The Stewart Lee Appreciation thread

blue jag

Absolutely brilliant! I watched him recently when he did a piece about skateboarders down near the corn exchange.Had mecrying with laughter.:lbf::lbf::thumb:


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I like him too.
It makes a nice change to hear someone intelligent on television

Kilt Uncle

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He has a unique style and is very funny. I loved the episode about the financial industry and his description of Adrian Chiles as a "Toby-jug full of hot piss"...:lbf:

I hope he gets a second series, but he's good so it's doubtful in this day and age.

Maurice E

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I've seen Lee at my local comedy club and he was really good, but his current telly show is a bit hit and miss.
some of the sketches are very weak and the jokes a bit thin and drawn out.
still worth watching though (just about)...
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it hasn't
I like his confrontational style of humour and it seems a bit different. Definitely enjoying the series. :)


Hey Doug, how ya been??
I hope Comedy Vehicle is comissioned for a second series. I mean, if TMWRNJ was, surely this can!

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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i just watched:

it was the funniest stand up ive seen in a long time :thumb:
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