Thank you, New York City - (August 4, 2015)

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On Saturday night the Empire State Building in New York City lit up with the faces of endangered species throughout the planet - including Cecil The Lion. This spectacular and beautiful art-piece went largely unreported in the UK news. This is because:

1. David Cameron, the British Prime Minister, does not agree with any form of social justice for animals, and is working very hard on extending laws to hunt and kill animals. He will not consult the British people on this subject, because he is aware that they do not agree with him. Precisely how and why the British people feel the way they do is of no interest to David Cameron. On the other hand, Cameron lambasts Putin for ignoring the views of the Russian people. You really can have it both ways in politics.

2. The Buckingham Palace dictators (especially William and Harry) are passionate animal-killers in the Walter Palmer tradition. Harry has been suspected by the police of killing endangered species for fun, but magically no charges were brought against him.

3. Under UK law, there is only one species on the planet worthy of protective laws, and that species is the most destructive species of them all: the human being.

It is all very well for Jimmy Kimmel to "almost break down" on live television whilst reporting the murder of Cecil The Lion, but Kimmel is also a defender of Duck Dynasty, and he is unable to spot his own hypocrisy.

Meanwhile, Obama (who was in Africa during the week that Cecil was murdered) has nothing to say on this raging global issue, and neither does David Cameron. They want to protect their trophy hunter friends who donate large sums to any political party that will leave the hunters free to kill at will.

Obama now wishes to distract everyone's attention with his apparent concern about 'climate change' - yet he fails to mention the number one cause of climate change, which, as we all know, is the meat industry. Beyond money, nothing matters.

Yes, abysmal human slaughter happens every day throughout the world, but Cecil The Lion is important because animal rights is now the biggest social justice issue on the planet.

The US government say they cannot locate Walter Palmer (whom the government of Zimbabwe are demanding to stand trial). If Walter Palmer were guilty of tax evasion the US government would locate him in four minutes.

Morrissey 3 August 2015.

the film clip above is shown here with great respect to the film-maker. The photograph below shows the vile William, Harry and Kate hunting down defenseless animals in order to kill them. Cruel Britannia.

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The film clip/YouTube video referred to in this statement is no longer available and would have appeared at the start of the statement.