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the sad punk
Every year Belgian radio organizes a programme called "Timeless". They make a list of 100 songs the listener chooses to be "Timeless".

They started playing it today and "There is a light and it never goes out" appeared on spot n°44. The entire list will appear tonight on the website, so I'll post it later.

Just to let you know some Belgians have got good taste. ;)


the sad punk
Unfortunately not :p


the sad punk
Oh no! Number one has been for several years now, held by a Belgian group! And in the top ten there's always: U2, Metallica, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Nirvana ... So totally not reliable :rolleyes:

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Oh no! Number one has been for several years now, held by a Belgian group! And in the top ten there's always: U2, Metallica, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Nirvana ... So totally not reliable :rolleyes:

Sorry! Sorry! I was going off British polls of this type, I'm not an avid listener to Belgian radio. :rolleyes:


the sad punk
Here's the list:

1 smells like teen spirit nirvana
2 mia gorki
3 one metallica
4 creep radiohead
5 child in time deep purple
6 alive pearl jam
7 stairway to heaven led zeppelin
8 suds & soda deus
9 one u2
10 hallelujah jeff buckley
11 a forest the cure
12 black pearl jam
13 roses deus
14 nothing else matters metallica
15 where is my mind pixies
16 under the bridge red hot chili peppers
17 bohemian rhapsody queen
18 disarm smashing pumpkins
19 schism tool
20 with or without you u2
21 street spirit radiohead
22 wish you were here pink floyd
23 paronoid android radiohead
24 sultans of swing dire straits
25 insomnia faithless
26 temple of love sisters of mercy
27 clocks coldplay
28 instant street deus
29 the end the doors
30 killing in the name rage against the machine
31 i want you elvis costello
32 love will tear us apart joy division
33 november rain guns n' roses
34 master of puppets metallica
35 unfinished sympathy massive attack
36 angie the rolling stones
37 sunday bloody sunday u2
38 losing my religion rem
39 born slippy underworld
40 hotellounge deus
41 nothing really ends deus
42 7 nation army the white stripes
43 thunderstruck ac dc
44 there is a light that never goes out the smiths
45 whole lotte rosie ac dc
46 martha tom waits
47 paint it black the rolling stones
48 wonderwall oasis
49 no one knows queens of the stone age
50 karma police radiohead
51 like a hurricane neil young
52 californication red hot chili peppers
53 the river bruce springsteen
54 glycerine bush
55 troy sinead o'connor
56 riders on the storm the doors
57 basket case green day
58 paranoid black sabbath
59 jeremy pearl jam
60 the passenger iggy pop
61 god is a dj faithless
62 fake plastic trees radiohead
63 debaser pixies
64 lithium nirvana
65 sympathy for the devil the rolling stones
66 hotel california eagles
67 i can't live in a living room red zebra
68 zombie cranberries
69 hard times the scabs
70 enjoy the silence depeche mode
71 the ship song nick cave
72 mr jones counting crows
73 rockin' in the free world neil young
74 no woman no cry bob marley
75 the scientist coldplay
76 diane therapy
77 gorecki lamb
78 whole lotte love led zeppelin
79 song 2 blur
80 imagine john lennon
81 purple rain prince
82 yellow coldplay
83 oh la la la tc-matic
84 alice sisters of mercy
85 enter sandman metallica
86 light my fire the doors
87 brothers in arms dire straits
88 bro hymn tribute pennywise
89 blauw the scene
90 irene de mens
91 not an addict k's choice
92 my heroics; part one absynthe minded
93 housewife daan
94 new year's day u2
95 monkey gone to heaven pixies
96 born to run bruce springsteen
97 perfect day lou reed
98 self esteem offspring
99 everybody hurts rem
100 heroes david bowie
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