Poll Would you buy Bonfire Of Teenagers as a download only?

Would you buy Bonfire Of Teenagers as a download only?

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I wouldn't buy this if it were available as a download only. If his last several LPs are anything to go by, I wouldn't expect to be able even to listen to it via a streaming service.


I am sorry to say that I would not buy it as a download only. I wish to buy CD in jewel case with a 20 page booklet containing previously unpublished photos and song lyrics (clearly printed !!! ) etc . I hope that will be the case and I will put this album alongside other Morrissey releases on my shelf .


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Paying to stream music that can be taken off of that service on a whim isn't the same as having that music in your possession until you die. It's also money down the drain. The free option throws ads at you. So...
Well, I for one like to check out all kinds of new music. That way I have found many artists and albums I have ended up loving and buying the CD's. Especially the personalized "weekly recommendations" playlist is always interesting, even though most of it is usually not that good. 10 euros per month is a very cheap prize for that -- especially since you obviously can also easily listen to stuff you own but don't have bothered to upload.


I enjoy the event of an album release. The singles, the videos, the ads... the waiting. The tour announcement, pre orders, the television interviews.

Marillion do crowdfunding for their albums and it takes away the magic of one day silence and the next... ALBUM PROMOTION!


Would be disappointed if not released on cd so would buy download if that's the only option as I still get a thrill of hearing new material , realistically it probably wont be as good as Vauxhall/ Arsenal etc but still a big fan.


Unfortunately music business changed so much, actually it changes day by day, and for the worse. I totally understand Morrissey, being a maverick trying to cling to the old ways. It is painful, believe me, I know how impossible it seems to let go. But he has to, if he really cares about the music. It’s streaming now, it’s crowdfunding, self-releasing with distribution deals etc. It’s shit, it feels cheap, but that’s just the way it is now.
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