posted by davidt on Saturday June 10 2006, @12:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / I Will See You In Far-off Places / At Last I Am Born / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • Ingerland for the cup...Ingerland for the cup
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @12:26PM (#224336)
  • Morrissey.....
    AllSea -- Saturday June 10 2006, @12:31PM (#224337)
    (User #15089 Info)
  • Ah yes, Morrissey will cancel shows to protest governments who kill seals, but he will play shows in countires who ACTIVELY deny past genocides and perpetuate progress towards future ones. At last, we see how blind money and fame can make even the most righteous of human beings. The human race is indeed completely fucked.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @01:41PM (#224348)
  • because morrissey values the lives of non-human animals more than human animals? does anyone else think this is totally fucked up?
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @03:04PM (#224355)
  • setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    first of the gang to die
    the youngest was the most loved
    in the future when all's well
    to me you are a work of art
    girlfriend in a coma
    let me kiss you
    still ill
    you have killed me
    life is a pigsty
    trouble loves me
    i will see you in far-off places
    at last i am born
    i'll never be anybody's hero now
    i just want to see the boy happy
    how soon is now


    irish blood, english heart
    musc -- Saturday June 10 2006, @03:29PM (#224367)
    (User #16922 Info)
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    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @03:40PM (#224370)
  • Shame on the Turks!
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @06:04PM (#224392)
  • Oh my aren't we just a politically correct bunch...

    I see the world it makes me puke, all those hypocrites can never soothed me...
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @10:43PM (#224411)
  • Amazing (Score:2, Informative)

    Fantastic show! A dream come true!


    Just after he said "Merhaba" (Turkish for "Hello"), he said "Zeki Muren" which was just surreal. (Zeki Muren is the legendary Turkish singer, he had a divine voice, he wore outrageous costumes and he was gay.) And after that, he said "Mo-rri-seyy" with a Turkish accent and smiled. (What a beautiful smile that was.)

    During Let Me Kiss You, he changed the lyrics to "I've zigzagged all over Istanbul..."

    During I Will See You In Far-Off Places, he changed the lyrics to "It's so easy for us to stand together..." then he looked at the security and then he looked back at us and said "...but it's so hard for our flesh to combine."

    The crowd was insane as you would imagine it to be. Great crowd in general. Though there was this obnoxious guy in the back who kept shouting with an American accent "Morrissey, you are the quarry! You know that?" to which Morrissey replied "...YES?" as in "I wrote it, silly."

    People were constantly cheering for Moz with football chants: Mo-ri-seeey, Mo-ri-sey, Mo-ri-sey, MO-RI-SEEEY! I saw a "Marry Me Moz" banner. Ireland and England flags in the front. Also an Israeli flag with a "Come to Israel" written on it, I heard. Morrissey thanked those who came from England and Italy to see him, then he said "And of course thanks to everyone who came from Istanbul" and everyone cheered.

    At one point he mentioned the name Leon Eskenazi. He asked us if we knew him. We said "Yeees" but of course none of us knew him. Then he asked "Well who IS Leon Eskenazi, then?" and we went "Ummm..." and he laughed.

    He changed quite a few shirts. And threw two of them to the crowd. (I got the sleeve of his pink shirt! OLEEY!) His perfume smells so nice. A bit sugar-y.

    What an incredible, incredible night. Thank you, MO-RI-SEY. We love you so much. Come back soon!
    zeki_muren -- Sunday June 11 2006, @12:02AM (#224418)
    (User #16923 Info)
  • How well we did with butchering, killing, massacring and exterminating all those hairy, inbred, freaky Armenians... Those were the days... Wish we could do it again...
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 11 2006, @02:18AM (#224438)
  • The Turkish gig went well. Good for those who went.

    For those who are still bitter about the Canada thing - GET OVER IT!

    For those who are bringing up Armenians; the Turkish attitude towards what went on there is nothing short of a disgrace. Having said that, there are disgraces going on all over the world all the time so why keep bringing this one up?

    Are we all supposed to boycott a country because of something that happened mostly before any of our Grandparent's lifetimes? I've been to Turkey twice and I loved it. Do I feel any guilt about it? Do I bollocks!

    My country has amassed a healthy kill toll over the years and to be honest I feel no guilt over that either 'cause it had nowt to do with me. I live in Ireland and we did a pretty good job of wiping them out a century and a half ago but my neighbours and my wife don't hold me accountable.

    Last of all, if Moz wants to boycott somebody for killing seals or boycott them for eating Marmite, I really don't care, that's his business and it's his mirror he has to look at himself at in the morning. As long as his conscience is clear he's doing the right thing.
    ohglen -- Sunday June 11 2006, @05:32AM (#224465)
    (User #12046 Info)
  • and only 1 of them a true review of the gig.

    Well done that person.

    This site needs a little moderation, all of these troll posts removed!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 11 2006, @05:45AM (#224466)
  • disappointed with the Moz. This kind of hypocrisy will not stand
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 11 2006, @06:00AM (#224468)
  • Well, it'll be a long post, I have so much to say, only about the gig.
    Sorry for being late but I was so excited the last week I almost had no sleep, when I got home last night after the gig I could not stand anymore.
    We arrived the venue around 3 pm when door opening was 6 pm. There were 4 people already waiting, when they let us in I ran so fast to take my place at the first row, right in the middle. The stage was very far from the barriers, I lost my hope for an hand shake or to make it on to the stage.
    I made new friends as waiting, those people from Israel were really nice people. I hope Moz will have a gig in Israel one day too, I can guess their feelings.
    Around 11 pm the band came on the stage, taking a bow they salute us and entered the “Panic” and the list went on.
    Ever since the tour started I read every comment about the gigs and the setlists, now i can really can not understand the people who kept complaining about the setlists. It was superb, I believe Moz rewarded the city’s long and patient waiting with a great performance. He kept smiling between the songs, talked with the audience and thanked us for being there.
    Somewhere near the end the guys standing next to me gave me the red roses they brought for Moz since I was the nearest person to the stage so I threw the roses but they couldn’t reach Moz though he tried to catch them, so he asked the bodyguard, took the roses and put them next to the loudspeaker. I feel sorry for the guys because they brought the roses but I’ve been thanked by Moz, really nice people, they only wanted to give their gift, no matter how.
    Before they got backstage after “How Soon Is Now?” he threw his brown shirt to someone spesifically targeted. I couldn’t see who but she/he was standing between the barrier and the stage, so a special guest, I know what most of you will start thinking… yes yes maybe Julia :)
    Each of the songs were greatly performed, I can’t choose a headlight, all of it was simply wonderful. I listened all the bootlegs which came out so far from ROTT tour, so I can judge last nights performance and I think it was one of the best. Yeah maybe I can’t be objective enough since it’s my hometown but Moz seemed very happy and enjoying it. Everyone sang the songs alone, and he got a bit surprised that ROTT songs were so well known, or I can maybe say “digested” by the audience. After “How Soon Is Now?” they came back for “Irish Blood, English Heart”, Moz in pink shirt this time. The song ended, he took his shirt off, looked where to throw it and yes my story begins here. At that point I could make my first eye contact and Moz decided to throw the shirt to me, with a gentle motion he threw it towards me, as the roses couldn’t reach him, the shirt couldn’t reach me and fell next to the feet of the bodyguard. I’ll mention something more here that all the bodyguards were very kind, yes, that’s true, after I read the comments about the guards in UK I was afraid that they would be rough in Istanbul too, if they were “really instructed to be so” as it’s been said about UK gigs. I’m lucky that the bodyguard saw Moz as he was throwing the shirt to me so without any hesitation he quickly gave the shirt to me. And the fight started, numerous hands , hundreds of fingers grabbed the shirt… ha ha ha
    I’m someone who weighs 96 kg but I started waving with the force of those countless fingers like a child. All this while I remembered the comments about the “silly shirt fights” which caused injuries to people. And I totally agree that it’s silly to fight for a piece of clothe but my logic lost the fight versus vivasouthpaw inside me :) I made another attempt to get free but no, everyone around was whispering to me “Leave it to me, then we’ll share” I think I did the best and asked for bodyguards help, a young woman who was the chief of the bodyguards told me very quietly “Don’t worry, once we get it I’ll give it back to you, promise.” They took the shirt and the fight ended but the people kept waiting. Then a guy from th
    vivasouthpaw <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 11 2006, @06:46AM (#224471)
    (User #755 Info)
  • It was a great gig!
      At the middle of the gig (I was at the front,so close to moz!) the guys standing next to me threw a bunch of flowers to the stage with a card on it "you are the lignt that never goes out" and Morrissey couldn't catch it! A guard gave them to him and he did put them very gently next to the speaker which was very cute and very kind.
      And there wasn't anything to eat except meat to eat! there was't even salad or potatoes! I was starving!(8 hours!) How can they do this in a morrissey concert?! That was the first time I was ashamed of living in turkey!
      My Father called me from outside before the gig and said there were some guys from the organasition, trying to find asparagus! As he tond me, Morrissey wanted to eat asparagus before gig. And he(moz) told them to close all the grills! well i'm appreciated, that smell was disgusting! (you can belive it, i had a friend from organisation he told me the same after the gig)
      It was great! Morrissey looked great and absolutely fit! Never trust photos... I came from izmir to see him and it worthed every dime and every secont i spent on the road. Forget being just two meters away from moz, to be in the same city with him is a great feeling! It was a dream and it came true. Well, we all know that there is a light that never goes out and it's called hope...
    sinefil -- Sunday June 11 2006, @07:11AM (#224473)
    (User #16925 Info)
  • Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / Jack The Ripper / Still Ill / You Have Killed Me / Life Is A Pigsty / Trouble Loves Me / I Will See You In Far-off Places / There Is A Light That Never Goes Out / Heaven Knows Im Miserable Now / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart

    Anonymous -- Sunday June 11 2006, @07:44AM (#224477)
  • Always great when Moz visits a place he's never been to before -- and it seems as if the Turkish people showed their appreciation (good reviews from zeki muren and vivasouthpaw). By the sounds of it, Morrissey was glad to finally make it to your country.

    I'm curious about how big the audience was at this venue.

    Also, how big a profile does Morrissey have in Turkey as far as foreign rock/pop artists go?
    king leer -- Sunday June 11 2006, @08:20AM (#224484)
    (User #80 Info)
    • Moz in Turkey (Score:2, Informative)

      Hmmm you are right with your curiosity, I was curious too until the concert. I remember very well the first Morrissey/The Smiths night took place in Istanbul in April 2000, ever since then nights are organized twice a year (May and October). In these nights a topic never changed "How many people would come to see Moz if he came to Istanbul", we were sure at least 5,000 people would be there.
      The venue, Park Orman, is a park surrounded by a forest has the capacity of 10,000 people. Last 200 tickets were on sale two days before the concert but I don't know how many tickets they sold in total, I assume that at least 5,000 thousand people were there. So the venue seemed to be the perfect place to have Moz. Another thing is it wasn't a big festival like Pinkpop where you can watch Franz Ferdinand before Moz and Red Hot Chili Peppers after. Everyone came there only for Moz.
      vivasouthpaw <[email protected]> -- Sunday June 11 2006, @09:45AM (#224498)
      (User #755 Info)
  • This must be the best setlist from this tour
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 11 2006, @11:58AM (#224515)
  • It must be around 92-93 when I dreamt it first. It must be somewhere near Bosphorus on a full moon night under the stars. Surrended by a beautiful forrest not Bosphorus, last night it was exactly what I dreamt for all these years. To be on the first row meant 8 hours wait and it's worth every second really. The highlight of the night was "Life's a Pigsty". What a truly great, beautiful, breathtaking song! When the killer verse "If you don't know this then what do you know" came, my lungs removed a bit up to my mouth I guess. It took its well deserved place along with other classics like "Maudlin Street", "Speedway", "Seasick"....
    After the show the dj played "Under the Milkyway" from Church which I think summarizes the all night.
    Morrissey and his songs are one of my vital sources in life ( As I wrote in the letter. The letter which is in the present:) but I am not sure he received it or not)

    Mozzer The Great! The King! You Are The One!

    mozzrules -- Sunday June 11 2006, @01:03PM (#224531)
    (User #14645 Info)
  • from all the israelies from the crowd .
    eran -- Sunday June 11 2006, @01:44PM (#224553)
    (User #16926 Info)
  • I'm tired of hearing about Armenians, or Iraq or what a horrible bunch of people Turks are etc. on this forum.
    First of all, Americans and Brits can just shut the hell up about genocide and human rights and animal rights.
    Second of all, you dont know shit about what happened in Turkey with Armenians or Kurds. Your media only let you hear one side of the story.
    This is a Morrissey forum, let's talk about Morrissey. The show in Istanbul was great. The crowd was amazing. Moz seemed to be in a really good mood. Everybody was singing the songs, including newer ones from the latest album. Why keep talking about all this negavite crap instead of focusing on what an amazing night it was. Surely those issues need to be talked about but not here!
    So Germans accept what happened under the Nazi rule, does that make them a better bunch of people than Turks? Does it change anything? Does it stop any more wars from happening? People are being killed in Iraq as I am writing this. If we really wanted to change the horrible state the world is in today, we would be doing more than just writing here, more than just stereotyping each other. If that's all you can do, I for one don't want to hear a word of it.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 11 2006, @02:35PM (#224563)
  • [email protected] (Score:2, Informative)

    Type in [email protected] after going to the website and you will be able to see a medley of some of Morrissey's performance in Istanbul. The image is not professional, but at least it is not one of those 10sec downloads you get from a cell phone camera recording either. Worth watching! :)
    Mrs. Woolf -- Sunday June 11 2006, @05:52PM (#224585)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • I've been waiting for that day for at least a year.. I was in Parkorman and witnessed the most beautiful and glorious concert ever given in Parkorman.. even though he says that "he'll never be anybody's hero" , he was my hero at the moment when I saw him in his tuxedo.. :) the setlist was perfect , musicians were perfect , sound system was perfect , FULLMOON was perfect and sur MOZ was perfect.. :) that was the day of my life..
    Moz says "there's a light that never goes out" and I wholeheartedly believe it as HE IS MY LIGHT.. I'll let his blues eyes fool me forever..

    thank you Moz for coming to Istanbul..
    hope to see you again :)

    ps: by the way , this is MOZ's forum.. this is not a forum about the countries or what they do or do not.. pls keep yr ideas out of here.. just share the love we have for Moz, together.. thanks..
    zucka -- Monday June 12 2006, @01:06AM (#224609)
    (User #16932 Info)
  • I love you Moz because you are very very healthy!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 12 2006, @02:46AM (#224619)
    • Re:Tea* by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday June 13 2006, @03:35AM
      • Re:Tea* by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 14 2006, @04:27AM
    • Re:Tea* by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday June 15 2006, @05:09AM
      • Re:Tea* by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday June 15 2006, @05:35AM
      • Re:Tea* by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday June 15 2006, @11:43PM
    • Re:Tea* by Poppycocteau (Score:1) Thursday June 15 2006, @06:54AM
  • I love you
    And it goes on
    Anonymous -- Monday June 12 2006, @04:06AM (#224629)
  • Jhengie has sent their blog address in the events part of the forums.
    It's under "Details about Moz gig at Istanbul,10.6.06?" thread.
    Contains 3 short clips, since the blog is in Turkish, a little help, the 3 links to download the videos are just above the setlist.
    Thank you to whoever contributed to the blog, they state they would upload new pics and clips when they receive.
    vivasouthpaw <[email protected]> -- Monday June 12 2006, @11:20AM (#224684)
    (User #755 Info)
  • Nuff said.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 12 2006, @06:20PM (#224760)
  • there was a great concert on istanbul, and it NEVER goes out from my mind..from that day, I can not concentrate on any work, can not get out my head morrissey and his lovely voice..
    I lost my voice during the concert, and if morrissey was on stage till morning, I didn't move anywhere shout out the songs with great pleasure..
    please SOS..I'm trying to work on my final 'pigsty' thesis, however can't study without hearing the great voice...
    thanks a lot for visiting here and I'm very grateful to morrissey for giving a chance to fans in turkey , I hope that he thinks just like us and adds 'turkey' his concert list after that...and at last
    thanks a lot for great songs that touch our souls....

    suedekafa -- Tuesday June 13 2006, @02:55AM (#224802)
    (User #16933 Info)
  • There's a cocksucking Brit who had his front teeth removed so that he can perform his most favorite endeavor with great succes: fellatio. Let's meet at the Dry Bar this friday. I'll let you choke on my pipe.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 13 2006, @03:01AM (#224804)
  • I've zig-zagged all over Canada, and Turkey (honest). They are both great countries with friendly people. But I do take the point that Morrissey has opened himself up to charges of the grossest hypocrisy by not playing Canada... Let's face it, everyone is inconsistent. But if you start making decisions about where in the world you play concerts on moral grounds you do end up looking a bit silly...wherever you choose to play or not to play...pity... And it's pretty feeble to come on this site and slag off Canada for this, or Turkey for that - this is a Morrissey site!
    CityBill -- Tuesday June 13 2006, @03:03AM (#224805)
    (User #13510 Info)
  • Morrissey's first concert in Turkey was quite hesitant. I first thought that it was business as usual for Morrissey but then I thought the cliches like Zeki Müren was quite nice. It was fantastic to hear Morrissey live and see him live of course. He is still live. The playlist was not a perfect one but I understand Morrissey. The opening track (Panic) was superb but in the final I prefer 'There is a Light that never goes out'. Maybe the next time.
    blindowl -- Tuesday June 13 2006, @03:31AM (#224809)
    (User #16941 Info)
  • yeah, roses were from me. vivasouthpaw was the nearest person so he tried to send it. i wrote "you are the light that never goes out" in a piece of paper and attached it with a hairclip :D it didn't reach the stage but moz got the roses by bodyguard.
    he smiled at us, he smiled at vivasouthpaw but it wasn't important for me. my name was writing on the note. and moz got roses and put them kindly in front of the stage.
    and i have a piece of shirt too. pink, gucci and smells very good :) there was a very stupid shirt fight. and a guy tried to fight with me for the piece ive got. but i ran away, and didnt come before everybody went to doors.
    the big piece is vivasoutpaw's now. he really deserves it. he is the biggest moz fan in turkey.
    whatever, it was the greatest night of my life. i cried while he played "let me kiss you" and "life is a pigsty"
    i was with good guys and smiths-lovers. thanks for everyone who shared that night with me. thanks vivasouthpaw.
    and the english woman who near of me and wrote setlist, always smiled and gave us her hairclip.
    is she from here?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday June 13 2006, @04:46AM (#224824)
  • just go to y_you_have_killed_me_live_efes_one_love_10-06-06_b y_backstagebug.mpg.html

    very nice indeed.
    mozzrules -- Wednesday June 14 2006, @02:28PM (#225017)
    (User #14645 Info)
  • genocide? yeah I remember but I dont know it's true or untrue. But I'm Turkish and White. (Some people of Turkey are ehite and natural blonde becasuse turkish is not iranian or arab)

    If genocide even it's true that cannot related with Turkey because this happen's in ottoman empire. (mostly one Emperors rule in any empires)Ýf you're say that Turkey is giulty. You ignore forms of Turkey by the revolution. This thing is like that saying France is guilty by an event in France's Empire ages.

    All Turkish are buycher! even who naive as Morrissey fans... That's Lughable!!!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 14 2006, @05:13PM (#225029)
  • So friends! Who thinks he won't come, you got the big hairy one:)
    Anonymous -- Thursday June 15 2006, @12:42PM (#225140)
  • from the moment i awake to the moment i sleep, i listen morrissey's each song over and over again..i can't get out of my mind the concert moments which are precious things i have ever had...please don't forget turkey and your patient fans...
    suedekafa -- Thursday June 15 2006, @03:00PM (#225171)
    (User #16933 Info)
  • Someone has realised that however score1(funny) my post may be it is infact derogatory of 'Paul Freeyourself' and genuine setlists, and as you can now see the the whole aim of this post was to get it scored as (troll) because it contains the name 'freeyourself' in it.
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @03:07PM (#224359)
  • Swap "How Soon Is Now" for "Usefulness of trolling" and I think you'll agree that was some night out....
    Anonymous -- Saturday June 10 2006, @11:41PM (#224416)
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