posted by davidt on Thursday May 25 2006, @03:00PM
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Set List:

First Of The Gang To Die / Still Ill / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / In The Future When All's Well / To Me You Are A Work Of Art / Girlfriend In A Coma / You Have Killed Me / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Let Me Kiss You / Ganglord / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / At Last I Am Born / How Soon Is Now? / On The Streets I Ran / I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now / Life Is A Pigsty // Irish Blood, English Heart

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  • if you don't have any details of the concert.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:09PM (#221305)
  • As a topographic term, a “-ford” place-name indicates a settlement next to a crossing-place of a stream or river. Such topographic names usually correspond to early (fifth and sixth century) Anglo-Saxon settlements. Many of the “-ford” place-names will indicate the re-naming of earlier settlements in the seventh century. Ford place-names also indicate the position of routes passing over the water and through the settlement. Some of them lie on important through routes while others are of local importance and indicate a network of local tracks connecting all the settlements in the area with each other.

    An ox is one of the animals of the Chinese Zodiac circle, and linked to the sign Taurus for its tenacious reliability. An ox, to early Western farmers, was a mature castrated male belonging to the domestic cattle family, or genus Bos (Boz?!), most likely trained (like draft horses, some never got trained) to work, and at the end of its life was inevitably used for meat. Most oxen weigh about the same as a mature bull of the same breed, but the ox grows taller and leaner in the neck and chest.

    Tolkien was a Professor at Oxford University.
    "He deserves death."
    "Deserves it! I daresay he does. Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgement. For even the very wise cannot see all ends."
                    - Gandalf and Frodo, in Fellowship of the Ring

    An angle on the story about the animal activists is here:

    Everyone in one piece?
    goinghome -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:18PM (#221306)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Hmmm, so Morrissey is 'very brave' according to the ubiquitous Julia, for defending animals. Bollocks he is - the brave people are those who carry on despite the threats of ignorant terrorists with nothing better to do than spout off from their soap boxes and dig up peoples grannies. Apparently 'all you people working in the labs...we're gonna get you' - oh really? By standing on stage or by accepting an award from PETA? What a great example. Thursday is the day for protesting in Oxford against the animal lab but was Mozzer out there showing his solidarity? Was he hell. Nowhere to be seen. Great support that is Steven.
    Yes, you're entitled to your opinion but all you sheep following Morrissey's lead just because he's some kind of idol of yours, consider this - it's not just going vegetarian and avoiding leather shoes - make sure that you, your family, your friends and everyone you know understand that if you disagree with animal testing, you ought never to take any modern medicines. Don't bother going to the doctor or hosipital when you're ill - just stick a leach on the affected area. No life-saving chemotherapy drugs, heart drugs, anti-cholesterols...anything at all really. Maybe an aspirin I suppose.
    Nobody likes it, but anyone with an ounce of nous understands the necessity. Morrissey, you write a good song but you talk a lot of crap.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:35PM (#221315)
  • Same (ish) set list.

    Average gig (by this tour standards). Julia was as disgraceful as ever.

    Morrissey said something like "Do you think I should tour in America", the crowd shouted "No", he said "Me neither".

    So there you go!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:40PM (#221317)
  • Great Gig, good venue, nice people. Highlight was when Mozzer said he would not be touring in the USA, it went down a storm.

    Im off down to the hotel bar now for a quick half.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:47PM (#221320)
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  • Setlist:

    First of the Gang to Die
    Still Ill
    The Youngest Was the Most Loved
    In the Future When All's Well
    To Me You Are a Work of Art
    Girlfriend in a Coma
    You Have Killed Me
    I Will See You in Far-Off Places
    Let Me Kiss You
    I Just Want To to See the Boy Happy
    At Last I Am Born
    How Soon Is Now
    On the Streets Where I Ran
    I'll Never Be Anybody's Hero Now
    Life Is a Pigsty

    Encore: Irish Blood, English Heart

    Extremely energetic and cheerful performance, I thought.

    "Of course, we're half smiling, but Oxford is the shame of England. Oxford University is building this animal research lab - and to anyone working in those labs - make no mistake - we're going to get you."
    danbutt -- Thursday May 25 2006, @04:15PM (#221348)
    (User #88 Info)
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    • Re:Oxford by porcherie (Score:1) Thursday May 25 2006, @06:16PM
  • I was pulling your leg.
    Now I'm off to bed.

    150 miles from Oxford

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @04:24PM (#221353)
  • I had a great view of the stage, the sound was magnificent, Moz went too far with his animal rights patter, but that's Moz, he is a bit mental you know.

    I did notice my fellow patrons in the balcony were not singing along! Oh well, it was ONE OF THE BEST, FACT!!!!!

    southpawglamour -- Thursday May 25 2006, @04:27PM (#221357)
    (User #16687 Info)
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  • I was there (Score:1, Interesting)

    "Do you want to say anything Julia? huh"

    *passes her the mike*

    "thankyou for supporting veggies, and for defending animals, you're very brave"

    End of big speach by Julia.

    *Clap of hands*

    Moz also said, hes gonna get all them people who work in the resesrch labs in Oxford.

    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @04:52PM (#221364)
  • What is the problem here? I've been to 8 gigs on this tour and this was as good as any, particularly seeing that it was an all seater venue. Just before he came on, a load of us in the stalls piled down to the front and as near to the stage as the 10 foot pit would allow and created as much of a mosh pit as you will get. The stewards didn't know what to do. Moz was in fine form, he did make a couple of comments about the animal testing "those who work in those labs, we will get you" and "if you agree with vivisection go and be vivisected upon", but no way as bad as it could have been. The sound was perfect, Moz performed brilliantly and 99% of us left having seen a fantastic show. No Trouble Loves Me or Human being which was a shame, but I'd rather not know what was coming up next than it being just a repitition.
    For those of you that weren't there this really was a great show in an old fashioned British Theatre, Moz seemed very chipper and I for one enjoyed every minute. I certainly didn't hear any comment about not playing in the US and I was glued to the show throughout. Just think, in 2 weeks time there will be no more shows like this to enjoy so why bitch about it, it was pure theatre in my opinion and he went out of hiw way to shake as many hands as possible at the end which was not easy believe me, as there was a huge gap with a ten foot drop in front of the stage.
    There was a scuffle outside at the end which I believe was to do with animal testing.
    Whalley Range -- Thursday May 25 2006, @05:06PM (#221368)
    (User #16734 Info)
  • Oxford - tonight (Score:1, Informative)

    A good show, with the band decked out in Morrissey T shirts. Moz in dark red shirt, black trousers. The band bowing with him as they entered the stage. The Band is excellent and perform well.

    As mentioned Moz comments on Oxford and the animal testing facility being built there.

    I did not personally hear the comment re possibly not touring in America.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @05:33PM (#221372)
  • Another venue from the land that time forgot - all seater too, which made me suspect the only time we would get to stand up would be for the National Anthem, and I wasn't far wrong.
    A few people made it into the aisles, despite frantic security men urging everyone to sit down, on pain of pain, but even so, you couldn't help but feel divorced from the man himself. (As an aside, I am baffled at so many posts on this site about the 'roughness' of the 'moshpit'. I am not being daft, but at the end of the day this is a gig not a performance of Charlie's Aunt. I can remember Moz gigs from many years ago, which were frantic from start to finish - this tour has been almost staid in comparison, and when all is said and done, it is hardly as if you are seeing the Macc Lads or King Kurt...National Service, thats the answer)
    The usual set, none of the gang put a foot wrong - I am still a bit pissed off he dropped Trouble Loves Me, which is a great sing a long number, and even Floorboards, a song in that great tradition of Morrissey quirky covers (will we ever hear the likes of Trash again, I ask, through tear filled eyes?). Other than that though, he was in kittenish good form - much like Cheltenham there were digs at farmers and animal labs, with him going off the deep end a bit with some of his comments - still after tussling with the FBI, I reckon nothing can scare him
    Surprise of the night? Jesse, Mike and Matt jetting of with Moz straight after the show, in the big bus as opposed to them normally heading off with Boz and Gary, in the dormobile. Managed to catch a glimpse of Moz, ringed with security, getting on board and mercifully, he didn't hear the jeering twats who had spilled out of a pub to catch the spectacle.
    Other Surprise of the evening? Asking Jeremy Vine to play the Fall on his lunchtime show on Radio 2. I know a lot of the Jimmy Young fans out there have never really taken to him, but the man is a scholar and a gent of the first water.
    Jammy Bastard of the Night? Hugh the 23rd leaping to the aid of Gary and his wife, and giving them a lift to the station. Is there no justice.
    Love, light and peace to Missing Link and Hilary and Rich and Bullie.
    Popside Aggro -- Thursday May 25 2006, @05:59PM (#221373)
    (User #14426 Info)
    You're a big man, but you're out of shape...
  • Was julia there again -- in the front row.
    How many maties with her?
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @08:27PM (#221389)
  • I was there, just didn't take a camera because i thought it'd get taken by security. I also saw Boz, Gary, and Jesse before the gig and then saw Moz turn up in his black bus, anyone got any pics of this?
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @01:17AM (#221400)
  • Why'd they change the name to the New Theatre when the only thing that was new about it was the manure on people's shoes...

    It was a great show; Boz really drives the band, no end of tour malaise from this lot. The crowd were ancient - some were old when the Smiths first appeared. They were well into it, though.

    Some people actually left the theatre when he made the anti-vivisection/farmer comments. Two next to us huffed off, never came back. More room for me.

    No chanting, sadly.

    I think some touts went home disappointed.
    busy_clippers -- Friday May 26 2006, @01:54AM (#221406)
    (User #15240 Info)
  • A superb performance, which easily surpassed Liverpool Phil and Manchester Opera House - those gigs seem rather tame in comparison. A highly energetic performance from Moz, he seem relaxed and enjoying himself, hence all the banter.

    Anybody know what the "er-uh-err it could be Shakespeare" and the t-shirt whistling was about?

    The view from stalls row T was clear and the auditorium acoustics incredible - arrangements came across powerful and clear, unlike Liverpool Phil, which was rather muffled.

    Stroke of genius ending with Pigsty especially the rousing crescendo and extra couple of minutes as they played out.

    Fantastic, 10/10 and thoroughly worth the 320 mile round trip. Oh and a shout out to the Highway’s Agency for providing a 45 min delay on the M6 to loudly play Tormentors. Again.

      Hope there's a recording out soon. Anybody know of anything yet?
    guilded_beams -- Friday May 26 2006, @02:07AM (#221411)
    (User #16809 Info)
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      • Re:Oxford by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday June 02 2006, @05:36AM
  • 4th night and in the 4th row after dodging several heavies.

    A very strong and confident performance. The crowd sounded loud and proud. The highlights were 'IWSYIFAP', 'Still Ill' and a blockbusting finale of 'Pigsty'.

    The crowd were split by comments on animal testing. Some booed his comments and some applauded. He pointed at his tormentors when he sang 'and tories'. Julia asked for her thoughts and she was surprisingly supportive (sic).

    I would like to thank the brummie with the Viva Hate T-shirt for making my night even more enjoyable. And for creating a diversion as I snuck into the fourth row.

    Thats my last night of this tour unless some kind soul can provide me with a ticket for Sunday?

    Spellbound -- Friday May 26 2006, @02:34AM (#221422)
    (User #13956 Info)
    ........a life affirming voice set to a heavenly guitar melody, a killer bass line and a impassioned drum beat.
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  • moz at oxford (Score:2, Interesting)

    after mydisappointment at the first Palladium gig I've woken up this morning BORN. What a stonker at Oxford!!! Moz on top form, the band relaxed and the audience loving it.

    I had row X tickets in the stalls and timed my approach to the front with staelth and cunning, and my huge mate Steve behind me as backup. Straight to the front to sing and dance and shake the big mans hand. It reminded me of Aylesbury civice hall about 7 yrs ago when mozza was a bit down in the dumps and we stagedived all nite to cheer him up.

    There I was at the front (blue denim jacket-rocker haircut) with the Mozza giggling and winking at us all nite-fantastico. I couldn't quite make the leap of faith across the pit but didn't seem necessary as he was quite happy to hang with us at the front, stage right.

    Little Julia was 1 girl across from me, she's no looker and made notes all nite, quite an odd little thing-weird.

    I just wish there was more to go and see, I dread the thought of returning to the Palladium as it's so inpersonal and atmospherically devoid.

    It's a shame about the restrictive pit but hey what a brilliant night out. Aren't the Oxford students noncey.

    Big love to the boys and thanks

    markthe400 -- Friday May 26 2006, @03:11AM (#221430)
    (User #16680 Info)
  • In a rush, but I just want to say that there was absolutely NO statement about an American tour - none. Moz was extremely chatty, very, very, funny, and he seemed to be itching for a fight. His voice was superb, and his comments were dark as all hell. "sorry about the open grave" indicating himself, but referencing the orchestra pit, was particularly poignant.

    Anaesthesine -- Friday May 26 2006, @04:00AM (#221438)
    (User #14203 Info)
    If Moz did not exist, it would be necessary to invent him.
  • Those bastards who picked a fight on the stand against vivisection should think long and hard. They were sitting in front of my mum upstairs hurling abuse at Morrissey when he was talking about animal rights but luckily they were to drunk to be heard fully. Then when they came down stairs shouting about what to do if we get cancer to bring their level of intelligence to the debate.

    Other than that an amzing gig. I loved the carnation adorning his jacket when he came out. My little brother's first gig and he whistled Morrissey, causing Morrissey to call enough whistling. Met Julia who was very sweet and polite and not at all hateable, who is right that Morrissey is very brave to stand up for animal rights.

    Loved the 'boy with the horn by his side' into to Mikey Farrell and the 'We will get you..'

    Only two gripes. One I heard the soundcheck outback and the band played Panic. Amazingly I may add (no vocal though) and that got my hopes up, but alas. It was nice to hear the band play it. Secondly, Morrissey's mic was a bit too loud for first couple of tracks. But this is not much of a gripe as I enjoyed hearing is voice more clearly than ever.

    Great show. Great venue. Roll on the Palladium and the last night of the tour. Where did all the years go? Viva Morrissey
    heatrowguy -- Friday May 26 2006, @04:25AM (#221444)
    (User #14520 Info)
  • After 41 dates:

    1) You Have Killed Me 41
    2) Still Ill 41
    3) The Youngest Was The Most Loved 41
    4) I Will See You In Far-Off Places 41
    5) First of the Gang To Die 41
    6) How Soon Is Now? 41
    7) Girlfriend In A Coma 41
    8) At Last I Am Born 41
    9) I Just Want To See The Boy Happy 41
    10) Life Is A Pigsty 41
    11) Let Me Kiss You 39
    12) Irish Blood, English Heart 38
    13) To Me You Are A Work Of Art 34
    14) Trouble Loves Me 33
    15) My Life Is A Succession Of People Saying Goodbye 24
    16) In The Future When All’s Well 22
    17) Ganglord 22
    18) Reader Meet Author 21
    19) A Song From Under The Floorboards 14
    20) On The Streets I Ran 11
    21) Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me 10
    22) The Father Who Must Be Killed 10
    23) I Have Forgiven Jesus 6
    24) I’ll Never Be Anybody’s Hero Now 4
    25) Human Being 4
    26) Suedehead 2
    27) Stop Me If You Think You’ve Heard This One Before 2
    28) I Like You 1
    Johan de Witt <[email protected]> -- Friday May 26 2006, @05:59AM (#221466)
    (User #4231 Info)
  • ...a big FUCK OFF to the security staff on the balcony...I'm gonna get you WANKERS..

    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @06:37AM (#221476)
  • Happiness is to be with you, Moz.
    Moz, I love you!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @06:42AM (#221478)
  • Much, much better than the first night at the Palladium. A really nice art deco theatre and the performance was really good. My only criticism once again was the choice of setlist. Yes, I know he's promoting a new album etc etc but after the initial rush of First of the Gang and Still Ill, the momentum was totally lost due to all new songs being played. It was just too ploding and you could see the audience standing around like a load of statues! That's my opinion though but a good performance none the less. Mikey Farrell being introduced as the boy with the horn by his side raised a laugh and the extended version of Pigsty sounded good. The keyboards at the end sounded like it was straight out of the Helloween movie, or was that just me?!
    Stinky -- Friday May 26 2006, @06:42AM (#221479)
    (User #11747 Info)
  • those who are posting on this thread about the animal testing issue, whether they are for or against, both sides seem to be better informed than dear old Mozza. His approach for the last 20 odd years has been very 6th form indeed it must be said.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @06:57AM (#221484)
  • Just listened to Radio 2 this lunch, and lo and behold, Jeremy Vine played my request after bumping into him at Oxford last night.
    I had hoped for him to challenge the Radio 2 playlists, with a burst of Rowche Rumble, but was more than delighted to hear How Soon shimmer forth from the stylus.
    Truly, he is a prince amongst men.
    Popside Aggro -- Friday May 26 2006, @07:03AM (#221487)
    (User #14426 Info)
    You're a big man, but you're out of shape...
  • viva moz
    vegetarian ray -- Friday May 26 2006, @07:46AM (#221492)
    (User #15435 Info)
    • Re:viva moz by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 26 2006, @09:22AM
  • the evil animal dissecters have won.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @08:20AM (#221495)
  • I was on the front row to the right and for me this was the best gig out of the ones i have been to on the tour (ally pally, reading and now oxford) i was dissappointed to see trouble loves me dropped but i still loved every second of it. i feel very lucky to have touched his hand (twice, the first time i just managed a finger!) yes the setlist isn't perfect but to be honest i was just in awe of the man. the people around me were lovely except for one guy (who eventually cleared off) who just pushed to the front and was acting stupid, denim jacket..? it was a perfect night and i hope he tours again soon!

    (selfvalidation) x
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @10:00AM (#221510)
  • I am totally totally against animal testing/vivisection et al, however, if he want's to take a stance he should look at his chosen beloved land, i.e, Italy.

    Whether you like it or not, England has one of the strictest policies on animal testing, it's only for the fact our activists infiltrate labs that you know anything about it.

    Sadly, the Italians don't even give a shit to bother.

    Think on Mr M. you really do lose the plot.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @02:54PM (#221600)
  • Yeah yeah yeah so there's the usual complaints about the setlist... But it was a great performance, he and the band had energy even if the crowd didn't (i was in the balcony, me and some others sang along and cheered and everything, but a lot of other people up there didn't do much) and the sound quality was really good too. I have no complaints about the show at all, apart from the fact that it was all seated so people just sat there not doing much - it's a shame as it was a good show and deserved a better response!

    Anonymous -- Saturday May 27 2006, @04:01AM (#221654)
  • myself and my wife were in the 4th row, behind the three big manc lads. Everybody around us was on their feet even before the band came out and they never sat down until the end. Our first Moz gig and it was amazing - to see the man that close up was something special. He was much warmer than I had expected. Could have lived without the animal remarks, but that's Morrissey, but I could even more have lived without the idiots (and they seem to be at every gig these days)who get delight out of heckling and barracking.
    johngill -- Saturday May 27 2006, @04:38AM (#221656)
    (User #16818 Info)
  • There's a very long review of the Oxford gig, to be found at this URL: 2518

    I hope it is of interest.
    boredhousewife -- Saturday May 27 2006, @05:50AM (#221666)
    (User #13144 Info)
  • Any one recollect what colour carnation he was wearing when he came out? Was it pink?
    heatrowguy -- Saturday May 27 2006, @05:56AM (#221667)
    (User #14520 Info)
  • Can someone please put some pictures of the Oxford gig online, PLEASE!
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 27 2006, @09:17AM (#221693)
  • Fab venue after having been at the B'ham NIA last time. This time I was 8 rows from the front, close enough to feel the perspiration as Morrissey gave the crowd his all. I was one of those who stood still and didn't sing along, only because I wanted to hear him sing not me. And I felt if I moved I'd miss every wonderful moment. Morrissey's voice has only got better with maturity; it is sublime. Liked the way he changed the lyrics from 'I've heard you'll try anything twice' to 'I've heard you'll try anyone twice'.
    zeferelliisme -- Saturday May 27 2006, @11:27AM (#221701)
    (User #16822 Info)
  • Hi,

    I'm sorry if this question has been asked and answered elsewhere, but can anyone tell me what classical music was playing before Morrissey's support act came on?

    Many thanks!
    Anonymous -- Monday May 29 2006, @12:42PM (#222058)
  • On teletext tonight under the above heading is t
    the following:
    Singer Morrissey has waded into the controversy over the new Oxford animal laboratory by warning those working on the site "we'll get you".
    The musician used a concert at the citys new theatre to hit out at the £20m biomedical research laboratory.
    He branded Oxford "the shame of England" for allowing the work and told fans "If you agree with vivisection go and be vivisected upon yourself".

    Obviously a slow day on the national news front today.
    not sorry -- Tuesday May 30 2006, @12:20PM (#222234)
    (User #14977 Info)
  • Hello hello :)
    I was so happy to see Morrissey for the second time that actually was much better than the one in Alexandra Palace: definitely less violence!
    I couldn't resist to be in the back while all of you were standing in the front. After a couple of beers I managed to walk through the front and be next to a girl I saw was in first raw in the AP concert.
    Very glad of having left the theatre with the setlist in my had!

    Viva l'accattone piu' forte de Roma !

    Kogaru -- Wednesday May 31 2006, @05:33PM (#222511)
    (User #16859 Info)
  • What a great show. A friend and I flew from South Africa to the Uk to see Moz live and it was well worth it! It was brilliant. Does anyone know who the opening band was in Oxford? They were also brilliant. I was blown away by the sound of the Theatre, it was incredible.
    Interpol -- Friday June 02 2006, @03:51AM (#222760)
    (User #16871 Info)
  • was a genius show. what a fantastic thought that morrissey was actually in oxford with us. amazing.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday June 28 2006, @08:35AM (#226729)
  • Seeing how you love anal sex so much, I hope for your sake that your dick reaches your arse. Then maybe you'll do us all a favour and go fuck yourself you homophopic cunt.
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:31PM (#221313)
  • The one thing to be appreciated about the old so-called guestbook was that it used to soak up a share of this kind of post. This is not even anonymous. Fast-forward to the real set-list and non-trolls.
    goinghome -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:35PM (#221316)
    (User #12673 Info)
  • Satan Fellated My Pole! GENIUS!!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday May 25 2006, @03:40PM (#221318)
    • Re:Lmao! by Toaster (Score:1) Thursday May 25 2006, @11:04PM
  • do you want my child?
    wilburthepig -- Thursday May 25 2006, @07:28PM (#221381)
    (User #16686 Info)
    • Re:First? by Anonymous (Score:0) Friday May 26 2006, @01:34AM
  • I must say that this is the first tour since 91 that I have not attended even one date, these set lists have been absolutely brilliant throughout and have kept me most amused after each gig!!!
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @12:56AM (#221397)
  • You would have to be a sick, perverted 12 year-old to write such stupidity.

    Oh- you think you are so terribly clever.

    I am overwhelmed by your wit.

    sycophantic_slag -- Friday May 26 2006, @02:20AM (#221414)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • how terribly funny you are...
    how long did it take you...?
    why did you do it?
    are you tall?or small?
    when is the last time you cleaned the house?
    why it takes you so long to predicate all these words?
    Please allow me to say one more thing: DIE IN BORINGWOOD
    Anonymous -- Friday May 26 2006, @05:21AM (#221461)
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