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Regarding Walter Palmer killing Cecil the Lion & Prince Harry


Cecil illustration by steven pottle.jpg

Would the United Nations have the nerve to bring Walter Palmer to justice for his murder of Cecil the Lion? The answer, as we all know, is ... No, because it would upset the established elite (see brave Harry Battenberg below, engaging in his favorite pastime).


Walter Palmer does not appear in court in Zimbabwe and instead decides to do what the newspapers eloquently term "a runner". Yet an order is not issued for his arrest! So, from this we learn that, should we ever be summoned to court, we need only run off and the courts won't mind in the least! End of case! Try it! You'll get away with it! Walter Palmer has! Free to kill again! Evidently the law and justice rarely combine.

Morrissey 30 July 2015

illustration of Cecil (doing to Walter Palmer precisely what Walter Palmer did to Cecil) by Steven Pottle, reprinted with great respect to Steven Pottle.

photograph of Dennis the Menace (known only in Buckingham Palace as 'Harry the Hero'), unknown source, reprinted here with thanks to the photographer.

Update: More than 225,000 people have signed a petition to the White House to extradite Walter Palmer to face justice in Zimbabwe.

Archived original post here.