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I just saw your post on bootlegs I have *Nov. 25 Hartford, CT - Webster Theater 1997 I recorded it on a sony walkman with cheap mic..
Hi Scott,
I'm writing to you to get an answer and to know if there are any news regarding the item you have put up for sale.
I'm Raffaele from Italy.
I'am interested in this jigsaw puzzle for sale.
My offer is 100 GBP.
Let me know if it's okay.
Eventually you can contact me privately at my email:
[email protected]
Hi, I am fairly new here and noticed you are anti-lockdown and appreciative that Morrisey is being honest about his views on it and related issues.
Hi I was chatting with you a while back but never completed buying from you, I got covid really bad and I am suffering from long covid. Sorry if you thought I was ignoring you. If you still have items to sell let me know.
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