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Barrie Cadogan


Barrie replaced Alain Whyte for some of the 'You Are The Quarry' Tour (2004).
In an interview with Leftlion (August 1, 2005), Barrie answered several Morrissey-related questions:

You played guitar in Morrissey’s band last year, how did that come about?
I’m friends with his long-time guitarist Boz Boorer and when Alain Whyte got ill, I got a call to ask if I could step in and play guitar. This was the Tuesday and on Friday they were playing Ireland. I asked how many songs were in the set, and they told me twenty. So I had to learn twenty songs in three days. But the tour was good, I went to Italy and spent a lot of time in America.

What’s Morrissey like?
I didn’t really get to know him, he keeps himself to himself. I would see him in rehearsals and soundchecks, but that’s about it. We did go for a night out in Copenhagen and he bought everyone drinks.

Did Morrissey get drunk?
No he didn’t. He didn’t stay out long. He’s a very personal guy.

Speaking to French magazine "Rock and Folk" (2007), Barrie further stated:

"When I left Nottinghamshire for London I had to make a living. So I worked for a while in a guitar shop. I became friend with some customers like Noel Gallagher to whom I sold several instruments... This was how I happened to meet Boz Boorer, who had been Morrissey's guitarist for ages. Three years ago I had a phone call from him to ask me to take over Alain Whyte who was ill. I had to learn how to play 20 songs... in just 3 days. I never really had a chance to speak with Morrissey. I remember one night he took everybody out to have some drinks after a show in Copenhagen. Of course he remained silent and did not drink a single drop of alcohol. However he insisted to pay the bill."

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