I want the one I can have

When you believe you can have anything you want you can say no to anything and I mean anything.

I believe I can have anything I want. But that does not mean I want everything. It is a balance test for what I am truly willing to work for. I was in San Francisco and spent some time with a career peer a couple of days ago. She is a ultra runner and we had not worked together in while. While at lunch, we were talking off topic from work about personal goals and sports. Specifically once you set the goals, the work that goes into planning, executing and realizing the goal. (This process is universal, marriage, parenting, work etc). I brought up how tired it is to hear from other people, "I wish a ran more", or "I wish I could do this (any thing) more". She laughed and immediately agreed with sad shaking head gesture and a affirmative laugh followed with antidotes of her hearing that too.

You see, I just don't waste any time with something I'm not going to do good. Yes there are things that come up that I don't want to do, but they can be categorized as have to do's. Things like taxes, doctors, dmv lines, dishes. I'm talking about big long term things like maintaining a good relationships with my family, advancing in career, physical fitness, home purchases, stuff like that. Those are things I want so I work very hard at them. See "wishing" something to happen is a waste of time for me. Life is now. Maybe something new that I want will come on my plate and something else gets scooted off. I don't have unlimited time, so I make the choices. Choosing to have anything I want, the power and resolve to say no, without regret or loss for the things I do say no to. There is a process with me for this but I can't really explain the steps for me. I get something (either spiritual or physical) out of what I do or I wouldn't do it.

I remember when I had my first child. Friends lamented, everything is going to change, you will miss a few things you have now. I've missed nothing. I wanted kids and dove headlong into it. Yeah things did get dropped. I was on a new adventure though. Parenting gave me more than I ever dreamed of because I never sat back wishing it was a different way or what I set aside. I categorize thing pretty easily into black or white. It's either in or out. No pining here, just doing.

I have what I want and if I wanted something different, I would have already got it.


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