Guns and gay

Pray tell, what do these two word mean together. Well they have crossed paths in my life. I live in America. This is pretty normal and I grew up around them so it's not mysterious. I also live in the San Francisco Bay Area so same sex couples are pretty normal so it's not mysterious.

I have a colleague that I have worked with several times over the last couple years. He is my friend. He has a cabin in South Lake Tahoe and he has always allowed our family to stay up there when we want on weekends. I have been out socializing with him and his husband on a few occasions.

My colleague was going to be traveling with his husband and he asked me if I could securely store his firearms so they would not be left in an unoccupied house. I told him yes.

My family are not mystified by firearms as they have seen me shoot, been with me shooting and shot firearms. They were taught, like my father taught me, to understand what they are and to follow rules regarding them. You know what my father did not teach me about, other peoples lives if they happen to be different than mine.

Well, we had my colleague and his husband come over our house to have dinner. He could leave the firearms then. We ate dinner, talked, joked and laughed.

My wife and I told the kids who was coming over. My kids had met my colleague before but I don't think I ever brought up he was in a same sex marriage (and yes they are married). The most awesome part of the night was after dinner was over, being able to have a real conversation with my kids about my male colleagues marriage to man. My wife and I felt we could not have had this conversation any other way. To make it personal by having the example of a loving same sex couple in our home. I remember using the phrase, "just like mommy and daddy". No mystery when you shine light on life for a young mind.


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