The Kid's A Looker

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Reissue cover art (Digital)
Name The Kid's A Looker
Album/single The Last Of The Famous International Playboys (single) (see Digital Download (Reissue))
Length 3:09 (as per Digital Download release)
Writer/composer Morrissey / Boz Boorer
Producer Mark Plant for The BBC/Janice Long
Assumed to be Tony Visconti for Studio In Session
Recorded The Janice Long Show & Studio In Session (Both 2011)


This song exists officially as 2 live recordings:

  1. The Janice Long Show - Maida Vale, June 15, 2011. Found on Internet recordings and the B-side of Playboys 7" release (referred to as the 'BBC live' version).
  2. Studio In Session - recorded at Temple Lane Studios in Dublin, Ireland. The show was aired on 20 November, 2011 on The Sundance Channel in Canada (found on 25 Live).

A digital version of the Janice Long recording was available through an EMI promo CD for Last Of The Famous International Playboys (2013) that featured all the session's tracks.


He can't dance or sing
He can't do anything
But what the Hell,
The kid's a looker

Just add cash and stir
And there you are - another nonsense non-star

There's no pretense
This kid is dense
But what the Hell,
The kid's a looker

Just add cash and stir
And the crass consumers line up shoulder to shoulder

Some time through the night
The kid took his life
So very sad, however, do not call this number again
We're busy molding the face of the kid's replacement, yeah

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