posted by davidt on Monday November 16 2009, @02:00PM
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Set List:

This Charming Man / Black Cloud / When Last I Spoke To Carol / Is It Really So Strange? / Ganglord / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Ask / Irish Blood, English Heart / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Death At One's Elbow / Because Of My Poor Education / Cemetry Gates / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Teenage Dad On His Estate / How Soon Is Now? / The Loop / Don't Make Fun Of Daddy's Voice / I'm OK By Myself // Something Is Squeezing My Skull

set list and scan provided by Tedster
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  • Make the most of this.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @02:08PM (#344394)
  • come on !! set list please....hoping for set changes....
    alone dealing -- Monday November 16 2009, @02:27PM (#344399)
    (User #23189 Info)
  • He said something like: "Berlin has an Oscar Wilde Pub. Ireland hever had one. England never had one. Why this?". Then he handed over the microphone to a girl in the audience who replied "Because Germany loves you." Then she went on talking and Morrissey made this "break" sign with his hands until she finally stopped. But I think she did a good job.

    You know the rest: same setlist, Morrissey in suprisingly good shape, one shirt thrown, etc. etc.

    Family lines' end
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @02:52PM (#344405)
  • Would make someone come on a post a fake set list?
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @02:58PM (#344411)
  • ... but only at the soundcheck. No joke. But there is always a difference between the soundcheck and the songs of the setlist... :-(
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @03:46PM (#344424)
  • morrissey was in good form but...they successfully ruined This Charming Man, now they ruined Cemetry Gates!thanks to tobias and the walker´s.very poor indeed!all tobias can contribute is well distorted stuff.he battles with the marr lines and fails.same with the basses who were brilliant when played by gary day!!!s.walker should never ever touch a contrabass again!!i miss gary,i miss spencer and i hugely miss alain!!
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @04:51PM (#344430)
  • he was in absolute TOP form, was really enjoying the show and made lots of funny gestures/sighs etc. Been to the Paris gig before which felt like watching a dvd -even though i was standing in the 3rd row in front of the stage-absolutely no one moved! Tonight the crowd and everything else including moz felt soooo much more alive than in paris, with lots of crowd-sing-a-longs and a fantastic venue which was nearly sold out.
    been to the roundhouse gigs in 2008, seen him in berlin in june, recently in paris, but this night was definitely in the same league as the superb 2006 winter tour.
    nearly same set as brussels, except First of the Gang was replaced by "Because of my poor education"

    Brilliant! viva moz
    mozzarello -- Monday November 16 2009, @05:50PM (#344443)
    (User #17382 Info)
  • with his fans. I have seen ol Moz a dozen plus times and this setlist totally sucks, hands down. I cant stand TOk by Myself, teenage Dad, Daddys voice, Crashing bores, One goodbye Farewell, and he has played out Irish Blood, FIrst of the Gang, How soon Is now! Put those to rest already! Hopefully he changes the setlist once Gibson LA date arrives. Freakin sing the jams! Make me cry , make me feel like crap and depressed by singing Late Night Maudlin St, Seasick yet Still docked, Everyday Is lIke sunday, Lost, Alma Matters, Southpaw,The Operation, Skin Storm, My Dearest Love, My Love Life, Ammunition, and for crying out loud, stop being a bitch and sing Sing Your Life. Give us what we want, its the least you can do, after all its because of the fans that support your lavish taste.

    And for all you A-Holes out there, I dont care what you think. I am bitching and complaining because I want to hear Morrissey's good songs, not his crappy stuff.

    If thats the case, just hang it up Mozzer and "Get Off The Stage."
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @07:05PM (#344449)
  • Weren't played in Berlin but I believe they're being played in the forum now.

    Sorry Moz but after this year's debacle you deserve everything that could be ever be leaked
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @07:34PM (#344452)
  • Set List (Score:2, Informative)

    I managed to get a set list after the show

    URL: []

    Tedster -- Monday November 16 2009, @11:27PM (#344462)
    (User #16765 Info)
  • My thoughts... (Score:2, Informative)

    I think Moz was in great shape tonight, he was kinda chatty and gave out quite a few handshakes, especially in the beginning. He threw only one (white) shirt into the crowd, this happened at the very end of the concert. I don't recall the color of his first shirt, but it was a dark one. The second one was blue.
    Next to his comments already mentioned in here, I can recall him saying something like this: "Swords wasn't released... it escaped!" Also he said something similar to "In Berlin everything is nice, nice, nice!"
    The crowd was responding very well and the venue was close to being sold out. Very nice evening :)
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @11:32PM (#344463)
  • Tempodrom Meat Ban (Score:2, Informative)

    Just for the day of the concert The Tempodrom Restauarnt takes Meat of the Menu

    URL: []
    Tedster -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @12:21AM (#344466)
    (User #16765 Info)
  • hope he switches it up for the U.S. leg.
    leedoggpimp <[email protected]> -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @12:30AM (#344469)
    (User #2789 Info |
    True friends stab you in the front.
  • I had missed the Berlin show in june but seen him in Vienna in July. By comparison, he seemed in a much better mood last night and more vital. On the other hand, he seemed to get tired toward the end and had some (minor) voice problems after How Soon Is Now.
    A friend of mine said, last time in Berlin he was chattier and more forceful.

    As mentioned he said "In Berlin (pause) everything is nice."
    and then about the Oscar Wilde Pub. I don't think the girl cited Oscar Wilde with her little poem, that would have been very coincidential, since she could not have anicipated his question about Oscar Wilde. And it did not sound like Wilde to me. I guess she was prepared for the case of getting the microphone. It was a bit over the top, but it was sweet, too.
    After that, however, Moz wasn't as chatty as before. Toward the end he said something about "giving", I'm not sure if it was meant about us, the crowd giving to him or about hom giving to us. Maybe both.

    And yes, TCM and Cemetary Gates wered spoiled, and that was different in summer.
    To me, Moz could sing the telephone book while a three-year-old hammers on the piano along with it, and I'd still be compelled. He is a poet and a fantastic singer, but the purely musical aspect is always his weak point.
    Josephine -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @02:01AM (#344483)
    (User #23173 Info)
  • last night was incredible. i'm not sure if i will ever be able to be objective when it comes to a morrissey gig as for me every one is one of a kind but last night he was in top form and proved he has NOT lost connection with his fans at all. lots of handshakes and funny gestures as mentioned, he was clearly enjoying himself.

    towards the end he said "thank you for giving, giving, giving" ...i've been to a couple of gigs both in berlin and london but i think the crowd yesterday was very devoted and lively and really did give him everything that he deserves.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @06:04AM (#344500)

  • Thank you Morrissey.

    There were 7999 people giving, giving and giving at Echo too.

    Most of them supported your actions, despite being heartbroken at seeing you assaulted in such a manner and missing you sing, your beautiful voice.

    But the 7999 hear nothing, only speculation that you made a joke of Liverpool, am sure this cannot be true.
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @09:14AM (#344517)
  • I certainly hope Morrissey didn't joke about Liverpool, it took me 6 bloody hours to drive up to Liverpool, in the rain. Stressed about getting there in time. Putting up with that crap group Doll and The Kicks for 45 minutes only to be disappointed after 6 bloody minutes into the actual concert. Joking, where's the joke Morrissey? And i'm sure 7999 other people have their story to tell, i don't expect there's too many laughing about that night. A reschedule would be the least that could happen, lots and lots of people are really angry, those are the people that helped Morrissey get were he is today, no, i'm not laughing!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @11:48AM (#344527)
    • Re:A joke! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 17 2009, @01:07PM
      • Re:A joke! by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday November 17 2009, @01:19PM
  • bootleg (Score:1, Informative)

    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 17 2009, @01:09PM (#344532)
    • Re:bootleg by Cashews (Score:1) Tuesday November 17 2009, @08:53PM
  • some nice pics ... (Score:1, Informative)

    ... here ---> []
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @12:04AM (#344637)
  • berlin (Score:2, Informative)

    First of all, neither hand in glove nor what difference does it make was soundchecked. They where played from a CD, which anyone could tell if you bothered to listen.

    Second, the audience was okay, but most of the people that had been queuing for a long time was primarily Swedish or British. The german part of the crowd was responsive but quite calm, and most of them seemed to be there to hear, what an idiot in the crowd shouted to moz, "the old shit".

    One guy attempted a stage invasion on crashing bores, but unfortunately he climbed right into the arms of security.
    Mozhead_GBG -- Wednesday November 18 2009, @04:36AM (#344697)
    (User #14822 Info)
  • Re:set (Score:1, Funny)

    Roy's Keen?
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @02:50PM (#344404)
    • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @02:52PM
      • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @02:54PM
      • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @02:57PM
        • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @03:00PM
  • no changes in set!!! no roy's keen,no fotgtd!!! moz is becoming older and older.... no special gig.some kind of boring!!! saw him now 15 times.this was maybe the last time?????
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @02:53PM (#344407)
    • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @05:36PM
      • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @07:17PM
    • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @10:49PM
  • Re:set (Score:1, Informative)

    First Of The Gang To Day wasn't played at all tonight, the encore was Something Is Squeezing My Skull instead. And it was Because Of My Poor Education, not Roy's Keen.
    Anonymous -- Monday November 16 2009, @03:24PM (#344419)
    • Re:set by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday November 16 2009, @07:40PM
      • BZ review by Tomi (Score:1) Tuesday November 17 2009, @12:38AM
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