Who would you want to cover a Morrissey song?


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There have been hundreds of cover versions of Morrissey/Smiths songs, but who would you like to cover one who hasnt already?

Oh my god. it's Robby!

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Regina Spektor

covering A Rush And A Push And The Land Is Ours


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I'm probably just saying this because Grant McLennan's memory is fresh, but I would love to have heard The Go-Betweens do a Smiths cover.

The Nation of Ulysses would have torn up "The Queen Is Dead". Pity they didn't.

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Leonard Cohen


Martin L. Gore

any songs they wish.


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myself! I would love to do Sing Your Life...

but seriously, I don't know who'd pull off a cover well. Mozza has a distinctive style and anyone else would reinterpret as their own - see Beautiful South's "Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now" - and I'm not so sure I want anyone else's filthy hands on a Morrissey classic!


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hmmm....Lou Reed would be interesting, or even Jonathan Richman - he can turn any song into his own

perhaps even The La's singing Suedehead


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I actually did cover a Morrissey song once... I played "Last of the Famous International Playboys" at one of my gigs. Most of the people there had no idea who Morrissey was... I was delighted to be the one who informed them.


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In a hallucinatory moment I once imagined Josh Groban doing Trouble Loves Me. ‘Twas quite amusing, he could really belt it out. For the Brits unfamiliar with Groban, think of Russell Watson instead. Yes I am a bit strange.


I would like to hear Lisa Germano perform "I Know it's Gonna Happen Someday", "I'd Love To", or "Will Never Marry" -- with an extensive, violin-laden, finale fiddled to the shock-shimmer end of Lisa's virtuosity.


Tom Waits barking-out "There is a Place in Hell For me and my Friends" would be pretty good too.


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Sublime doing "Girlfreind In A Coma" (too bad Sublime are dead:( ) or maybe
Nughtmare Of You doing "Bigmouth Strikes Again".


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Mark E Smith singing Frankly, Mr Shankly would be an ideal!


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Pokey said:
Rammstein doing a metal version of "London"

O that would sound amazing... Till singing in his lovely german accent.:D
Love their version of Stripped (Depeche Mode).
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