There are certain moments in life that you have to think, this is put in front of me for a reason. To learn, to experience, to question, to motivate, to explore. But what it boils down to is a simple and profound state of mind that comes with being inspired.

Inspiration strikes throughout life. If my eyes are closed, I might never see it. But then one little spark happens. You can let inspiration fall into you or let it pass you by. Everybody has got that 20 digit combination lock inside. The fire of inspiration burns that lock open.

Once open it feels like the excitement of twenty Christmas mornings compacted together, pounding in your chest. Here is the kicker, while that pounding flows, it's mixed with the serenity of a quiet mountain top summit as you sit, beholding the beauty of the world before you. That's how I feel it. I am sorry if someone has not felt it like I have.

You realize, wow that feels really good. And although you have been inspired before, this type, this timing, hasn't been touched in a while.

As the dam breaks it floods across your whole life. The specialness of the feeling bleeds over to all parts, affecting you and the people in your life in positive ways. It gives a sheen, sparkle and relevance to everything.

Each inspiration has changed me, taking me a step forward in life. If you are inspired, you will inspire people. You have to be out there, digging in the dirt. Your eyes have to be open and as Morrissey says, "wide to receive".


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