Top veggie restaurants?


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are they 100% veggie/vegan food? wow im suprised Gordon 'im a shithead' ramsey would even let them be in the running in that case.

They are. I'll be bobbing in there tomorrow in me way back from Lancs to get a box of treats. It's all top stuff.





222veg in london was great. i would have ate there every day if while i was there.

i am a sucker for red bamboo in nyc.

sprig and vine in new hope, pa. about an hour north of philly. the best tempeh i've ever had!

laughing seed in asheville, nc. fancy good food at an affordable price!

los gorditos 2 vegan taqueria truck in portland.

lula's sweet apothecary ice cream parlor in nyc.

grindcore coffee house in philly. all vegan! best place ever. gonna turn them onto moz this winter so its all they play.

sublime in fort lauderdale, fl. i havent been there in maybe 8 years, but it was my all time favorite.


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Took my son to Crossroads, a Hare Krsna restaurant in the city
of Melbourne, two days ago.
This way his first experience of Hare Krsnas and real vegetarian food.
We ate tofu, with curry and vegetables, saffron rice and for dessert; peach halva with custard.
It was very nice.


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A place called L'Arpege in Paris has an all-veggie menu in addition to a standard omnivorous one: It's the best food I've ever eaten of any kind, anywhere. If you have some cash to spare (and who does these days?), I would spend it there for a meal that will live on in memory like a great book or a memorable work of art (which it absolutely was). It's serious three-star French vegetarian cuisine, and worth every penny.

Also, there is an organic vegan restaurant in Ft. Worth Texas that is fantastic: Spiral Diner Ft. Worth is historically noted for its stockyards, and these folks are right in the belly of the beast (so to speak). I ate there every day last time I found myself in the Lone Star State, and I was grateful to have an oasis in a vast desert of BBQ flesh.

My current fav veggie restaurant is a vegan Chinese joint called Veggie Heaven in Denville, NJ (they also have a few other NJ locations): We are seriously addicted, and make the trip at least once a week. :yum:

Horizons in Philadelphia is extraordinary

Just ate there last week for the first time - impressive.
veggie rules
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