posted by davidt on Sunday May 10 2009, @02:00PM
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  • Morrissey, Morrissey, Morrissey..... It was a fantastic show. No real mentionable set list changes... but nonetheless.... Brilliant, as always!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @02:14PM (#330213)
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  • well done to The Beast for meeting Morrissey before the concert, He managed to shake his hand as Morrissey got of the coach, tell him not to buy The scum(sun)newspaper and give him a sticker which states that info and get a reply,
    "I don't, thank you". I was so near yet so far away. please load the pictures as Morrissey look beautiful.
    As for the concert,wow!!!!brilliant,I'm sorry he refused to play something is squeezing my skull and that he was upset by the fact the barrier was soooo far from the stage.what happened at the end with the bouncher running for Morrissey?
    lainey -- Sunday May 10 2009, @02:33PM (#330217)
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  • so he's getting sick then....
    Let's hazard a guess at which shows he'll be cancelling then...
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @02:54PM (#330223)
  • Moz, Moz, Moz, thanks for a great night and we're sorry for the shitty venue. Staff would not let us leave our rows, miserable health and safety bastards! Thanks for nowt Liverpool Empire ("No atmosphere whatsoever. How does the Lord Mayor cope?"). @Morrissey's promoters/management: please give these all seater venues a miss, we will all thank you for it. How Soon Is Now was fantastic (as was The Loop). See y'all in Manchester
    mozzerlad -- Sunday May 10 2009, @02:58PM (#330225)
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  • Lad in row B, left hand side (seat 43/44/45?) (my sister asked you a personal question on the way out!), get in touch please, cheers.
    mozzerlad -- Sunday May 10 2009, @03:09PM (#330232)
    (User #20939 Info)
  • Greast songs, great sound, great gig, despite Moz oft complaining about venue's "lack of atmosphere" - he clearly doesn't like all-seaters (though a good uwarter of the audience were stood up, arms thrusting and enthused throughout) .He had a moan about Bob Dylan's album getting to number 1 too. What so'er his curmudegonliness, the performance was damned fine from where I was sitting.

      High points included a moving Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself and an absolutely sensational rock-out version of The Loop. For me though the show's centrepiece was Seasick Yet Still Docked, stunning and heart-rending. The people complaining about the current band's playing on recent gigs want their ears testing. Okay, some of the Smiths tracks are a little thin, but SYSD and many others really brought out their myriad strengths.

    Shirt off during LeMeKissU brought immense cheers, as did the several near-but-not-quite successful stage climbers at the encore.

    All-in-all, while Moz may not have enjoyed himself that much, most others clearly did, me included.

    -Ben G
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @03:19PM (#330233)
  • Did anyone make it on to the stage? I was at the Empire on his first solo tour in 1991 and still remember someone trying to leap onto the stage but missing and plummeting 10 foot into the orchestra pit........
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @03:43PM (#330236)
  • Got into a a blue jag parked out the back of the venue next to four tour buses. His PR guy said that we had to move away but morrissey walked out, waved, smiled, hello'd, got in his car, waved, smiled and drove off after a few of us jogged along after the car make 'love oo!' gestures to his window.

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @03:48PM (#330237)
  • I assume he only did just over an hour because he was on antibiotics? Or was it because of the venue? Hope he recovers for Manchester! (and hopefully he'll sing it's not your birthday...-well,it won't be on the 23rd!!)
    paulah -- Sunday May 10 2009, @04:11PM (#330241)
    (User #17812 Info)
  • I was there tonight, and it was my very first 'proper' gig, was slightly disheartening to hear Moz say there was no atmosphere but it was a good show on the whole.

    Started the set with 'This Charming Man', and he looked very suave in a nice shirt and jacket combo. Was quite surprised to hear 'I Keep Mine Hidden' and I would have liked more Smiths songs to have been played, but an enjoyable night nonetheless. 7/10.
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @04:46PM (#330246)
    • Re:First gig by paulah (Score:1) Sunday May 10 2009, @05:00PM
  • Did anyone else notice Liverpool midfielder at Moz gig? It's good to know that some footy players have good taste in music!
    paulah -- Sunday May 10 2009, @05:20PM (#330249)
    (User #17812 Info)
  • I absolutely loved the gig last night, sang myself raw and danced myself stupid in my little area between the seats. And that is where the problem lay. Morrissey commented on the lack of atmosphere, and said at the very end when someone managed to break free the shackles and get to within touching distance "at last the night begins". This was not Liverpool's fault Moz. We never chose the venue. I know I am not alone in wanting to worship at the alter of Moz in a much more natural way than stood politely in neat rows, but that was our only choice. The rows of fixed seating caused the problem tonight, that and the staff who made you stay in them of course, so please dont blame Liverpool but just don't do venues where the stalls are full of seats again!

    Anonymous -- Sunday May 10 2009, @11:08PM (#330267)
  • Well started waiting round the stage door about 3 o'clock, saw the band arrive said hello. thought moz would be there in the next 30 mins, NO!. took him at least 2-3 hours to arrive. i was just walking away aswell wen i saw his big bus turning the corner, ran back and was the first to greet him of the bus, i asked him so very nicely to sign Years of Refusal which he did but as soon as he saw Johnny Marrs signiture on my Meat is Murder album he said politley "im sorry but i couldnt possibly sign that" and just smiled, i then went in for the hand shake which he took with great grip and i wouldnt let go untill i said thankyou for everything, to which he just smiled and i let him move on!!! then walking back to the venue later i bumped into Solomon Walker who gave a smile at my t-shirt and a "hi", the gig was ace, shame he cut a song or two but still brilliant, then found Jessie's plectrum on the floor next to me that reads 'Mexican'. all in all a great day
    mozsupportsrovers -- Sunday May 10 2009, @11:17PM (#330269)
    (User #18054 Info)
  • Thought it was excellent. Yep shame about the seating, and him being a bit sick, but all in all a really good concert. Can't say fairer than that.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @12:07AM (#330281)
  • Just had a text from ticketmaster to say that tonight's show at the Albert Hall is cancelled. Reading that people are saying Moz was a bit ill, it is clear why.

    Could anyone please verify?
    cocu -- Monday May 11 2009, @02:14AM (#330292)
    (User #13905 Info)
    sixteen clumsy and shy
  • They say they are trying to find another date at the RAH, however if you look at the his tour diary, and the event Diary on RAH, thats not going to happen anytime soon...
    ma1979tt -- Monday May 11 2009, @02:49AM (#330300)
    (User #20400 Info)
  • fastastic gig last night don't know why he was moaning about atmosphere though. Its all seated and the security stopped you from moving anywhere. still i loved every minute.
    zimbo_9 -- Monday May 11 2009, @03:25AM (#330304)
    (User #20990 Info)
  • a bit disapointed with the shortness of the set but the cancelation of tonights gig explains why. empire wasnt best venue especially with fixed seats and orchestra pit.Good version of how soon is now , also enjoyed irish blood , first of the gang & ask .
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @04:01AM (#330312)
  • i've just got into london and had a call from seetickets to tell me tonights gig has been cancelled due to ill health, thought i'd put it on here as i don't know how to post a story. Gutted !
    shambles -- Monday May 11 2009, @04:32AM (#330316)
    (User #15180 Info)
  • Moz should definitely know what the Liverpool Empire is like, after all he played here in '91!! Whilst you have to admire his plucky stance in sticking to small theatres rather than the enormo-domes, there are several good reasons why he should think again next tour.
    1 - Every tour he ends up cancelling dates due to ill health - larger venues=fewer dates=less chance of cancellations.
    2 - Fewer instant sell-outs, forcing fewer dedicated fans into the greedy arms of the professional touts.
    3 - Most large venues (such as the Liverpool Echo Arena) can at least have a standing area, such as The Bunnymen and Oasis last year, which at least gave an option of standing at the front, even if the poor souls seated at the back are bound to feel left out. Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield etc have the same facility at their arenas.
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @05:04AM (#330321)
  • In light of tonight's cancellation then I suppose we should be grateful he bothered to turn up.

    My biggest gripe is that he seemed to portray this "be grateful for small things" attitude from the start yet having paid for my ticket 6 months ago the least he could do is put up or shut up for 90 minutes.

    His voice seemed fine to me; a little more nasal than usual but pretty spot on so I think he skipped 2 songs just so he could get to bed earlier.

    And like someone else said, where we were "seated" probably didn't help make the atmosphere any better.

    Oh, and on that, he complained about the atmosphere then make a cutting his throat gesture to tell us to stop singing his name....which do you want Moz? The vocal support of your audience or the passive spectators you moaned about?

    This will be my final Morrissey gig.

    The last couple have left me with feelings of disappointment and it's clear to me that he saturated himself to the point there's nothing left to either give us or for me to take out of his performance.

    I'll have to revert to watching Live In Dallas to remember Moz in the days when he really wanted to connect rather than thinking about the ££££.

    I'll always love him and it's for that reason I'm avoiding any future feelings of anti-climax.

    BTW - The Loop was amazing whereas his complete walk and talk through the encore showed a lack of respect for us in my opinion.

    Cheers, Mjp

    MSMOZZER -- Monday May 11 2009, @06:02AM (#330327)
    (User #695 Info)
    Retired Mozzerator - MJP.
  • He played these, not sure about the order though...

    This Charming Man
    Billy Budd
    Black Cloud
    How Soon Is Now?
    Irish Blood, English Heart
    When Last I Spoke To Carol
    Let Me Kiss You
    I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel?
    Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others
    Best Friend On The Payroll
    Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
    Seasick, Yet Still Docked
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    I Keep Mine Hidden
    The Loop
    I'm OK By Myself
    First Of The Gang To Die
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @06:20AM (#330330)
  • Royal Albert Hall cancelled tonight - gutted
    Stanley Ogden -- Monday May 11 2009, @06:38AM (#330334)
    (User #21027 Info)
  • ahh bollocks
    i don't think i'll be at Brum gig now
    hope he recovers
    but i don't mind the reshedule if it means he sings better, rather than turn up and hes shite
    Mozzalini Is Me -- Monday May 11 2009, @07:05AM (#330337)
    (User #22006 Info)
  • travelled from mid wales by train. only to find out from a txt from a friend saying the show is cancelled due to illness....
    me an the lady wouldnt have got on the train if we had known but as for checking online it only popped up at 11:20 so we was fuckt anyway coz our train was at 10am

    my fuck i feel pissed off but i suppose its not his fault he's ill nothing we can do about that...

    though i have spent 100 bucks now hostel money an my prebooked train tickets

    i'm going for a beer now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    DrWolfenstein -- Monday May 11 2009, @07:12AM (#330338)
    (User #21667 Info)
  • Why is Solo so slow to report this on their main page? I wouldn't have seen it if somone hadn't told me.
    Whalley Range -- Monday May 11 2009, @07:30AM (#330340)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • "Morrissey The Empire Sunday May 10 2009
    Liverpool Echo (May 11 2009)

    You’d have been hard pushed to pick Stephen Patrick Morrissey out of a line up of the crowd at the Empire last night.

    Packed into the theatre were a thousand identikit versions of the Mancunian icon, quiffs a-quivering with delight.

    Sauntering on to You’ll Never Walk Alone played starkly on a piano, shouting “Are you in the mood? Then prove it” their hero launched into the familiar bouncy refrain of This Charming Man.


    So many artists refuse to play their old hits, particularly those from another band, one that broke up more than two decades ago.

    But Morrissey gamely obliged, delighting fans with jaunty versions of Smiths’ classics Some Girls are Bigger Than Others, I Keep Mine Hidden, Ask (with alternate lyrics “If it’s not love then it’s macho military might that will bring us together”), Girlfriend in a Coma (in superb pub singer style) and the heavenly How Soon is Now, with the lyrics changed to “I’ve already waited too long, and most of my life has gone”. Let’s hope not. He’s only 49.

    In a 20-song set he also played the solo stuff, rattling off storming versions of recent hits Throwing my Arms Around Paris and Irish Blood, English Heart, with How Can Anybody Possibly Know How I Feel? from 2004 album You Are The Quarry a particular highlight.

    But his most recent single, Something Is Squeezing My Skull, was nowhere to be seen, as he pointed out somewhat peevishly: “You have to be an archaeologist to find my new single, so I won’t play it”.

    As the night wore on, he seemed increasingly irritable.

    “Such an Empirical venue – with no atmosphere,” he quipped at one point. Where were you looking Mr Morrissey? The place was packed with devotees who’d kill and die for you. They whooped like schoolgirls when you whipped off your shirt.

    But it wasn’t enough, and after just one encore song, First of the Gang to Die, and an hour and a quarter on stage, he made his exit.

    Morrissey had left the building. Or maybe he’d just slipped into the crowd. Who would ever have been able to tell?

    This Charming Man 9/10"
    mozzerlad -- Monday May 11 2009, @08:51AM (#330373)
    (User #20939 Info)
  • Now all those people who could have cared less and made it known on the begging of his U.S. tour now get to feel it,enjoy....
    Anonymous -- Monday May 11 2009, @10:13AM (#330395)
  • Dont come here expecting a grand audeience to paris and carol--they are shit

    stick to the smiths mate or your early stuff

    we have never ever bought the emperors new clothes

    irene liverpool
    Anonymous -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @09:40AM (#330624)
  • Morrissey was beckoning audience member with a long distance handshake. Morrissey asked "You want me to go over there?...ohhhh!" (pointing to the side of the stage with speakers standing precariously on top of each other and a little ledge to step upon)With Morrissey's hand outstretched ...the male audience member outstretched his hand and declared his undying love to Morrissey and made a brave surge onto the stage ledge before the toad/turd of a bouncer grabbed the seat of his pants exposing his arse for all to see ...and wrestled him to the ground with a mighty unnecessary bump. The other rather large Morrissey's personal bouncer then proceeded to bounce Moz away from the edge of the orchestra pit.. This was the only exciting thing to happen at this gig aswell as the rebellious deployment into the pit ...the 10 foot gap from stage to audience was a gulf between Morrissey, his audience and his fans...put together with over strict security confining us in our seat areas just made for a bemused atmosphere..Choose the Phil or Echo Arena next time Moz... Mind the Gap!!
    sozzer09 -- Tuesday May 12 2009, @12:49PM (#330676)
    (User #22503 Info)
  • Anyone got the actual setlist, in order?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday May 13 2009, @02:43PM (#330806)
  • Hi can anyone confirm this, including the proper running order please ?.

    Thanks in advance :-)
    Missing Link -- Saturday May 16 2009, @12:15AM (#331011)
    (User #3503 Info)

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