Italia! - (October 24, 2014)

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Italian tour highlights/rankings, poor venues, Autobiography 1 year old, label interest in releasing World Peace album



As the first part of our tour concludes, we express over-emotional thanks to everyone who attended the shows. It has been fantastic for us, and it brings a new sense of accomplishment for which, again and again, we thank you. The generosity of the Spanish and Italian print media has also been quite breath taking, and their support is inspiring. An added joy for me was to sing "The bullfighter dies" on television in Rome, and to sing both "The bullfighter dies" and "Kiss me a lot" for television in Milan. Capping the excitement so far:

  1. Bologna, ITALY (17 Oct)
  2. Pescara, ITALY (19 Oct)
  3. Madrid, SPAIN (9 Oct)
  4. Barcelona, SPAIN (10 Oct)
  5. Florence, ITALY (21 Oct)
  6. Padova, ITALY (22 Oct)
  7. Lisbon, PORTUGAL (6 Oct)
  8. Rome, ITALY (14 Oct) second night
  9. Rome, ITALY (13 Oct) first night
  10. Milan, ITALY (16 Oct)

We, too, were shocked by the venues in Roma and Milan - both abysmal - Milan quite shockingly abysmal... not a theater at all ... just a field with a roof. I have never looked out at such an unhappy, uncomfortable and trapped audience in my life. We all did our best. Consider the many majestic concert halls in Milan, and yet there we were on a brutal patch of waste ground on the edge of the city. It was unfathomable. I should stress that we have no idea what the venues are like until we arrive at them. Thankfully, everywhere else was a proper hall.

Autobiography is one year old, and continues to sell very well. It is the people who buy the book that provide inspiration. There are several record labels interested in releasing World peace is none of your business. I hope this happens soon. The carefully preserved monotony of the music industry is a decline inflicted upon all of us by the dumb and the sterile, and their old tyranny should not be allowed air. Speak up and shout out! Forgive a further mention of the homemade videos on You Tube that cover the songs from World peace is none of your business, but their number is quite phenomenal, and their articulate intensity proves that the people are ahead of the labels when it comes to understanding the songs. But of course!

Morrissey Vienna, Austria 24 October 2014

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