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born to mourn and yawn

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Gonna move to a tripoint in a few coppola years to spend my sunset years there. This idea popped up out of nowhere yesterday, and I liked it, so I did some research, and now I have chosen one tripoint that doesn't look too awful. Well, you can't change folks, so it's important that the surroundings are okay and not too depressing. I'm gonna buy a senior citizen electric scooter and then roll from one country to the next and then to the other and back, passing borders non/stop. I feel assuaged now that this has been settled.
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Don't Leave Us In The Dark
Side D of the 2LP remastered/butchered Bona Drag. Just realised that Happy Lovers and Lifeguard On Duty and Oh Phoney are complete bullshit non songs. Time to listen to a proper record.
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