Newport, Wales 1986-10-19 (The Smiths concert)

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The Smiths Live Concert
Tour The Queen Is Dead Tour
Date 19 October, 1986
Venue Newport Centre
Location Newport, Wales
Opening Act Raymonde

Set List [1]


This concert ended abruptly after about 30 minutes.
Wales Online recounted:

It’s a night that’s gone down in indie-rock legend, the outspoken vocalist being yanked offstage by over-zealous fans, only to land on his head and spend the rest of the night being treated for concussion at the A&E department of the nearby Royal Gwent Hospital.

The incident happened around 30 minutes into the Manchester band’s fifth date on their The Queen Is Dead tour – and the concert further cemented its status in rock and roll’s annals of infamy when the remainder of the show was called off, resulting in the audience attempting to trash the venue, the police being called and several arrests being made."

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Craig Gannon played guitar also this night.

  1. Set List provided by Passions Just Like Mine