Konstantin Raudive

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Konstantin Raudive


Samples from his audio field recording work: "Breakthrough: An Amazing Experiment In Electronic Communication With The Dead" - 1971 (Side A: "A General Introduction With Examples Of The Voices") were used on "Rubber Ring".

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Konstantīns Raudive (1909 in Asūne, Vitebsk Governorate – 1974), known internationally as Konstantin Raudive, was a Latvian writer and intellectual, and husband of Zenta Mauriņa. Raudive was born in Latgale in eastern Latvia (then part of Vitebsk Governorate) but studied extensively abroad, later becoming a student of Carl Jung. In exile following the Soviet re-occupation of Latvia in 1944, he taught at the University of Uppsala in Sweden. Raudive studied parapsychology all his life, and was especially interested in the possibility of the afterlife. He and German parapsychologist Hans Bender investigated electronic voice phenomena (EVP). He published a book on EVP, Breakthrough, in 1971. Raudive was a scientist as well as a practising Roman Catholic.