How I met your mother

I will generally start with its time the tale were told. A couple of times a year it comes up in the house. Usually from the kids. The sides of the debate are playfully disputed between my wife and me about who fell head over heels first. My children will chime in and give my wife the moral support that they believe I fell first. Although this point may be debated, the facts speak for themselves, we met, we fell in love, we still are today.

I was single and not dating, I was busy with career stuff and racing competitions, really busy and not looking. She was single and not dating, in her last year in university and collegiate swimming, so really busy and not looking.

The event,
I was working late, a colleague suggested we get out of the office to cleanse the mind a little. He took me to a Starbucks nearby. I am standing in line chopping it up with my colleague when I notice a woman standing in line behind me. She is beautiful. But what struck me the most was she had super short hair, the length was like 1" all around but cut like a girls short haircut. In my mind I registered very few women have the courage for that short of hair. I was stunned. I said to her, "excuse me, very few people can have that short of hair and make it look as good as you do.". She said thank you, I said your welcome and turned around and started talking to my colleague again. End of story, but not quite yet. We order and wait, get our drinks and I am heading out. By then this beautiful woman is sitting with her coffee and a book out on the table. As I pass by she looks up at me and smiles, I smile back and I head to the door. I pause at the door, I tell my colleague, dude, something just happened, hold on. I walk back up to her and say hi. I notice the book she has on the table is about swimming workouts and coaching. I am screaming inside, no way, she's an athlete. Small talk and pleasantries for just a couple of minutes and I ask if she would like to have coffee with me sometime. It's a yes. I leave with a phone number. My colleague asks me what is going on. I tell him I don't know but something I can't explain just happened. I call and we meet up for a bike ride the next week in golden gate park. The rest is history.

My wife tells me it was a fluke she stopped at that Starbucks, it's not where she usually got coffee and it was because she was coming back from an appointment in that area. What strikes me the most is how random it was. If I was actively looking, I would never find, if I had stayed in the office, I would never find. I will still contend she fell first, but it's ok if I really did.


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