Animal prison planned for Manchester - Morrissey Central (January 10, 2019)

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"Trafford Council's idea to open a zoo in Manchester is probably the worst idea in the history of the human brain. Just as the world makes terrific advancements in animal rights, Trafford Council leaps back 100 years with plans to trap, strap, clamp, cramp and restrain animals from living anything close to a natural life. I'm decrepit enough to remember Belle Vue Zoo… the lucky animals died in transit from their natural habitat. Personally, I think I'd rather be shot in the head by Prince Harry. Anyone who thinks a zoo is a good idea should spend one full year in a cage. I'd anticipate a swift change of mind! It's no different to proposing plans for a concentration camp in Wilmslow. Welcome to the sorry past."

Morrissey 10 January 2019.

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