posted by davidt on Tuesday November 21 2006, @11:00PM
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Set List:

Panic / First Of The Gang To Die / The Youngest Was The Most Loved / You Have Killed Me / Disappointed / Ganglord / William, It Was Really Nothing / Everyday Is Like Sunday / Dear God, Please Help Me / Let Me Kiss You / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / In The Future When All's Well / I Will See You In Far-off Places / Girlfriend In A Coma / Irish Blood, English Heart / Life Is A Pigsty / How Soon Is Now? / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / The National Front Disco // Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want

setlist provided by an Patrick M.
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  • Please send something now, we are waiting your comments here in Athens!
    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 21 2006, @11:12PM (#240379)
  • Awesome... (Score:2, Interesting)

    A very chatty, charming Moz. He said he was putting his 'beefy lockeroom arms' around Chicago, or some such.

    Hightlights--I Will See You in Far off Places, William, Plea, Pigsty, well, really about all of it.

    Moz referenced how long he has been doing gigs at the Aragon and how he's happy that the toliet paper is better. A little scatological humor from our moz?

    Couple of stage attempts--one during the How Soon is Now and a couple of blocks during the final encore.

    Minor annoyance: Moz (with Julia's help) claimed that the American press wouldn't write about him because they weren't intelligent enough. But from what I understand, it is Morrissey who refused to do interviews for this show.

    Anonymous -- Tuesday November 21 2006, @11:13PM (#240380)
  • Chicago set list (Score:3, Interesting)

    Chicago's set list looks to be the same as Mexico City's, just moved around a little. He ended with Please Please...
    My favorite moments were Disappointed NFD William (he said he hadn't sang that song the first time he played Aragon) Changed My Plea and Pigsty. At the end he said something like 'when you go to bed tonight, dream of me'
    Very packed house, not so good merch, and he kept telling us he loved us. Very sweet.
    bcbc23 -- Tuesday November 21 2006, @11:30PM (#240381)
    (User #12672 Info |
  • Chatty Moz (Score:3, Informative)

    He was very chatty and really seemed to be enjoying himself. The musical highlights for me had to be william, everyday is like sunday, disappointed [in which he waited for people to react at the right times] and please please please let me let me, which sounded great, even though no mandolin was used. the guitar sounded like a giant mandolin though.
    i also was a bit miffed at the 'journalists lack the necessary intelligence to understand morrissey' comment he solicited from julia. i love morrissey, but i hate it when people blame the media for their woes.
    the show began at 845pm and ended about 1015pm.
    really liked the video show in between kristeen young's set [eek!] and his, where a handful of videos were projected on the large white screen, mainly of what seemed to be early 1970s european variety shows, including one new york dolls video.
    i don't think that anyone tried to get onstage, mainly because of the prohibitive six foot moat between the floor and the stage. it seemed that people just wanted to touch him, and he obliged, but not too much.
    another highlight was seeing him, with a finger on his chin, watching kristeen young's set from the balcony, all by himself.
    shoeless james -- Tuesday November 21 2006, @11:31PM (#240382)
    (User #17726 Info)
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  • setlist (Score:1, Informative)

    panic-1st gang-youngest-killed me-disappointed-ganglord-william-sunday-dear god-kiss u-guilty-future-girlfriend-pigsty-how soon-irish-boy happy-national

    please please
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @12:27AM (#240390)
    • Re:setlist by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday November 22 2006, @10:05AM
  • ...National Front Disco. It doesn't get any better than that.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @01:09AM (#240395)
  • First timer (Score:1, Interesting)

    and Moz definitely did not let me down. He looked great, he sounded great, he was full of all the energy I was afraid I'd missed out on. The set list could have been better - too much Tormentors (and not even my favorite from that album!) and not enough Smiths / early solo. But I was absolutely blown away by his stage presence. When your watching him on YouTube and all of that it's amazing the way his is on stage - but when he stands up there and does it for you, it's really something other, especially when you had the chance to see it so close as on the Ballroom floor. It was unlike anything. I'm desperately afraid I'll never be able to enjoy another concert again!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @01:30AM (#240397)
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  • "I have destroyed 46,000 lives and I don't really care"

    Did he really say that? What a brilliant quote.

    Review here:
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @02:11AM (#240401)
  • This was my favorite Morrissey concert I've ever seen. He was AMAZING. The band was AMAZING. He looked better than I've seen him look in years.... His voice was as beautiful as it was when he was 25. He was in a great mood and he told us how much he loved us a couple of times, which always makes me feel good. :)

    When Kristeen Young was on stage, my husband pointed up at the balcony and said, "Is that... It's probably not, but could that be... Morrissey?" I looked over and I saw those eyebrows, that nose and that hand on his face with the index finger on his chin and I KNEW. He had a hat on in a feeble attempt at a disguise, but it was him. Just to make sure, I broke out the binoculars... It was definitely him. I know it annoys him when he's the focus during another act, so I tried not to stare too much... But I think I failed at that attempt. He fascinated me... I was powerless! It felt nice to have him watching the show along with us.

    Kristeen Young was actually pretty good. I'm going to have to check out her CD.

    His set list was fabulous. It was like he'd read my mind. He played Please Please, Disappointed, How Soon Is Now, Dear God Please Help Me (which made me cry), most of ROTT, actually, and I've Changed My Plea, which is in my top 3 favorite songs, so I was a mess of emotion.

    He exposed his belly to us and patted it a couple of times early on in the show... which was terribly cute. Then later, as always, he took off his shirt and threw it at us. I took some wonderful photos of his glorious nakedness, which I'll upload as soon as I am home and at my usual computer.

    A couple people tried to get onto the stage near the end. The guards fought them hard, but I and some others pushed hard on their butts and they made it close enough that Morrissey, who was encouraging them both with his expression and his reaching arms, could touch them. I was glad for them. They were so happy... And so was Morrissey.

    The rest of us up front were all grasping at the air wanting to touch him. He looked pained that he couldn't touch us... He even reached out and grasped at the air as if he longed to touch us too. Then he made a motion like he was measuring his arm as if to say, "My arm is only so long, guys."

    I don't really fault him, nor Julia, for their negative comments about the American press. I think they're partly correct, actually... I just think the word "American" could have been left out.

    I think Morrissey is mistaken in thinking that with a little more publicity he'd appeal to nearly everyone. I think Morrissey's music could never appeal to the general public and I believe that to be a high compliment because the general public are idiots with no taste... IN MY OPINION. :)

    I'm sorry this is so disjointed. I'm unable to write more right now because my mind is a whirl of emotion. It was like a religious experience for me.

    Scarlet Ibis -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @02:45AM (#240404)
    (User #17521 Info)
  • Yes Steven.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @05:38AM (#240411)
  • maybe moz should duet with julia on interlude,
    what do you think?
    bigdeal111111 -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @05:54AM (#240412)
    (User #17130 Info)
  • moz was in great form last night. all five smiths songs were played (panic, william, how soon, girlfriend, and please please was the encore)...he also played disappointed, plea/guilty, and national front. he commented that it's been many many many years since he first played the aragon, and he's pleased to report the toilet paper has much things are looking up.

    a funnier moment came when commenting about how the american press won't write about him...and after all these years, there must be a reason...and do you know what that reason is? :::pause::: no, it's not because i'm crap!
    he then unfortunately handed the mike to julia for her unsolicited comments, but whatever.

    it was a great show, the aragon was a sea of people!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @06:38AM (#240413)
  • These songs were great, but I would have liked the order to be a bit different. Especially, "Please, Please..." as an encore? It's fucking 90 seconds long! I exaggerate, but it IS an awfully short song to present as an encore.

    Also, it seemed like the show lacked some momentum near the end. Even when HSIN commenced, it was about half-a-beat slower than normal, in my opinion.

    Oh well, all in all, it wasn't a bad show. It never is. Panic was phenomenal as an opener, btw.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @07:47AM (#240417)
  • I've never seen him as talkative as he was last nite. My bf who isnt a huge fan really enjoyed this show.
    robiskeen -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @07:52AM (#240418)
    (User #17581 Info)
  • Highlights/Lowlights (Score:3, Informative)

    * National Front Disco - Resurrected memories of my angry adolescent days. (Your Arsenal still the best album)
    * High energy level from crowd/Morrissey
    * Great Venue - reminiscent of old Mexico
    * Very good Set-List - Pleasantly surprised to hear "I've Changed My Plea". I've stopped buying singles after Maladjusted but might have to change to get "Ganglord"
    * Kristeen Young - Sounds like an angrier PJ Harvey or like a female NIN

    Low Lights:
    * No Still Ill - I saw this on the Mexico set list
    * Polo Shirt Wearing Crowd - By the bar there were too many people with their arms crossed just waiting for How Soon Is Now

    Other Observations:
    * Intro to Girlfriend was a bit odd
    * William - great song, but sounded strange in concert
    * Life is a Pigsty - way too long. The Auld Lang Syne part at the end seemed to ramble on

    Here is an article from the Chicago Tribune. I have no idea what this guy is talking about: /mmx-gnu2fruko.15nov21,1,6512483.story
    Dagenham Dave -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @07:57AM (#240419)
    (User #953 Info |
  • ...Upon completion of one of the songs from ROTT, he said, "That was from my triple platinum album Ringleader of the Tormentors". After pausing for five seconds, he added that he was kidding.
    Dagenham Dave -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @08:22AM (#240422)
    (User #953 Info |
  • fantastic!! (Score:3, Insightful)

    Great, great show....

    just to add to some of what was already said:
    One shirt was thrown into the audience caught by possibly the tallest man I have ever seen. He was a brave soul though, for hanging onto that shirt over everyone's head while they jumped and pushed trying to grab it. He did get the entire shirt though....

    Moz was very talkative.....
    some lyrics changes (possibly the same ones all tour, not sure) during LMKY - try ANYONE twice.... during YHKM - and sexy you'll never be.... some others but I couldn't hear because the crowd was singing correctly all around me....

    did anyone else notice he messed up on LMKY? It was so cute.... he had already done the "but then... you open your eyes.." bit and was dancing around to the music and then came back up to the mic and started singing "but then..." and cut himself off, waved his hands around, made a face and continued his little sexy dance.....

    he seemed to really enjoy himself...
    when he asked about why the media in America continues to ignore him, someone yelled something out and he genuinely laughed and said, slowly, "Because I'm CRAP......... no...." and then gave the mic to Julia.....

    Pigsty really brought a tear to my eye......
    I've changed my plea to guilty.... as well..... oh my.....

    he kept thanking us and telling us he loves us and kept laughing when he couldn't get his sentences out due to our screaming...... at one point he just said, "Shut Up!" in a joking way so he could finish his sentence.....

    fantastic show, thank YOU Moz & please come back.....
    everybody's lost -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @08:31AM (#240425)
    (User #12791 Info)
    ...a chat with you and somehow, death loses its sting.
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  • oh my god, even derogatis liked it! 6285,CST-FTR-morr22.article
    shoeless james -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @09:23AM (#240432)
    (User #17726 Info)

    Does anyone know the list of performers that were on the big screen before the show?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @09:42AM (#240435)
  • None of the usual fights, brawls, attitude that usually accompinies them when they make their journey to the calm and peaceful midwest.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @11:14AM (#240459)
  • This was my first time seeing Morrissey...and it was amazing..felt very fortunate to be able to hear Smiths songs since all that legal stuff got staightened out. I have pics to show but cant seem to figure out how to share them here...i also have video clips..which came out quite good...any info on how to share those here would be greatly appreciated.
    rtshoff -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @11:31AM (#240463)
    (User #17734 Info)
  • Well worth the trip from Boston! Absolutely loved Kristeen Young's set, incredible and gifted talent..did you hear "Life's Not Short..It's soo long", sent a shiver down the spine. Loved Killed The Father and London Cry...

    Great crowd, met some really cool people-tried to pull some local bird (sorry christine??) things going well until her girlfriend stepped in...oh s&^ live and learn..

    Loved Moz's set, highlights, Disappointed, Ganglord, National Front Disco, Everyday is Like Sunday, whole thing really.

    I thought the security were totally useless as a a total loser (The guy in the black padded jacket-if you read this-YOU ARE A LOSER AND GOING NOWHERE)and total pr*** pushed his way down and pissed everyone off and started a fight. I motioned to guards but they didn't give a sh** and ignored me...also several thousand people trying to leave at same time created total traffic jam in hall, management should have opened up additional exits..

    Hi to the guy with the Irish head and his really cool teenage son and heir to his Moz collection and the three chicks from Tampa (I was the guy who attended the Manchester Apollo gig) Kept my distance from the dodgy looking guys wearing Man U shirts (I'm from Liverpool but now live in Boston....)G Mex may be in the cards if my good mate Pete in Liverpool can work his magic....

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @12:06PM (#240470)
  • Hey

    Here are some photos of I took last night at the concert:

    If you want to use these photos somewhere else, PLEASE let me know and please put credits for them.

    Flavio Sant Anna
    [email protected]
    Flax -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @12:06PM (#240471)
    (User #17733 Info)
  • Welcome back to Europe Moz!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @12:34PM (#240483)
  • Did anyone else notice that he changed the words.

    What about the GONG, no one is talking about the GONG! Awesome night. Maybe the best I've seen him.

    I think he's in love.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @12:58PM (#240492)
  • eport_Morrissey_Chicago_IL_11_21_06
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @01:00PM (#240493)
  • all i can i say is that it was an amazing show, he looked great, sounded great, very chatty and seemed very sweet.

    i about died when he played "william it was really nothing" as well as all the many smiths songs. i heard stuff that i never dreamed i would ever hear come out of his mouth.

    good night, the pins were also great i am happy to say that i got the last one.
    mariomuse -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @01:16PM (#240500)
    (User #17736 Info |
  • Will someone please post the set list (as usually seen at the top of each page post-shows)

    Goodnight and thank you
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @02:29PM (#240509)
  • Ok....... here is a video of William.

    The sounds is not so good though.

    Flavio Sant Anna
    Flax -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @03:41PM (#240521)
    (User #17733 Info)
  • the amount of remorse i'm feeling about not biting the bullet and flying down to see this show is staggering....fucking National Front Disco....i don't think i'll ever be able to forgive myself...
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @04:26PM (#240527)
  • anyone have mp3's of the current shows??
    good sound quality is always nice and greatly appreciated!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @05:36PM (#240532)
  • palare -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @07:22PM (#240540)
    (User #152 Info |
    where the world's ugliest boy became what you see...
  • Well, I'm back in San Antonio, Texas and I am so glad I paid to fly up to see the show. I want to thank all of the cool people who were in line. I got in line about 12:30 and made deals with everyone in line to save spots in case we needed to get a drink, something to eat, warm up, etc. Anyway, everyone was cool. By the way, who was the nice lady interviewing everyone before the show? I would love to see the final edit.
    The show was great. This was my 5th Morrissey show and my 4th in Chicago. He loves the town and it showed last night on stage. The last time I was at a Moz show was in 1992! I'm glad these long years without seeing a live show are over.
    There were Moz fans of all ages at the show. There was a high school student who was seeing the show with his father (very cool) and there were fans in their teen years and fans in their 20's, 30's, 40's, etc. It was nice to see this.
    Anyway, a great show with 5 Smiths songs, a lot of "silly slang" from Moz, and a great selection of songs. I did take pictures but my camera is crap and they didn't turn out well. Oh, well.... at least I was there! Thanks again to everyone in line.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @07:59PM (#240543)
  • i believe during you have killed me the changes were (well two of them)
    "anne sexton youll never be"
    "gertrude stein youll see"
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @08:04PM (#240545)
  • This song came off very well live. It stands up much better than the album version.
    Blueliner -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @08:14PM (#240547)
    (User #17737 Info)
  • There was a nice lady interviewing fans in line before the show started. Does anyone know who she is or when/if she plans to post the video? She asked about how long we had been in line, how many Morrissey shows we had seen, etc. She was talking to a DJ from Ohio and I know she works in the music business. Anyway, just wanted to see the video. Thanks.
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @08:53PM (#240551)
  • Did anyone else notice Tony Visconti in the audience??
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 22 2006, @10:34PM (#240559)
  • Here is my video if you want to watch it....
    smithruffian -- Thursday November 23 2006, @01:03AM (#240563)
    (User #392 Info)
  • Dear Friends,

    I fell ill after a grueling 14-hour shift (mandatory overtime). I had a ticket, but there was no way in heaven or hell that I could make it.

    To those of you who know me, and to those of you who even care- thanks.

    With love,
    Ken S.
    sycophantic_slag -- Thursday November 23 2006, @01:14AM (#240564)
    (User #3940 Info)
    "And I just can't explain/ So I won't even try to."
  • Tony visconti's film is on TV tonight Steven.
    Stay with me and watch the old cinema together.
    Just a little thing will make me happy!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 23 2006, @02:09AM (#240569)
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  • What's about the setlist????
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 23 2006, @03:22AM (#240575)
  • 1 Panic
    2 London
    3 You Have Killed Me
    4 First of the Gang to Die
    5 William, It Was Really Nothing
    6 The Operation
    7 Paint a Vulgar Picture
    8 Dear God, Please Help Me
    9 I Will See You In Far-Off Places
    10 How Soon Is Now
    11 Don't Make Fun of daddy's Voice
    12 Handsome Devil
    13 Late Night Maudlin Street
    14 Everyday Is Like Sunday
    15 IBEH

    encore: TLOTFIPs

    Anonymous -- Thursday November 23 2006, @05:08AM (#240582)
  • you know because morrissey is starting to wear a tie now, does he throw it out to the crowd aswell as his shirt or does he just change backstage? i would really love to grab his tie!! that would be fab!!!!!!!!!
    Mozzersgirl06 -- Thursday November 23 2006, @10:01AM (#240594)
    (User #17546 Info)
  • One of the best setlists I've ever seen him play. Unfortunately, I felt terrible and couldn't enjoy the show as much as I would have liked to. I didn't wait in the line, and actually showed up slightly late (in the middle of the first song). Couldn't even stand up for most of the gig so I sat on the floor with my eyes closed. But there, was no way I was missing the show.

    I was happy to hear some different songs (Plea, Please, and NFD) and also glad he put Everyday is Like Sunday back in the setlist. I am growing tired of hearing How Soon Is Now?, but Mikey did a new intro to it on the piano, which was neat.

    Travelling out for one show left me wanting so much more, especially with my cirsumstances. Here's to hoping for a US tour in 07, especially a return to Philadelphia.
    Joe Benzon -- Thursday November 23 2006, @02:26PM (#240613)
    (User #12767 Info)
  • did anyone else see that little kid running around? He was knee-high on me, can't have been over eight or nine. I guess Morrisey really is attracting a new generation... he came up to me and asked me if Moz had taken his shirt off yet!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 23 2006, @02:30PM (#240614)
  • but could have been vastly improved by the presence of the master, J Marr.

    Johnny Marr - still streets ahead. When will Moz see it?
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 23 2006, @02:51PM (#240617)
  • Hello Morrissey Solo (Score:2, Interesting)

    I have been trying to post on this site for years and there has always been some kind of technological malfunction preventing me. Anyway...
    I am from the Chicago area, and was at the show. I had debated getting there overnight, but thought maybe I was being a bit rash . However when I did arrive, a full SIX hours before the doors opened, there were already about 100 to 150 people queued up. If I'd known I'd have someone to talk to, I definitely would have made the overnight stay.
    As it was, I had a perfect view anyway...for those not familiar with the Aragon's layout, it's general admission with a barrier between the crowd and the stage of maybe ,I don't know, 10 feet? But in the middle of the floor, extending from the front where the stage is and reaching maybe 15 feet into the crowd, there is a little rectangular type area, emptied out, and i leaned at the head of this so Moz was right in front of me, (not technically as close as the people in the front, but still, I had no obstructions)... (picture the photo inside the Rank sleeve, it was like that..)
    This was my fourth Moz concert and definitely the best. I always check the setlists everytime he plays a show but my computer's been down so I didn't know what to expect. Some people in line near me were saying that he'd added William and NFD to the set, among others, but I couldn't believe it till I'd heard it ,and sure enough.
    The setlist was amazing, definitely the most eclectic song choices of any set I've ever heard, (and I have tons of bootlegs). His singing was flawless and the band sounded unbelievable.
    For me the definite highlight was Mikey playing "Auld Lang Syne" as the feedback from Life is a Pigsty wafted out, and then as the very last piano note of Auld Lang Syne was struck, How Soon is Now kicked in. It rocked.
    Boz and the lads' renditions of the Smiths' stuff put Johnny Marr to shame, and the obscure solo stuff like Guilty and Disappointed sounded like it has just been written yesterday. Amazing show, great performance, great song choice...oh yeah, and Kristeen Young is hot as hell.
    MozFiend76 -- Thursday November 23 2006, @03:36PM (#240621)
    (User #17742 Info)
  • who put the "m " in mexico and chicago.yeaaa very nice mozzalini,,,grax
    soffimoz -- Thursday November 23 2006, @06:43PM (#240636)
    (User #17537 Info)
  • canz.jpg []

    Vicky, it was really something.
    More Drama -- Thursday November 23 2006, @11:21PM (#240645)
    (User #17745 Info)
  • Go on over to LJ to see some of my photos of Morrissey from Chicago: 5366.html

    I tweaked some photos that were taken by someone else as well. Let me know what you think!
    Scarlet Ibis -- Friday November 24 2006, @04:38AM (#240658)
    (User #17521 Info)
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