Where does Morrissey live abouts?


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I am not a stalker and do not want to know Morrissey's actual address.

I'm curious as to know what part of the world he is living in these days.

What did he ever get for his trouble and pain? a rented room in....


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Someone posted that he was caught eating at Pizza Express in London recently...

Didn't he say, in the Simon Armitage interview in the Guardian, when asked where he lived, that there were several places that he finds comfortable.



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"Does anyone really live, anyway? I don't think so. They don't, not really." Pronounce "does" like "dusz," and put a little extra stress on the first syllable of the final "really." Squint and shake your head as you say the last two sentences.

See? He lives in you. ;)


I've heard the same rumours.

He never said they were completely unfounded...

Yeah its mental isnt it?

I also heard that in the winter he spins a cocoon out of silk and hibernates in that and sometimes he slithers up into a tree nest canopy in the summer.


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he is actually currently staying in Hale in Cheshire, i know somebody who works in the post office there and he has been in a few times recently


A village whose title and inhabitants make it equally hearty...:doh:
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