posted by davidt on Tuesday May 23 2006, @02:00PM
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  • just back..........from the halifax show.
    got lost on the way home - anyway, Moz was in great form.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @02:07PM (#220872)
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  • Cornwall has been described as the most haunted place in the British Isles, and for good reason! Stories of hauntings abound and most towns and villages have had more than their fair share. While we await, amongst other news, ghost stories of a forlorn yankee doodle dandy-singing troubadour following Morrissey around and suchlike, some local hair-raising tales are here: m

    goinghome -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @02:08PM (#220873)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • did anyone go to the gig or what?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @02:55PM (#220890)
  • I found a shrinkwraped birthday card lying on the floor at the front after the gig. Guess somebody didn't have a pen.
    Setlist was the same as usual, but I'd love a bootleg of the gig as...I turned up late. Halfway through Girlfriend. Even taking that into account, the gig was just too short. Great, but talk about leaving you wanting more!
    Loved the venue. More bands need to play there instead of ignoring Cornwall entirely. I think tonight proved that it's a quality venue when you take out the seats.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @03:37PM (#220899)
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  • I did attempt to throw a couple on stage but they hit some huge guy first. The remainder were sold outside for less than the cost of the van rental.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @03:47PM (#220903)
  • Anyone know what the support were called
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @04:19PM (#220918)
  • Just back after a 2hr drive from Truro.

    Great venue and great gig. Setlist was much the same, no Trouble Loves Me but ganglords and I'll never be anybodys hero were in.

    seemed in good spirits, crowd were up for it.

    Sorry for all the toes i stood on near the front, i was the fat one in the white Louder than Bombs t-shirt.

    I've seen the Smiths and Moz many times and this ranks as one of the best ever for me.

    Still buzzing.
    McCol1 -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @04:27PM (#220919)
    (User #16784 Info)
  • The venue was a pleasant suprise - very intimate.

    Having arrived early we stood 1 row behind the barrier on the right hand of the stage and were rewarded with great views. Those on the barrier got plenty of hand shakes (damn my arms for being 6 inchs too short).

    Sound seemed a little off for the early part of the set but definitly improved as it went on.

    Moz really did seem to have a good time with loads of banter, thanking his friend Winnie for organising stuff for his birthday yesterday, and the less well known devonian ghetto of Tavistock getting a good laugh.

    Crowd was superb - very good natured and no negative heckling.

    The whole set was very well received with the encore in particular going down well.

    And finally a big, big thank you to the lovely German girl who shared her piece of the last shirt thrown with myself and my 2 mates - you are a star!
    Exonian -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @04:29PM (#220920)
    (User #16783 Info)
  • I recall him saying in an interview for KROQ in 1990 that Tavistock was a holiday destination for the Morrissey family when he was a kid.

    An inspiration for Everyday Is Like Sunday perhaps?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @06:32PM (#220931)
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  • So only two of you went to the gig?

    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @10:24PM (#220939)
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  • Last night was amazing, got in a scuffle with a guy over Mozzas' shirt but it was worth it! Good set list, Still Ill was the highlight for me!
    I'm from Tavistock, it's not so much a ghetto but more of a place where retired people come to live their last days! Dead chuffed that he mentioned it though!!
    Mozza really made my year by coming down to the southwest-maybe a gig in Devon will be next-how about Tavistock?!
    Emma8 -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @10:52PM (#220945)
    (User #16752 Info)
    the rain falls down on a hum drum town,this town will drag you down...
  • Sorry, seems a bit out of place, but i am going to the new theatre gig and wondered if i'd be stopped if i bought a video camera to film some clips. Also, what time should i aim to get there?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @12:50AM (#220957)
    • Re:Oxford gig by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday May 24 2006, @03:10AM
  • Fantastic gig! Moz in top form, looked ravishing in fabulous trousers, and sang like an angel...

    Security a bit over the top, I think even Moz a bit perplexed by their overzealous numbers, all lined up in front the stage.

    We were stage right, by a sweet little boy and his family, Boz and co threw their picks and sticks out to him which was really lovely.

      Definately over too quickly, Morrissey seemed so warm towards the crowd. Support act a bit loopy, Kristeen Young is like a mish mash of Polly Harvey, Siouxsie, Tracey Ullman, Tracy Emin and Kate Bush. I think she knocked up her outfit in the kitchen before the gig! A fashion faux-pas and no mistake!

    Viva Moz!
    Anais Nin -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @01:12AM (#220961)
    (User #15329 Info)
    Wardrobe Mistress
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  • The gig was amazing (my first time seeing him), I'm still recovering. The support band, Kristeen Young, were quite good, too. I was waiting in line most of the day, so I got right up at the barrier.
    I caught the setlist when it was thrown into the crowd and here it is, if anybody's interested:

    First of the gang to die
    Still Ill
    Youngest Was The Most Loved
    In The Future When All's Well
    To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    You Have Killed Me
    I Will See You In Far-Off Places
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    At Last I Am Born
    How Soon Is Now?
    I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero
    Life is a Pigsty

    enc: Irish Blood, English Heart

    Human Being is printed on the setlist too, but I don't think it was played.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @01:26AM (#220966)
  • The results are in, and PETA is pleased to announce that Grammy-winning rock royal Prince and the veggie Venus of Veronica Mars, Kristen Bell, have been selected the 2006 winners of PETA's "World's Sexiest Vegetarians" poll.

    Yes, yes, we know, Morrissey is no longer sexy.
    Eric Hartman -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @03:55AM (#220989)
    (User #5103 Info |
    It is a very mixed blessing to be brought back from the dead.
  • Really quite fantastic.
    Great venue, lively but unaggressive crowd and plenty of banter and smiles from Mr Morrissey. Got there pretty early and made it to the barrier, dead centre - with two handshakes from the man himself....Can't really fault the gig.....came back to the venue ridiculously late for one reason or another and ended up getting taken to his dressing room by the caretaker.....apparently, he'd requested a brand new luxury sofa which was sitting in the middle of the room with price tags still attatched....also, there were a couple of bottles of Fuji spring water about the place and some bottles of Becks...all very exciting...

    So, was wonderful.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @04:21AM (#220996)
  • A fabulous show. I haven't seen Moz nearly as many times as I'd want or I imagine as anyone here (this being only my fourth Morrissey concert) but still, I can't imagine anyone not enjoying themselves. My only qualms were with the support band (although it was nice to have a few extra cigarette breaks) and the short setlist (he always leaves me wanting more.) Mostly songs from Tormentors, just like the rest of the tour, but who cares, it’s a great album. He seemed in a very happy mood after his birthday and so did the crowd. Cornwall being such a small place it was weird seeing a couple of teachers from my college there, and I had no idea how many kids loved Moz. The audience ranged from straight out of the womb to the tomb, it was baffling but great. Still Ill was superb, To Me You Are A Work Of Art as well, and Let Me Kiss You and, oh, everything! Ganglord sounded real good, can’t wait for the single, but I didn’t think Girlfriend In A Coma came across too well (oh Johnny…). I was slightly concerned with the bandage over his elbow but it didn’t seem too serious. A couple in front of me missed the whole show, being more interested in biting each others faces off then Moz. It was annoying, especially as I got separate from my girl. I guess it was for the best though, it saved her a lot of embarrassment, as nearly every song I wanted to turn around and grab her. Thank you Morrissey, you’ve made a poor boy very happy.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @04:41AM (#221000)
  • I love you Moz. I'm yours Morrissey! X
    Say hello to your kin!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @04:59AM (#221006)
  • Fantastic gig. Morrissey in top form of course. I also thought his musicians did a great job and deserve a mention. It wasnt long enough though was it? My fave was How soon is now and i tried not to miss Johnny during the Smiths songs but is very hard! Considering the man himself hasnt been to Cornwall since his Smiths days i think, hope its not so long again.Oh what do we all do now?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @07:22AM (#221025)
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  • great gig- but really £30 for just over an it coz hes getting old or did he have too much booze on his birthday?!?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @09:44AM (#221064)
  • i last saw morrissey with the smiths on the queen is dead tour in cornwall at the now demolished cornwall coliseum , i've seen him 13 times since then.Back to truro, it was a fantastic show , we shouted m o r r i s s e y M O R R I S S E Y! the ringleader came on with the gang & what a showdown it was.morrrissey delivered the goods while we the crowd took & gave back. Atfer the 3rd song moz threw his shirt into the crowd near me but alas i hav'nt got nothing not even a button.Moz spoke as mentioned earlier on the other posts. He was in "good spirits" . tavistock. 20 years ago raymonde support mentioned etc etc . the crowd was mixed youngsters to the oldies were all there. brilliant. only one thing . a fight boke out near me to the left very unfortunate but securtity stepped in quick ,IF anyone i met there last night who is reading this. hello! i'm raymond from devon torbay wearing the 1991 Edith Sitwell t-shirt PS i never got morrisseys autograph, but got boz, gary & jesse"s autograph to sign on the vinyl format of ROTT. HO One day i'll get his autograph or after 25 years i might not. THANK YOU MORRISSEY & THE REST OF THE FOR A GREAT SHOW .I want more thank you
    vegetarian ray -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @09:51AM (#221065)
    (User #15435 Info)
  • What a brilliant gig and I managed to get some shirt (Which was shared with 2 others Hello to the black shirt left arm gang!!!) Excellent set if little short Glad of a few Smiths numbers really made my night
    I've never been to The Hall For Cornwall before and though it was an excellent setting
    What did spoil it for me was a moaning back poking woman who was stood behind me I was three from the front left of centre and she moaned I was banging into her during Irish Blood WOW Woman get a life or a seat next time or infact go to WILL YOUNG !!!!
    I may be 37 be I can stil mosh to MOZZER
    StopMeIf -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @10:03AM (#221066)
    (User #16788 Info)
  • Hello to everyone who went to see the great one in Truro! It was my first concert and I was at the very front in the middle!
    Does anyone know why he picked Truro? What a privilege it was to have him down here!
    Fuzzy wuzzy -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @11:08AM (#221076)
    (User #16791 Info)
  • uin seen my hero many times but this rocked! well worth the 5 hour drive from london.
    life is a pigsty blew me away and will be on my mind for a very long time!
    100 out of 10
    asianfrontdisco -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @11:40AM (#221081)
    (User #16725 Info)
  • Sorry folks, I forgot to ask this question in my last post. I only travelled 10 miles! Thanks for the music Mozza!
    Fuzzy wuzzy -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @12:03PM (#221086)
    (User #16791 Info)
  • im only 17 yeards young, and love morrisey and the smiths...that gig was well and truely amazing.

    it was only an hour, but it was worth my money.
    i tried hanging around,but figured he would of just avoided everyone.

    tiger army were ment to support but sadly didnt for some reason.kristeen young was still very good.
    shes gained a fan.
    pianowithaview -- Wednesday May 24 2006, @01:34PM (#221103)
    (User #16793 Info)
  • Had fantastic time, me and two mates travelled from London and stayed in Nequay for Monday night and Tuesday night. was a legendary time had by all. was a shame the set was so short but nevermind it was still better than 3 hours of other artists. we were to the left of the stage by the speakers i think i shouted "sing ya heart out son" qute loudly without realising ha ha oh well : )
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @01:19AM (#221185)
  • Any of the camera phone mob get decent pics? Even if not, please upload!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @07:08AM (#221241)
  • One hour and 15 perfect minutes!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @02:20AM (#221433)
  • It was only my fifth gig, and already did I manage to participate in the great shirt-ripping and doesn't his shirt smell divine? I cannot make out what it is, but it smelled sort of... fresh, despite the sweat 'n all. If I had the nose to create a scent... Anyway, despite being carried around with me everywhere in a little bag, its quickly losing its scent and I am a bit sad about that. So I'll take it for good luck to an exam next week, then give some pieces to some mates who are equally Morrissey-crazt, and we can frame it or something. I always thought perhaps he'll buy a stack of cheapo shirts in M&S or something, as they're going fast, at 1-2 per gig. But no, this shirt looked really well-made and the fabric is nice and smooth. Boyfriend suggested I'd run up some delectable underwear from teh piece I got, but it would be very minuscule and believe it or not, there are limits to Morrissey worshipping.

    So, anyway, being very chuffed with the shirt. Its wedding season, other girls will fight to their teeth to catch the bouquet, for me - give me Morrisseys shirt any day.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 27 2006, @11:08AM (#221708)
  • Nice crowd. Lots of space even near the front which was a surprise. Not a lot of banter from Moz, but he did speak to me. I shouted out "Get off the stage" and his witty retort of "I'm not on the stage" nearly split my sides. Heh. Made my night though.
    Set was great, but I wish he played longer than 70mins and just threw in a couple of more songs. No complaints as to the songs played. This is the Ringleader tour after all! Ganglord was the highlight for me. I'm loving that song after just a few listens.
    As to the venue, they had taken out all but the back tier of seats, so it was predomintately a standing gig. I felt a bit sorry for the people in the seats, but they at least had a great view!
    Totaly missed the shirt throwing, but I'm told there was one stage right. I was looking forward to fighting for a piece.
    No crowd surfing and security seemed to be local and weren't given a lot to do by the very placid crowd. A good crowd, but maybe a little too polite. Anybody that wanted to could have made it to the front no bother.
    Damn good night. Hope he tours here again. In fact, we just need more gigs down here full stop.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 23 2006, @02:27PM (#220881)
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