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For historical note, please be aware that my July concerts were not cancelled due to pressure from Love Hate And Racism. Yes, I am aware that certain UK hatepapers claimed a victory for Love Hate And Racism, but this, I can assure you, is just their life-destructive fantasy world rattling along in search of respectability. I sincerely hope that they find it. However, the British Arts are seriously under time-bomb attack by pearl-clutching print journalists whose fashionable outrage is their only oxygen. They write like friendless children talking to themselves as they slowly walk home from school, so certain that someone is out to get them. However, if you just happen to be those whom the UK hatepapers claim have abandoned me (and if you are, then why are you reading this?), then by all means, close the barn door on your way out. Music lasts longer than life.

peace for all MORRISSEY 19 September 2018.

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