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Regarding Prince Harry & hunting


As I very gratefully arrive in the magnificent city of Sydney, my spirits are almost beaten down by the array of newspapers from New Zealand whose headlines announce HARRY THE HERO, as photographs show he who is known as Prince Harry laughing as he sits atop a heavily roped crocodile that 'Harry the hero' has apparently physically beaten into a convulsive state. The drearily predictable press assures us that such violence is heroic, and that the crocodile will "probably be killed". If the crocodile has nesting offspring, the offspring too will die, about which 'heroic' Harry has nothing to say even though he has disingenuously affixed his name to "wildlife" preservation societies! Although in the United Kingdom it is now almost a crime to express an honest and intelligent opinion, it is certainly a truth that respectable people view Harry as a vile and ignoble symbol of stupidity with no possibility of development. Clarence House itself invented the comic vanity of the 'Harry The Hero' tag, and although it does not ever prove itself to have any precision of meaning, it is aimed to control thought on a mass scale. Evidently it has worked in New Zealand! However, any leisurely gaze beyond establishment interests will see a fully-grown man eternally floundering in absolute stupidity, and if New Zealand were so impressed then their absolute adoption of Harry would lift a colossal burden from the modern British spirit. Will no one rid us of this turbulent pest? New Zealand, please take him – he's all yours.

social justice for animals,


18 May 2015 Sydney, Australia.

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