Father and son

When I was a boy, I was very affectionate (still am). I remember my dad was in an accident and my mom took me to the hospital upon her being notified. I was at the stretcher and I reached up to my dads forehead and started caressing it, parting his hair and running my fingers through it. My dad awoke, being a different day and age, and the manly guy he was, he said "what are you doing" when he opened his eyes.

Now mind you I got it, he was not the type of person who accepted that kind of affection. He raised me proper and gave me a good life. But that was him.

This popped into my head last night when my son gave me an arms wrapped around me extended hug. You know the kind where you don't want to let go and find that you start rocking in a rhythmic swaying motion to extend it out as long as possible.

I am glad that in this day and age I am not restrained by a previous generations idealized form of connection and standard. I am also glad that I have the awareness to give that hug and not feel uncomfortable. My son is such a great boy. And I will hug him for as long as he is willing.

I often wonder if these are the forks in the road which send you in an emotional direction on way or the other. And what forks am I directing my kids down.


Thanks Davie. It's wonderfully hard isn't it. It's a balance. Unending love, with the courage to stand before him, engaged and ready to give.

I only have mine, but it probably gives you a great joy to be of service to those children.

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