The Smiths & Morrissey Festival 19th & 20th May 2017

Aly Panic

Slap Me On The Patio
The Smiths Utd are now confirmed to play on the Saturday 20th May and Viva Morrissey will be playing on the Friday 19th May.

Aly Panic

Slap Me On The Patio
Here's the poster...


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Whose going to this?

Looks good.

Hopefully no one with some pride left in them. I can see it now, a bunch of has beens trying to make that Smiths and Moz shirt work despite being too old and too fat.

Sammy Tregates

A Dreaded Sunny Day
I can't understand why you wouldnt go to this event. I always wanted to go to the convention in LA but this is the next best thing in the UK.
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