posted by davidt on Friday October 23 2009, @02:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / Ganglord / How Soon Is Now? / I'm OK By Myself / Because Of My Poor Education / Death At One's Elbow / Teenage Dad On The Estate / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / The Loop / Nowhere Fast / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Cemetry Gates / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Is It Really So Strange? / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Life Is A Pigsty // First Of The Gang To Die

set list provided by No Place Like Rome / lainey in the forums, posted by Kewpie and an anonymous person
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  • I literally cannot wait to hear the setlist.
    Hello Indie -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:02PM (#340700)
    (User #13749 Info | offers free jars of beetroot for the elderly.
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  • Setlist!
    Anonymous -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:06PM (#340701)
  • setlist spoiler (Score:2, Informative)

    As posted on the forums....

    Charming man
    black cloud
    how soon is now?
    ok by myself
    poor education,
    death at ones elbow
    teenage dad,
    nowhere fast
    spoke to Carol
    cemetry gates
    goodbye will be farewell
    find out for yourself
    is it really so strange
    crashin bores
    first of the gang
    Anonymous -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:06PM (#340702)
  • Poor old Moz, could not hit the high notes, looked bored, and did not seem himself. Hope the rest of the tour isn't cancelled like in May.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:19PM (#340704)
    • Re:Oh dear by Hooligan69 (Score:1) Friday October 23 2009, @02:41PM
    • Re:Oh dear by phcbr6 (Score:1) Saturday October 24 2009, @08:48AM
  • I'm very disappointed by his performance tonight, I think he could be unwell.
    Anonymous -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:22PM (#340706)
    • Re::( Illness? by darkdays (Score:1) Saturday October 24 2009, @02:02PM
  • Many thanks to No Place Like Rome (texted to lainey who posted it in tour forum)
    Kewpie -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:23PM (#340707)
    (User #20603 Info)
  • First time seeing moz
    was up in the grand tier
    thought doll and the kicks were okay
    nothing that special really
    as for the main man, i felt his delivery was pretty solid
    strange to hear songs like death at ones elbow and nowhere fast.
    Overall i really enjoyed it, highlights being find out for yourself
    and cemetry gates
    think the one song encore is not good enough
    needs more of a kick, especially with a one hour, 20 mins set
    Macca93 -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:25PM (#340709)
    (User #22988 Info)
    Feck it
  • Hopefully first night glitches but sounds like we're gonna have yet more cancellations.

    If you're going to cancel just do it instead of leaving us all on tenterhooks etc.

    The Albert Hall will be happy.

    I won't be booking my hotel in Salisbury quite yet
    Anonymous -- Friday October 23 2009, @02:39PM (#340710)
  • Very important.Please be different.
    KEVSTER -- Friday October 23 2009, @03:17PM (#340716)
    (User #18942 Info)
  • Hmmm. . (Score:2, Interesting)

    I thought he did fine, but the setlist didn't have any major crowd-pleasers, and the atmosphere was a bit pedestrian.

    Cemetry Gates was my highlight. Shame he didn't sing the better songs of his recent years.

    It's the sixth time I've seen him since 1986, and we came away saying "with such an amazing back catalogue, why do so many weak songs?"

    Still think he's great though.
    suaveharv -- Friday October 23 2009, @03:36PM (#340720)
    (User #16144 Info)
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  • radiohead: creep
    prince: purple rain
    there is a light.........................
    Anonymous -- Friday October 23 2009, @03:58PM (#340731)
  • You will all be super impressed by the superb lighting effects created by M and his team, he must have been working overtime during the summer break.
    Am sure you will never have seen anything like this before in a Morrissey show . . . be careful though - at some points they are hypnotic! M usually is though :) . . .
    And Morrisseys film of 1970's stars, one of a blonde lady I cannot recall her name but I think she may have been a beautiful french singer/superstar whom Morrissey has been influenced by. And another singer in a superb 'Grattan Man' suit circa 1974 - singing lyrics . . .

    'You're such a good looking woman baby, it's like you came down from heaven just like an Angel baby!'

    I love you Morrissey, will all my heart. :)

    Oh, and Morrissey was unwell, despite giving such a great show, bless him he was unwell and seeing no one after the show . . . so everyone send him lots and lots of healing 'vibes'. Thank you.
    Piccadily -- Friday October 23 2009, @04:17PM (#340735)
    (User #22795 Info)
  • Golden oldies (Score:2, Informative)

    Strange to think of His Mozness in such close proximity to the Broad Street fleshfest on a Friday evening. Maybe it was only fitting he kept his shirt on. The Gateshead ginger beer was sadly missed, but nevertheless ‘twas lovely to see old blue eyes.

    Doll & The Kicks were, as always, wonderful (is it just me who blubs whenever they play If You Care) and the “Swerve for Morrissey” car sticker raised a smile, as did the boy in blue who’d peaked too early on the marching powder. Ah, bless ‘im. He was having a lovely time.

    “Good evening”

    “Of course, of course... welcome to sympathy hall” [introducing HSIN]

    (I resisted the temptation to sing “oompah oompah stick it up your jumper” during Solomon’s bass outro to I’m OK by Meself Ta Very Much)

    “Because against, against all medical advice, on Monday we release Swords. In which...a song... can be found... for those who care...” [between Poor Education and Death At One’s Elbow]

    “Thank you, thank you... Thank me!” [after DAOE]
      “the single that never was...” [introducing When Last I Spoke]

    “Everything in life [audience: “yes!”] yes! everything in life [inaudible] has a time and its place [audience: “including you darling!!”] What?! What?” (introducing One Day Goodbye)

    “the extremely funny thing is we almost didn’t make it tonight...oh dear” (introducing WDYFOFY)

    “marvellous?” (in response to shout of same from audience, before Is It Really So)

    Struggled to reach the notes on Pigsty. Perhaps he should drop it. Agree with other poster that Boz seemed to motioning to exit at end of song, in manner suggesting songs were dropped.

    (on returning for FOTGTD encore) “Well the morphine is kicking in. So there is just time for me to thank you. And to say, for God’s sake, hold on to your friends”

    Better than an evening in The Reflex
    chump_change -- Friday October 23 2009, @05:41PM (#340738)
    (User #15618 Info)
  • expected...ease up (Score:2, Insightful)

    I really have hard time listening to all the trash people are saying about the show. It infuriates me how he can never please some of you. When he is taking time off, you can't wait for the tour to start, when it starts, you bitch about everything right down to the way he looks. Are you kidding me??? If you are a fan of Moz, you take what you get, you still spend the money to go, you savour the shows you get.

    If you consider that some of these shows have been rescehuled from prior Refusal cancellations... you got some change ups, what the duece? I am betting on a setlist change for Seattle...but if not, so what? Tonight you got Cemetary Gates, Nowhere Fast, Teeneage Dad...

    He is still perfoming because people want him. He still tosses his shirt to us because we all fight over it! Yes he is 50!!! He likes to kick, stretch, and he's 50, 50, 50!!! I can't wait for the West Coast leg and I'll be happy with whatever he gives us! If he has to cancel some, he has to cancel... its just the way it goes. You can't possibly be true fans with all your complaining. Get a fuckin' life. Maybe at 50 you should retire and go piss your pants in the corner of the home.

    It's Morrissey's town...and I can't wait for Seattle to be in his town, then Portland, then Oakland, then LA and Ventura...
    vile bitch <[email protected]> -- Friday October 23 2009, @05:44PM (#340739)
    (User #21125 Info)
    Uniformed Whore
  • Is Morrissey well? (Score:1, Interesting)

    Last night felt like Morrisseys last, he wasn't 100% and to be honest neither were the crowd. I'm still not convinced that the 'Sympathy Hall' is an ideal venue, unless you are part of the comfy seat haribo munching brigade. The songs chosen I cannot fault but I came away feeling disappointed. I know this is a gripe without any substance but the whole night (like the weather as we left) was a bit wet. Morrissey if you are still ill (I had to get it in there somehow!) then I apologise for my selfishness I also apologise for thinking that he may even be reading this. I hope he picks up for the remainder of the tour and if he comes back to birmingham he doesn't play at the Sympathy Hall.
    crashandieuk -- Friday October 23 2009, @09:40PM (#340753)
    (User #14558 Info)
    Crash Andie UK
    • Venue by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 24 2009, @12:28AM
  • Sounds like my decision not to go paid off? I don't like the new venues that have popped up over the last few years (Bridgewater, Sage, Brum Symphony...) they are sterile and draw the life out of those who play them.

    Hope the voice situation improves? Last night was a rerun because of the last time!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @12:34AM (#340758)
  • I loved it beginning to end, if I hadn't read after the gig that he was ill, I wouldn't have noticed to be honest - I was caught up in the moment.

    Although the sound was great where I was (3 rows from the front), I agree that The Symphony Hall is not ideal for a Moz gig. Seats disrupt the atmosphere.

    Loved Nowhere Fast, Death at One's Elbow and How Soon is Now had me choking back the tears. Songs from Years of Refusal held their own against the classics. Not arsed if I never hear There is A Light done live again.

    Disappointed to read so many negative comments. I did feel at the time that the set may have been cut short and yes his voice seemed to go a little toward the end, but it didn't take away from an awesome band playing amazing songs amazingly well with the greatest front man I've seen live.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @01:06AM (#340761)
  • Really pleased Morrissey only does short sets, wouldn't want to get bored like a Stadium Rock band (U2)

        and - Is it really so strange? Cemetry Gates?

      This sounds like a Great set list!
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @01:47AM (#340765)
  • Did anyone, except the 2 people who were punched in the face by Security, see how bad the Security people were . No wonder there was no Atmostphere you couldn't Fart without getting beaten up.
    I felt sorry for the 2 women Dancing in the Aisle next to me , they were dragged out of the Hall and given a dressing down [ it was like being back at School ] and came back in Tears . The remainder of the show they were crying and moaning AND that's all I heard for over 45 minutes of Mozza's set.
    I was right at the front AND god did he look ill, I hate to say this , but this could well be one of his last ever gigs , he looked like he was dying up there.
    No wonder the Set was cut short .
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @02:05AM (#340768)
    • Re:Security by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 24 2009, @12:51PM
      • Re:Security by Anonymous (Score:0) Sunday October 25 2009, @05:53AM
  • Anyone got any photos of the gig?
    Hooligan69 -- Saturday October 24 2009, @02:15AM (#340769)
    (User #22998 Info)
  • there any other act on the planet that would have the temerity to proffer such a plodding, highlight-lite setlist??

    He boasts one of the most invigorating back catalogues in musical history, yet seems to make his song choices with a haphazard logic that is bordering on supreme arrogance, at a crucial point in his career where he could well be label-less and in the wilderness again.

    Maybe he just doesn't care anymore.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @02:28AM (#340770)
  • Hello, I have 2 tickets for the rescheduled Albert Hall show on Tuesday 27th, we cannot get our money back for these tickets and we cant make it down to the show, it's a shame to waste them, so whoever wants them can have them! - one of you needs to be female to masquerade as my sister to be able to pick them up from viagogo office in Hammersmith. this is genuine and we want them to go to real fans, if you want them email me at [email protected] for the details and they are yours!
    paul_psyche -- Saturday October 24 2009, @04:17AM (#340775)
    (User #21725 Info)
    Take me In your Arms and love me...
  • Not the best - taken with the shitty camera on the iphone.

    Some of the comments here are a tad harsh - it was pretty clear 2 or 3 songs in he wasn't 100%. Overall i thought he did ok. Certainly wasn't the best Moz gig ever but a long, long way from being the worst. People moaning about 'no classics' need to think about who they are seeing, this isnt Bon Jovi or INXS. Anyway, we had This Charming Man, How Soon Is Now and Cemetry Gates (the highlight), what are they if they are not classics anyway ? The day Moz plays a greatest hits set is the day we know its all over.

    Agree about Sym Hall. Its a great venue for classical music (which is what it was built for) or for an acoustic gig, but certainly not a pop/rock show. Security was ridiculous. I understand the need for stopping people jumping on stage (safety reasons) but to have men walking about with earpieces on acting they they were protecting Barak Obama from Bin Laden was way OTT. The guy on the right aisle at the front (looking at the stage) was a total prick.

    Here hoping he never plays there again.
    BJD -- Saturday October 24 2009, @04:37AM (#340776)
    (User #22512 Info)
  • Come on Moz, you can put together a better set than this.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @05:34AM (#340779)
    • Re:Thats it? by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday October 24 2009, @11:24PM
  • you people would bitch, whine, and complain about anything. Yeah...Morrissey is playing songs the hasn't played in over 20 years... no big deal, right?
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @05:44AM (#340780)
  • What a boring set list. He could have taken the opportunity of being off the road for a few months to shake things up a bit. School Report - "Could Try Harder"
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @06:17AM (#340781)
  • I Thought morrissey was great l agree the symphony hall is'nt my favourite place to see him play.people seem to think they can't stand up and can't chant morrissey, morrissey, morrissey,in a place like that.We was in the 1st balcony overlookin the stage i did'nt sit down all night though and loved it as i always do when i see morrissey, you could tell he was unwell as the show was cut short by 20mins was'nt suppose to have finished till half past 10,and iv never seen him not throw at least 1 shirt into the crowd.but good on him for giving it his all,and hope he gets well soon,he truly is a god.
    zand33 -- Saturday October 24 2009, @07:45AM (#340785)
    (User #23000 Info)
  • First out the door and waiting by the bus!
    I'll be outside by the time the chorus rolls around.

    Don't get me wrong, but that song has been played at EVERY damned show I've seen for the last 7 1/2 years... *Yaaaawn* Other than that, it's not a terrible list. Could do with some Maladjusted titles or perhaps More Vauxhall...
    Georgissey <[email protected]> -- Saturday October 24 2009, @08:39AM (#340786)
    (User #22903 Info)
  • I wish I was there instead of all you complaining.
    It's not the matter of a perfect performance, it's just the opportunity to breathe the same air He does at this very moment. To have the paths of our lives cross in a way.
    Put the record on and you'll hear him perfect, I do prefer him live, whatever it means.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @09:11AM (#340791)
  • Morrissey has collapsed after This Charming Man and the gig has been cancelled after an announcement that Morrissey is seriously ill. Thought he looked below par last night.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 24 2009, @12:42PM (#340797)
  • Does anyone have a good bootleg of this concert? I am dying to hear it. Could have used some more b sides but the set-list is pretty nice, most of Ive never heard him sing live, or at least the last twenty years.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 25 2009, @04:41PM (#341193)
    • Re:Bootleg?? by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday October 27 2009, @05:08AM
      • Re:Bootleg?? by andycairns (Score:1) Saturday October 31 2009, @10:52AM
  • Does anyone please please please know of/have a bootleg of the show that they could share?
    andycairns -- Saturday October 31 2009, @10:48AM (#341918)
    (User #23066 Info)
  • What did the chap at the front swap with Moz with the Swords LP? It looked like a book of some kind?
    Anonymous -- Sunday November 01 2009, @08:58AM (#341963)
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