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Chris Cuffaro


Said of one of his shoots:

"This was fun! Way back in the day there was this magazine called Ray Gun. David Carson the art director hired me to shoot legendary Morrissey for the cover. I wasn’t that big of a fan and did not know a lot about him. We did the shoot at Smash Box Studios in Culver City. It was simple and easy.

My favorite memory from this shoot was during the shoot the music stopped and I had to change the CD. While I was doing this Morrissey asked my assistant if Chris was a famous photographer. My assistant replied… NO, he’s good. I came back and things got a lot easier. By the end of the day I really liked him. He was so nice and so easy to shoot. Seriously made me look good. I love this shoot and all the great shots I got from it. One last thing… many years later some guy got my portrait of Morrissey tattooed on his back! That is CRAZY!"


He also made a brief video about working with Morrissey:

Wikipedia Information


Chris Cuffaro (born April 14, 1960) is an American photographer. Primarily known for his portraits of musicians, Cuffaro has photographed Michael Hutchence, Henry Rollins, George Michael, George Harrison and Jane's Addiction, among others. He was closely associated with the Seattle rock scene of the early 1990s, and frequently photographed artists including Nirvana and Pearl Jam.Cuffaro made several music videos. Most notably, he directed the first video for the Pearl Jam song "Jeremy." Although Pearl Jam's label supported the effort - Cuffaro and Eddie Vedder had become friends—the label ultimately shelved the black-and-white video, instead commissioning a more commercial video when "Jeremy" was released as a single in 1991.Composed of 100 photographs, the first exhibition of Cuffaro's photography was held in Los Angeles in 1992 at Ministry. In 2011, work began on Cuffaro's Greatest Hits,an exhibit based on Cuffaro's 50-year career as a photographer. The first exhibition was in Los Angeles at Tower Records in 2017. The exhibitions will be accompanied by a documentary.