William The Terrible: idiot eternal - true-to-you.net (March 16, 2016)

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Prince William, The Royal Family & animal killing


CNN reports today that 'Prince' William endorses the shooting/killing of 'old, infirm animals' (termed wildlife because they are not in cages). He claims it is OK if the animal is infertile or past its best. Since all of these terms apply to 'the Queen', is William suggesting that she, too, should be shot?

Indefatigable in their love of killing, the Boil Family above any other have driven many species to near extinction, yet they are exempt from charges of poaching or trafficking or murder because, well, because they are the family most feared by the UK press.

Who made this family 'royal'? You? No. Me? No. Themselves? Yes.

There is no mention on today's BBC news of William's badge-of-the-brute thumbs-up for killing, and Kensington Palace refuses to comment, after all, what could they possibly say? Like us, they surely bear William like an ulcer.


16 March 2016.

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