The Stone Roses - The Complete Singles, B-Sides & Rarities


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this is what the Roses' reunion leads us to do... In this collection, as I'm concerned, there are only five tracks missing:

Begging You [Cox's Ultimatum Mix] 1995 UK 12'' Promo
Begging You [Overworld Mix] 1995 UK 12'' Promo
Begging You [Chic Edit] 1995 UK Promo CD
Begging You [Radio Edit] 1995 UK Promo CD
Fools Gold (Rabbit In The Moon's Message To the Majors) 1999 UK 12'' Promo

The tracklist to everything else is here:

CD 1
1. So Young
2. Tell Me
3. Sally Cinnamon
4. Here It Comes
5. All Across The Sands
6. Sally Cinnamon [12’’ Single Mix]
7. Elephant Stone [7’’ Version]
8. Full Fathom Five
9. The Hardest Thing In The World
10. Elephant Stone
11. Full Fathom Five [12’’ Version]
12. Made Of Stone
13. Going Down
14. Guernica
15. She Bangs The Drums
16. Mersey Paradise
17. Standing Here
18. Simone
19. Fools Gold 9.53
20. What The World Is Waiting For

CD 2
1. Fools Gold 4.15
2. I Wanna Be Adored [7’’ Version]
3. Where Angels Play
4. I Wanna Be Adored [12’’ Version]
5. Sally Cinnamon [Live at The Hacienda]
6. One Love
7. Something’s Burning
8. One Love [7’’ Version]
9. Something’s Burning [7’’ Version]
10. Waterfall
11. One Love [7’’ Remix]
12. Waterfall [12’’ Remix]
13. One Love [12’’ Remix]
14. I Am The Resurrection [Pan And Scan Radio Version]
15. I Am The Resurrection [Highly Resurrected Dub]
16. I Am The Resurrection [Extended 169 Ratio Club Mix]

CD 3
1. I Am The Resurrection [Original Version]
2. I Am The Resurrection [53 Stoned Out Club Mix]
3. Fools Gold [Top Won Mix]
4. Fools Gold [Bottom Won Mix]
5. Love Spreads
6. Your Star Will Shine
7. Breakout
8. Groove Harder
9. Love Spreads [Edit]
10. Ten Storey Love Song
11. Moses
12. Ride On
13. Ten Storey Love Song [Edit]

CD 4
1. Fools Gold [The Tall Paul Remix]
2. Fools Gold [Cricklewood Ballroom Mix]
3. Begging You [Album Version]
4. Begging You [Lakota Mix]
5. Begging You [Stone Corporation Vox]
6. Begging You [Chic Mix]
7. Begging You [Young America Primitive Remix]
8. Begging You [Radio Edit]
9. Love Spreads [Live]
10. Daybreak
11. Breaking Into Heaven
12. Driving South
13. Tightrope

CD 5
1. I’m Without Shoes
2. Groove [Black Magic Devil Woman]
3. Fools Gold [Grooverider’s Mix]
4. She Bangs The Drums [Kiss My Arse Mix]
5. Fools Gold [Rabbit In The Moon’s Message To The Majors]
6. Fools Gold [Rabbit In The Moon’s Straight Beat Pyrite Dub]
7. Fools Gold [Grooverider’s Mix] [Edit]
8. Fools Gold [Rabbit In The Moon’s Message To The Majors] [Edit]
9. I Wanna Be Adored [Rabbit In The Moon’s Acid Hacienda]
10. I Wanna Be Adored [Rabbit In The Moon’s For The Love Of Acid]
11. I Wanna Be Adored [Rabbit In The Moon’s Sex, EFX & 909]
12. Breaking Into Heaven [without Intro]

CD 6 - One Generation Under A Groove Bootleg CD
1. Fools Gold [All That Glitters Mix]
2. She Bangs The Drums [Brooklyn Bridge Mix]
3. I Wanna Be Adored [Thought Process Mix]
4. Your Star Will Shine [Outer Limits]
5. Waterfall [Mellow Submarine]
6. Love Spreads [Flower Power Mix]
7. Shoot You Down [Democratic Dog’s Mix]

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I'm not sure if you are doing this to include everything that was commerically released or looking to include other assorted odds and ends but there are a few things of importance that is missing.

The Garage Flowers LP which was supposed to be their original album back in 1985 and produced by martin hannett and ultimately scraped.

Also there was a disc of lost demos on the 20th anniversary box set including the unreleased song "pearl bastard" and a bunch of unreleased backwards tracks.


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Hi, modrevolve

thanks for your comment.

The truth is that I have both albums but I haven't included any of these tracks for being in proper albums.
Anyway, I have included the "Breaking Into Heaven (without Intro)" track available on "The Very Best Of The Stone Roses" for being a different version form the one released on "Second Coming".

I've tried to be as accurate as possible but there could be some other rarities I haven't heard of yet.
There's always an option for that...

And to those who have those missing tracks or others I haven't been aware, you're welcome to complete the collection. Some of us will be grateful...


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Fan-bloody-tastic! Is what I would say if the file I was trying to access wasn't temporarily unavailable.
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Hey Great post....can you tell me the source of the "Rabbit in the moon " Mixes
I have a couple on vinyl, but am looking for lossless digital versions, so any pointers would be great.
Thanks for your work.
Da Spaceman


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Hi, spacemant

The "Rabbit In The Moon" mixes are from vinyl converted to mp3. I got them from someone sharing them in SoulSeek and you can hear the sound of the vinyl source when you listen to it, those clicks and pops. Anyway I tried to remove them using Adobe Audition.


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ive been looking for a file like this for ages smithjavier and because of the intrernet nazis i cant download it from megaupload now..any chance u could up it to another file bank??
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