Bonfire Of Teenagers

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MORRISSEY Studio Album
Name Bonfire Of Teenagers
Release Unknown
Recorded Recording took place in Los Angeles, California, 2020 - 2021.
Producer Andrew Watt
Studio Album chronology
Bonfire Of Teenagers
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Track list

  1. I Am Veronica – (Morrissey/Watt/Smith)
  2. Rebels Without Applause – 3:25 (Morrissey/Boorer/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer)
  3. Kerouac's Crack – (Morrissey/Tobias/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer/Daly)
  4. Ha Ha Harlem – (Morrissey/Lopez/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer/Bulletti)
  5. I Live In Oblivion – (Morrissey/Tobias/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer/Daly)
  6. Bonfire Of Teenagers – (Morrissey/Lopez/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer)
  7. My Funeral
  8. Diana Dors
  9. I Ex-Love You – (Morrissey/Tobias/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer/Daly)
  10. Sure Enough, The Telephone Rings – (Morrissey/Manzur/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer)
  11. Saint In A Stained Glass Window – (Morrissey/Watt/Smith/Klinghoffer)


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Bonfire of Teenagers is an unreleased studio album by English singer Morrissey. Described by the singer as "the best album of [his] life", Bonfire of Teenagers was produced by Andrew Watt in 2020 and 2021, and features a number of guest appearances from various musicians, such as Iggy Pop, Jesse Tobias, Chad Smith, Flea and Josh Klinghoffer. Bonfire of Teenagers was originally announced in May 2021. In October 2022, Bonfire of Teenagers was given a tentative release date of February 2023 in the United States by Capitol Records, but was postponed and later shelved following Morrissey's departure from Capitol in December of that year. In February 2023, Morrissey confirmed that Capitol will not release Bonfire of Teenagers but will still hold onto the rights to it, rendering it an unreleased album. In October 2023, Morrissey told FOX 5 New York that Capitol Records have offered to sell the album back to him.

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