posted by davidt on Tuesday April 14 2009, @09:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Billy Budd / Black Cloud / How Soon Is Now? / Irish Blood, English Heart / When Last I Spoke To Carol / How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others / Something Is Squeezing My Skull / Seasick, Yet Still Docked / The Loop / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Death Of A Disco Dancer / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / I Keep Mine Hidden / Sorry Doesn't Help / Ask / Let Me Kiss You / I'm OK By Myself // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by El Paso Times review, link from The War Room
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  • Bueno?
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @09:05PM (#327876)
    • Re:Taco by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 15 2009, @11:07AM
  • c'mon peeps! why isn't anyone at the show updating this site from their crackberry? did he mention the new southpaw cover from el paso?

    hecho en texarkana
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @09:28PM (#327879)
  • I saw Morrissey in Dallas the other day, and when he introduced Jesse Tobias, he said he was a Texan. Does anyone know where in Texas that Jesse has ties to?
    Exchanging Palare -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @09:30PM (#327880)
    (User #12887 Info)
  • Has anyone met/spoke to anyone of them along this mini tour? If so any news on a West Coast date, BESIDES Coachella? And what of this Oakland gig, why are they off the bill now?
    Gin N Tonic Jil -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @09:57PM (#327882)
    (User #7276 Info)
    You're not down with who I am but, look at you now you're all in my hands...tonight I'm a Rock N' Roll Star!!
  • just got back - great concert - my first this year - morrissey was strong in voice and spirit -started with charming man - other songs played included: HSIN, I keep mine hidden, disco dancer, billy budd, loop, seasick, how can anyone possibly know, black cloud, paris, squeezing skull, ok by myself, crashing bores, ask, some girls bigger than others - i am missing a few more - coutneers were excellent in the opening
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @10:23PM (#327884)
  • Thank you Morrissey. It was an awesome concert. I did not have a chance to see the opening act since the venue was selling beer. I got to my seat just in time for your show, front row. However, security was not enforcing seat assignments so people were in front of me. no big deal. I still had a good time. Song selection was nice but I wish you would have played 'best friend on the payroll" instead of "goodbye will be farewell" I will see you in alburquerque tomorrow. You f ing rock!!!!!!!!!!!!! And welcome back to your home of El Paso.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @10:37PM (#327885)
  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    Wasn't there or anythihg, but here is a setlist thanks to []

    1. This Charming Man

    2. Billy Budd

    3. Black Cloud

    4. How Soon Is Now?

    5. Irish Blood, English Heart

    6. When I Last Spoke to Carol

    7. How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?

    8. I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris

    9. Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

    10. Something Is Squeezing My Skull

    11. Seasick, Yet Still Docked

    12. The Loop

    13. The World Is Full of Crashing Bores

    14. Death of a Disco Dancer

    15. One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

    16. I Keep Mine Hidden

    17. Sorry Doesn't Help

    18. Ask

    19. Let Me Kiss You

    20. I'm OK By Myself

    The War Room -- Tuesday April 14 2009, @11:50PM (#327888)
    (User #16954 Info)
    • Re:Setlist by Celibate Cry (Score:1) Wednesday April 15 2009, @07:22AM
    • Re:Setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 15 2009, @09:14AM
  • Set list was the same as other venues. His voice was strong, totally on pitch, just like the recordings. The crowd was into him the whole time. I'm on my way to see him in Albuquerque now. Hasta...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 15 2009, @08:33AM (#327895)
  • The show last night was amazing Moz looked and sounded great can't wait to see him again.
    Mozzette1 -- Wednesday April 15 2009, @09:03AM (#327899)
    (User #22383 Info)
  • Morrissey was playful all night and he sounded great. One successful stage invasion, he got to hug Moz and held him till he was taken away by security - way'ta go dude! The venue was great even at its loudest. And then there it came, When Last I Spoke To Carol - Sigh. The mexican flag was pinned up during the night by Jesse - that was a nice touch for his friends here from south of the border.
    I got a signed album number 7/27. This is my fourth Moz concert in EP and I must say we've come a long ways from Club Valare - although I must say that that concert was nice bcs the place was so small that where ever you were standing, on the bar or on the floor, you were close to the stage, close to Morrissey. Hot and sweaty, but close. I was at the center rail of the stage of that concert, by the way!
    I just want to say thank you so much Morrissey, EP loves you and your band and don't ever forget about us.
    Araj -- Wednesday April 15 2009, @09:52AM (#327903)
    (User #22348 Info)
  • After all the timesI'v seen Morrissey, the money I've spent and the miles I've traveled, it finally happened! I got on stage and wrapped myself around Mozzer. It was amazing and it took a while for security to drag me off.
    I was in the pit (I slid up from row 'R') got behind a couple of uber bro brothers and when they all walked off for the encore break I tapped the one on the barricade and asked him to give me a two-inch space to put my foot so I could try to go up. they both agreed. they were both drunk and wayy stoked that my 110lb. ass was gonna try against all these large security guards to get on stage. I put one foot on the folded up, stationary chair behind me, one foot on the barricade and I got up a bit but wobbled but the I felt the hands of the bros on me and launch me towards the stage. For a split second I thought I wouldn't make it, but I hit the stage, caught my balance and ran straight for Moz, wrapped my arms around him, kissed his neck and told him, 'Whatever happens, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!' the place went effing nuts. Moz smelled amazing! the security weren't rough at all really. Arturo has a helluva grip but he let me off at the end of the stage with no problem.(it was the ast song anyway, 'First of the Gang') Best few seconds of my life! What I've waited all these years for.. happened. Totally worth it all. Thanks to everyone who gave a sidestep and a push so I could make it. And for everyone who took pics and video. Any video or pics from the handy digital cameras you lovely lot snuck in or your handy dandy cellular devices would be much appreciated. PM me or get me one of the other ways.. email - [email protected] - myspace: dirtytrendyscum - or txt stuff to me @ 501-258-0231 thx! 3 -boyleastlikelyto- [i can't login, I think my email was hacked, thus my solo accnt. blah! be back on the boards soon or whenever they fix my boyleastlikelyto accnt.]
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 15 2009, @12:35PM (#327909)
  • my sixth moz show was definitely one of the best! my boyfriend and i made the journey from tucson and i'm glad we didn't miss this show. the crowd was amazing!

    thanks to the beautiful girl with the kick-ass pompadour in the front row, we were able to stand at the center stage rail for the entire show. she even helped boost me up to shake morrissey's hand during the encore. thank you, dear!

    p.s. my boyfriend got a piece of the shirt (which smells heavenly, btw...)
    sweetness, sweetness -- Wednesday April 15 2009, @07:09PM (#327921)
    (User #22386 Info)
  • Oh El Paso, so much to answer for, you've made a happy girl very old. Drove from Tucson,Arizona. My friends got tickets in in row R- well that just won't do. I worked my way to the pit area determined to give Moz a letter where I poured my heart and soul. I was able to throw it up on stage from the pit area, He looked down at it as He sang and his stage crew collected it. I hope it reached Him. Does anyone know if they give Him the stuff people throw on stage? While in the pit area, I briefly said hello to a gentleman from tucson,are you Justin?
    J Morrissey-Smith -- Thursday April 16 2009, @05:33PM (#327963)
    (User #21000 Info)
    Girl Least Likely To
  • Traveling has made me a walking narcoleptic, but finally I can sit and type.

    El Paso was a great crowd despite the upper balcony being empty. One disappointment was again an older fan in the front row this time (wearing white bermuda shorts and a straw hat) who was the biggest jerk from any Moz concert ever. He was bragging about how much he paid for his ticket, yelling that he owned everything from his seat through five feet forward to the arm rail, demanded to see other people's tickets, got in the faces of other pit ticket holders and yelled/threatened them so he could claim their spot on the rail. Yeah, he was the lowest species in the entire auditorium and need not attend a Moz concert ever again!

    Everyone else, including security, were really cool. Audience were all standing and the pit filled up without security giving any problem. It got intense during the FOTGTD encore, as the guy next to me just went ballistic out of nowhere and inspired other folks to simultaneously climb over from behind.

    Moz gave a strong performance, a lot less shirt changes (came on in a beautiful seagreen, light button down and kept it on for most of the show; then navy blue which got thrown for LMKU; then crisp-white button down for the last few songs). Same jeans as for the Paris single (frayed in the same places around the pockets with top end of his button fly sticking out), which I think must be the only pair he's been wearing onstage throughout the US tour so far. Guess he packed light and comfortable to rock out in with us.

    Said "snap!" after teasing fans who reached for a handshake.

    The biggest highlight was the encore entrance before the bow: Moz literally pushed Jesse out from stage right, Jesse was resisting, then Moz grabbed Jesse by the waist and threw him around in front of the audience and then put him down. It was really hilarious. If anyone took video of it, please post a link!

    romeogirl -- Friday April 17 2009, @01:30AM (#327982)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • The first four songs were as follows...
    Mozfan09 -- Tuesday April 28 2009, @03:16PM (#329096)
    (User #22433 Info)
  • hilarious. you're so witty. did you come up with this on your own? christ, i just can't get over how clever you are. and so fresh, too.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday April 15 2009, @07:20AM (#327890)
    • Re:omg. by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 15 2009, @09:23AM
      • Re:omg. by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday April 15 2009, @09:46AM
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