on ebay if I have to, to get a ticket.
(Love you mum)
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