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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Billy Budd / Sister, I'm A Poet / The Loop / The National Front Disco / That's How People Grow Up / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Irish Blood, English Heart / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / All You Need Is Me / Jack The Ripper / Stretch Out And Wait / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / You Have Killed Me / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

setlist provided by mell (scan) and Mel Torment
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  • killing me!!!
    Evil Legal Eagle -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @03:06PM (#291615)
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  • isn´t the show over yet? do they have internet i france? wheres the setlists?
    ineversay -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @03:32PM (#291630)
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  • There is still the posibility that he cancelled...I'm just saying.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @03:39PM (#291632)
  • Come on, people of the country of the women with unshaved armpits, I am not asking an in-depth review of the gig.

    Just an setlist will do.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @03:49PM (#291641)
  • So who is the new person on keys? Any good? Full report at once please.

    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @03:54PM (#291642)
  • Any news, to bad I missed them in MIA, FL.
    Alfax -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:06PM (#291651)
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  • Entrance Music - Tina Turner "Simply the Best"

    Striptease with a Difference
    Golden Lights
    NEW SONG You'll Never Be On My iPod

    After which Morrissey informs the crowd he has not yet had dinner and invites anyone to throw food on to the stage, eating as much as he can in a minute. The band play the "Bullseye" theme tune.

    Tony the Pony

    After which Mikey raises his hand for permission to go to the toilet. Morrissey gives him a discerning look and says "You should have gone before. We've talked about this."

    Nation of Islam Disco
    (Juxtaposition Medley) Ebony and Ivory/Bengali in Platforms/I'd Like To Teach The World To Sing/This Is Not Your Country
    You Have Killed Me (Identity Crisis Version - "Boz Boorer is me" etc.)

    After which Morrissey realises the error of his ways and spits on Boz, leading a chant of "Fat, Fat, Fat" from the crowd. The band play the "Bullseye" theme tune.

    Oscillate Wildly (Morrissey on spoons)
    Now I Am A Wasp (Special flippant spelling error edition)
    That's How People Grow Up
    Shuddupa You Face (Joe Dolce Cover)
    Best Friend On The Swiss Roll (Special Pun Edition)

    Brief five minute interlude in which Morrissey complains about the music business, the NME, and old sweets that have disappeared from shops, i.e. spanglers, opal fruits and marathon bars. He adds "I know its called Snickers now, it's just not the same."

    Last Night I Dreamt I Was Drowning In Pudding
    Encore - I Am What I Am (with Moz in drag)

    After the show Julia realises she hasn't been mentioned and gets up on stage to announce fanatically follow Brian Ferry around the country instead.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:10PM (#291658)
  • Youre Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    Nowhere Fast
    Thats How People Grow Up
    Let Me Kiss You
    Billy Budd
    All You Need Is Me
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    The Loop
    I Started Something I Couldn't Finish
    Satan Rejected My Soul
    Human Being
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    Everyday Is Like Sunday
    There Is A Light
    The More You Ignore Me
    Stretch Out & Wait
    Interesting Drug

    First Of The Gang To Die

    - anyone think it could be anything like this?? ;)
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:16PM (#291664)
  • show tonight (Score:1, Insightful)

    it was pretty much the same set that he was doing on the american tour.. inclusing national front disco.. some new ones for the upcoming album ... playboys was on set too.
    girl in a coma was heavly excepted by the french crowd,, really into them.
    moz didnt speak too much... only to say "can you hear me" and merci...
    of course a nod to julia...
    over good show though..sorry my english is funny.. i had to use a translater to type this..
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:23PM (#291674)
    • Re:show tonight by Anin (or...etc) (Score:1) Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:29PM
    • Re:show tonight by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:29PM
    • Merci! by Cashews (Score:1) Wednesday January 16 2008, @06:55PM
      • Re:Merci! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday January 16 2008, @10:43PM
        • Re:Merci! by Cashews (Score:1) Wednesday January 16 2008, @10:57PM
          • Re:Merci! by dbowie (Score:1) Thursday January 17 2008, @04:29AM
            • Re:Merci! by Cashews (Score:1) Thursday January 17 2008, @06:59AM
  • Tim Jonze back from Thailand? And did he bring the infamous tape with him??
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:54PM (#291688)
  • Has anyone (male or female) ever actually bought a pair of leggings ("available in 30 different colours") after seeing them advertised on the front page? If so, which one of the thirty different colours did you choose?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:59PM (#291689)
  • please please please let me get the real set list tonite
    nowherefast944 <[email protected]> -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:09PM (#291693)
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    sycophantic slag
    • Re:someone! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:11PM
      • Re:someone! by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:13PM
  • She said to say hi!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:20PM (#291699)

  • pleeeeease a real setlist?

    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:53PM (#291718)
    • Re:setlist by tenforum (Score:1) Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:56PM
  • Le Setlist (Score:1, Informative)

    Le bon spectacle, la même liste de série comme Etats-Unis ont apprécié vraiment, Morrissey a fait le commentaire de Tim Jonze est un garçon sale, avec la beaucoup de boue être lancé, et être fait des la remarques sur Fabio Capello est innocent !

    You Have Killed Me
    Stop Me
    Jack The Ripper
    First Of The Gang
    Please Please
    How Soon Is Now
    Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
    Irish Blood English Heart
    The Loop
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
    Stretch Out And Wait
    Death Of A Disco Dancer
    Billy Budd
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:55PM (#291719)
  • No major setlist changes from the recent autumn, no surprises unless you count at least two songs droped tonight (one was Pigsty, according to Jean Sebastien, who glimpsed the setlist – and this is confirmed by the water glasses for Boz trundled out and then dispatched back to the wings).

    In keeping with the policy of withholding setlist sheets if a song was dropped, no setlists were available. I suppose this policy is to keep us in the dark about what we're missing when Moz makes an impromptu decision to cut them.

    Moz in black shirt (which was not thrown out and apparently not changed even though Moz left the stage at least twice before the encore), tie with James Dean’s face replicated on it, amd dark navy blue trousers. Th’Lads in brown shirts and trousers.

    Backdrop: Richard Burton in “Look Back in Anger”

    Intro: Klaus Nomi’s “Wayward Sisters”
    Moz opened with Stop Me.
    --In no particular order (and likely incomplete):
    Last of the Famous International Playboys
    Crashing Bores
    The Loop
    Sister I’m a Poet
    That’s How People Grow Up
    I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    National Front Disco
    Why Don’t You Find Out for Yourself
    All You Need Is Me
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    You Have Killed Me
    Stretch Out and Wait
    How Soon Is Null?
    First of the Gang

    Scabby got the first handshake of the night, and I got the second one. Moz was very sparing with the handshakes, leaving several up front and in the second row frustrated. Did not toss any shirts into crowd. No sucessful stage invasions. The barrier was not that far back, but it was deterrent enough, and the security roughly shoved Guillaume down at the encore. Guillaume was the only one I saw make a serious attempt to get on at the stage.

    Early on in the set, Guillaume gave Moz a black t-shirt with white lettering: NME journalists who lie. Moz thanked him and said, “He made it himself”.

    Moz asked Julia, how have you been? Julia came up with the astonishingly novel “I’m well. How are you?” and “a little” in response to “Are you jetlagged?”

    Then Moz asked me if I was jetlagged, too. I was going to answer, but Moz kept teasing me in the usual way – twirling the mic in front of me and snatching it back each time I reached for it. I let him taunt me twice like that, and after the 2nd or 3rd time, I just put my hands down and buried my face down in them. Look, you freak, I don’t play that shit for long. While my head was down, I could hear Moz saying, “Say something witty…very witty…” I refused to rise to the bait, i.e., reach for the mic. He kept repeating “very witty” as if to say sarcastically that my silence was terribly witty. Whatever. He’s usually contrite after being a sarky bastard to me. We’ll see how it goes in Strasbourg.

    Where the hell was Mikey Farrell? Instead, there was some new guy with a soul patch. He was Christopher Pullen (spelling?). Played competently, but Mikey’s left some awfully huge shoes to fill, and we’re sorely missing the brilliance of Mikey. Where is Alain, Gary, and now Mikey? Awww…we’ve lost our boy(s).

    Onor (spelling?) – Moz recognized him as being from Turkey. I thought Moz was asking him to name the venue in Istanbul where Onor saw him sing. But Onor thought Moz was asking him if he could recommend a good venue to play the next time he comes to Turkey. I think Onor said something confusing about playing “in Turkey, NOT the Middle East”. I’ll have to ask him later to clarify this exchange. It was garbled and confusing in part because English is not Onor’s primary language.

    I asked a local (salut, Vincent!) his best guess as to why Moz chose this rather obscure town in (as Guillaume put it) “the middle of nowhere”. Vincent theorized that La Cooperative de Mai enjoys a favourable reputation, perhaps music industry people in France recommended it. The chief of La Co-op used to run a very influential nightclub in Paris and then opened up La Co-op. I think this explanation makes the most sense. The ven
    Mel Torment -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @05:55PM (#291720)
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  • That was a really lovely review of Morrissey’s concert tonight. I can’t believe I had to get this highly complicated case of bronchitis - and cannot travel as per Doctor’s orders. Well, I got my baby soooo many many times this summer and he was soooo extraordinary and perfect and still is. And it was first and second rows to top it all off except for one show in particular whereby we had to be general admission because - that was the only type available, and we hated that one. We shall never go to another general admission gig again. Lesson learned. We didn’t hate Morrissey, I love Morrissey-we just hated the groggy, cranky, vagabonds of fans that were near us by the stage-it had nothing to do with Morrissey-nothing at all. Also, we didn’t mind Julia, Julia did not bother us, she is always very very nice. So I think it’s only right that all of you on here, get a chance to have him now. You guys are all so lucky and I am very very happy for all of you people on here who now get him. I believe in fate, so I guess it wasn’t meant to be that, that I see him at the moment. It sucks being this sick. The set list sounds like it was awesome. I love “YHKM” , “CB”, “LOTF”, I love them ALL actually, they are all beautiful, beautiful songs. But the thing I am most sad about particularly is that, is that I did not get to see him sing “That’s How People Grow Up” again. Because That’s How People Grow Up is now my number one, it has even replaced “NPS”, That’s How People Grow Up, I think is his most mesmerizing, warm, lovely masterpiece after “NPS”. It’s the ultimate. It seems like Morrissey is indestructible, every single concert, his voice, his wit, and his giving people shirts - they are all, they are all life altering experiences ... and when the lights go on at the end, you’re like - oh my God I don’t want it to be over, it can’t be. It sounds like you people understand.
    Anyways, it would have been nice if you all got to see him play Life Is A Pigsty again, tonight. But-maybe he just didn’t want to play it-maybe. You know how Morrissey is, my baby - he likes to, he likes to change his mind and this could be because of everything - or it could be because of nothing. Regardless, everything he experiences and validates is essential - because, Morrissey is my concern.
    Drinking Full Throttle with my prescriptions is very very soothing to my throat. But I can’t sleep. I was going to register on the forums, but I changed my mind-I don’t want to register on the forums. So, I am not going to register anywhere else on this site. Somebody called me a “cunt” earlier today on the remix, remaster, master or whatever the hell you call it topic-aren’t they lovely. Right - so, I am here and you are there ... and God knows why.

    P.S. I love you.

    Thank You and Good Night.
    Kate2828 -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @11:30PM (#291746)
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  • Error in the setlist : there was no "Pigsty" in the Clermont gig (I was there).
    JYF -- Saturday January 19 2008, @12:49PM (#291931)
    (User #9324 Info)
  • I don't smell it...I don't have those new scratch n sniff PC's...damn....
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:24PM (#291675)
  • No it ain't - coz we've just heard from someone in France who said it was pretty much the same setlist as the American tour.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday January 16 2008, @04:34PM (#291683)
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