posted by davidt on Friday June 30 2006, @12:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / The Father Who Must Be Killed / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / I Will See You In Far-off Places At Last I Am Born / You Have Killed Me / Life Is A Pigsty / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • whatever happened to friendly non-threatening fake set lists?
    Anonymous -- Friday June 30 2006, @01:32PM (#227014)
  • Regardless of any adjustments and negotiations going on with Sanctuary etc, Morrissey seems to have lapped up the atmosphere at Roskilde in these photos, with shirt hitched up like Carmen or a cow-girl! Someone received a beaming smile too.

    Search for Morrissey, then all events, and last 24 hours, here: .

    Amazing service really when you think about it. Quite an advance also, I hope on being brain-bashed by exasperating mud-throwing anonymous pests.
    goinghome -- Friday June 30 2006, @02:05PM (#227021)
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    • Re:I found him! by CapriciousCorin (Score:1) Friday June 30 2006, @02:28PM
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  • Hi angels,

    Now you can see the two videos and the photos and review of Roskilde gig on MTVecom.(Isn't it the fastest job? Great.)

    To see the videos, click the link under Audio/Video. It was very beautiful blue sky and it seemed that he was feeling fine. I think more picutres may be added soon.

    riek in a coma -- Friday June 30 2006, @07:30PM (#227043)
    (User #16399 Info |
    "Let me hear your last good-bye, I know, it's serious."
  • Dear Friends-

    The band looked terrific, but I was slightly disappointed in Morrissey's attire. The knotted shirt baffled me a bit. Was it real hot? Not sure. He seemed a bit anxious. Perhaps fighting a cold? I love Morrissey to pieces and forever, but I prefer him in a suit or perhaps maybe clothes from the Maladjusted era. I don't care for tuxedos or priestly drab.

    One of Morrissey's appeals, of course, is his sense of style and universality. I just wish I could meet him briefly for tea.

    Anonymous -- Saturday July 01 2006, @01:47AM (#227053)
  • Moz are you OK? I'm so worried.
    Do you have a cold? Are you tired?
    I should be with you.
    I really love you.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 01 2006, @03:48AM (#227055)
  • What a wonderful show!

    What a wonderful snny wheater!

    All perfect.

    I took some photos and filmed some of the songs. //\\//\\
    my marylin -- Saturday July 01 2006, @07:55AM (#227068)
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  • I half-expected Morrissey to begin singing U2's
    "Mysterious Ways" while gyrating about the stage.

    Following that, he could burst into "Glamorous Glue" followed by Sheila E.'s "The Glamorous Life" followed by "Fame" of David Bowie.

    Then he could close with any number by Prince or Belle & Sebastian.

    I have to stop going to Starbucks for coffee.
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 01 2006, @12:33PM (#227076)
  • Did anybody mark his voice cracking several times
    in these MTV clips:

    I found Girlfriend in a coma very good version there, check it out!
    Replaced the world "strangeled" with "hurt"...etc ...somehow smoother and more respectfull version.
    Granvik -- Sunday July 02 2006, @12:06AM (#227092)
    (User #14586 Info)
  • They have added You Have Killed Me video now, on the Roskilde link from above. Lovely red shirt helping to cover up those awful trousers!!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday July 02 2006, @11:23AM (#227119)

    2..First Of The Gang To Die
    3..The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    4..In The Future When All Is Well
    5..The Father Who Must Be Killed
    6..Girlfriend In A Coma
    7..Let Me Kiss You
    8..To Me You Are A Work Of Art
    9..I Will See You In Far-off Places
    10.At Last I Am Born
    11.You Have Killed Me
    12.Life Is A Pigsty
    13.I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    14.How Soon Is Now?
    15.Irish Blood, English Heart

    What a wonderful show that was! Moz seemed to like the sunny wheater. And the band played well. //\\//\\

    Anonymous -- Monday July 03 2006, @02:27AM (#227151)
  • Just came home from what was a wonderful week from beginning to end. The weather was terrific, at least during the days with music. Haven't slept tonight, so I'm sorry if this post won't make much sense.

    Suddenly it was friday, and I found my self sitting in a Moz queue in hot sunshine, a situation I found rather absurd. But it worked quite well i thought. His funny style at the begenning of the concert was a pleasant surprise, and that combined with the fact that he opened the show with Panic - definetely did it for me.
    I have problems remembering details from the concert though, because the festival brought me so many highs and wonderful experiences that I almost can't tell them from each other.
    That said, Morrissey surely wast the best experience, and it was nice to see him again. A good show!
    summal -- Monday July 03 2006, @06:43AM (#227165)
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  • I am ashamed to said that I don't remember much of what he said. But at one point he announced that Boz would like to say something in danish.
    He said "Velbekommen til roskilde", which was quite cute, because velbekommen means "You are welcome" and not "welcome to roskilde".
    Not funne at all, written, but it was at the concert.

    He asked for Julia as usual. I actually can't remember anything else... Anybody else remember what he said?
    summal -- Monday July 03 2006, @10:33AM (#227180)
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  • we came back from roskilde festival yesterday.
    now four days of listening to bands in the sunshine are over.
    the morrissey show was one of the highlights for me.
    he was sexy, relaxed and sang beautiful. though he had to perform at seven o' clock when the sun was still burning down on us and the evening didn't really start.
    other great performers were : the editors, deus, guns'n roses, franz ferdinand, the silver jews and roger waters who played a wonderful "dark side of the moon" show while the sun was going down over roskilde on the last festival day.
    anyway roskilde festival is more than music. it has such a great atmosphere!
    malina -- Tuesday July 04 2006, @01:03AM (#227208)
    (User #7320 Info)
  • Did anyone get that bit when he asked "Do you know.....?" (I can't remember the name he said) and then "Do you know King/Prince Frederic?". There wasn't much response from the audience to these questions, so his was: "Oh Julia, what do they know?"

    Anyway, great gig. I missed the quarter final between Germany and Argentinia standing in the queue for front row, but it was worth it.
    MOritZ -- Tuesday July 04 2006, @05:26AM (#227216)
    (User #9321 Info)
    • When me and my friend saw Moz in Manchester at The Apollo we gave him a piece of swedish chocolate called Plopp and a note saying "see you at Roskilde". And after a couple of songs at the Roskilde gig he said "I'll give you back your Plopp" and threw into the audience. So now we a relationship with him based on Plopp!

      And I've never pulled in a shirt that hard but his Prada shirt was too strong for me.
      Boy About Town -- Tuesday July 04 2006, @05:42AM (#227217)
      (User #16190 Info)
      Sweden Patrick Morrissey

      • other things about the gig -

        about plopp: as far as i remember he said something about 'plopp' being everywhere they went and then he threw one out into the crowd - guess he's been given a few on this tour!?!?
        (is this chocolate particularly good/bad? have never tasted it)

        i don't remember him mentioning prince frederik, but maybe he did. i THINK he asked the crowd whether we knew who sandi toksvig was, and then who ken friedman was (not completely sure about the names but that's what it sounded like). the crowd answered 'yes' and he responded with, 'well who is he then?', and then he said 'julia, they don't know who they are' (or something like that).

        oh, and there were maybe about twenty small screens hanging over the stage, showing different images depending on which band was playing - for morrissey, there was a picture of oscar wilde which had been split up into several small pieces, one piece for each screen, ie, a part of his face on one screen, a shoulder on another screen, etc...

        does anyone have any backstage stories about him, or did he leave just after the gig? i wonder if he would stay behind to mingle with the other bands or stayed behind to watch bob dylan or rufus wainwright or some of the other people playing that evening. italy played the world cup that same evening so if it's true like he said in an interview that he 'supported' italy (over england) for the cup, then maybe he watched the game afterwards!?!?
        dandysweets -- Tuesday July 04 2006, @07:19AM (#227219)
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      • Re:What he said - Plopp, Plopp by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday July 19 2006, @08:39AM
    Anonymous -- Tuesday July 04 2006, @02:43PM (#227242)
    • Re:Short clip by Anonymous (Score:1) Tuesday July 04 2006, @02:46PM
  • Er...

    Roskilde stories anyone? Will we have to wait until sunday to get some? Bet it was great!
    CapriciousCorin -- Friday June 30 2006, @12:38PM (#227004)
    (User #16885 Info)
    • Just got back from Roskilde Festival (for tonight). Saw Morrissey, Rufus Wainwright (not as good as he has been on other occasions), Bob Dylan (fantastic songwriter of course but slightly boring on stage), The Streets (prefer listening to the records, didn't come across well live in my opinion) and Scissor Sisters (more about them in a moment) tonight.

      Morrissey played the main (Orange) stage at 7pm for about an hour. No surprises in the setlist, started with Panic, ended with Irish Blood... and most of the songs in between were from ROTT. So for those of us who have seen him already on this tour it wasn't too exciting but nevertheless it was a pretty good concert I thought and Panic is such a good show-starter. He sang brilliantly of course and I saw the gig with some friends who haven't seen him before and they absolutely loved it even one of my friends who isn't a particularly into Morrissey. It's hard in such a big crowd to say exactly how the reaction was in all corners of the audience but the reception seemed pretty good from where we were standing. Just two small things that I would have liked to have been different - the ridiculous knot-tie of his shirt (I mean, Jesus CHRIST Morrissey, though you look good enough for a man your age that knot doesn't do you any favours) and also it would have been nice if this had been one of those evenings when he had been in a chattier mood - still he said 'tak' (Danish for thank you) a couple of times and 'Thank you Roskilde' several times and some other things which I have forgotten. Morrissey seemed quite happy, smiled a lot, and all in all I got the feeling most people enjoyed the show.

      Just looked on Danish magazine Gaffa's website and they already have a review of the gig up where they give Morrissey five out of five stars (which they also gave Bob Dylan for his performance on the same stage a little over an hour after Morrissey).

      By the way, I'm looking forward to see the review of Scissor Sisters - I had never seen them before and they were absolutely marvellous - WOW! They went on at 1am and had so much energy and the crowd went wild, dancing all over the festival area in front of Orange Stage, brilliant brilliant performance.
      dandysweets -- Friday June 30 2006, @05:38PM (#227037)
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  • Is it the real set list?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 01 2006, @05:08AM (#227060)
    • Re:set list by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday July 02 2006, @05:31AM
      • Re:set list by davdavon (Score:1) Sunday July 02 2006, @12:25PM
  • Is that you, Julia?
    Anonymous -- Saturday July 01 2006, @07:06PM (#227086)
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