posted by davidt on Friday May 25 2007, @09:00PM
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  • crazy train, shout at the devil, talk dirty to me, dirty deeds, sexyback, alex chilton, seven nation army, wanted man, dancing on the ceiling, freebird
    Anonymous -- Friday May 25 2007, @09:40PM (#260053)
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  • morrissey in dallas phallus whip out shocker
    Anonymous -- Friday May 25 2007, @09:48PM (#260054)
  • That's how he started the show into Queen
    Anonymous -- Friday May 25 2007, @10:15PM (#260058)
  • Having seen the Smiths when they played the Bronco Bowl 21 years ago, I thought I'd give Morrissey's solo act a try. While not entirely a disappointment, I found myself wondering if I had stumbled into the traveling Vegas version. Morrissey's predeliction for female opening acts remains, but I can't figure out what in the world he was thinking having the caterwauling spawn of Kate Bush and Tori Amos surrogated by Bjork open for him. I hope Kristeen Young feels better soon because she was just plain awful. It didn't help that her Meg White was Mr. Peepers. Someone throw an apple up on stage and distract the guy. Ms. Young seemed awfully nervous tonight which makes no sense since I could have beat up half the guys there at the Palladium. After an interminally long set by the St. Louis native, the primarily young-ish crowd was treated to a couple of videos by Bridgette Bardot and the New York Dolls (sadly, not together). I hazard to guess if anyone knew just who in the hell David Johannson is, whatever. I'm happy to report Morrissey's James Dean obesession has not waned as the backdrop for the show was the Rebel sans cuasa himself. It seems Morrissey is traveling with a full orchestra--does he really need 3 guitar players, plus a bassist, drummer, etc.?? While I applaud the musicians for their talent and showmanship, I can't helped but wax nostalgic at the 3 piece plus frontman band that was the Smiths. Tonight, the only thing missing was the bubble machine. I was also surprised that Morrissey shot his wad so early by opening with The Queen is Dead and the First of the Gang to Die. He did have a good mix of old and newer material, but the show was too short--maybe 90 minutes. Again, hearing the band via a PA isn't my idea of a good time--too much wall of sound. And jesus, the gong has got to go.
    Overall, I give this show 3 out of 5. Morrissey still has a strong voice and charisma, however, his act toes the line between nostalgia novelty and a gay Nuremburg rally.
    Anonymous -- Friday May 25 2007, @10:22PM (#260060)
  • THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU...for listening to the shouts from the crowd for the past 15 years...It's about bloody time...

    Dare we hope for Interesting Drug or Picadilly Palare or My Love Life...

    Morrissey has kept us happy with stuff from Vauxall for the past several tours, but they are still sadly missed...ya just can't call it A Greatest Hits tour without The More You Ignore Me or Now My Heart Is Full (which he did play last summer)....and November Spawned A Monster..also sadly missed..Your Arsenal is well represented, as I prefer the current songs over any of the UK singles, but Tomorrow has been missing for 7 years....Southpaw Grammar & Maladjusted had their highlights played for 2-3 tours, but Trouble Loves Me or Alma Matters would be a welcome addition, as would the classic Nobody Loves Us..hell screw everything and play all b-sides for all I 2 weeks you'll be at the Hollywood Bowl!!!

    Anonymous -- Friday May 25 2007, @11:07PM (#260066)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I have seen him 6 times starting in 91 and this was one of my favorites. I think what I liked so much about this show, and I guess this tour, is that Morrissey is putting a ton of energy into his performance and while he has always had such an amazing stage presence, he really seemed to be much more what I would think of himself. He wasn't as talkative tonight as in the past, but it was extremely clear that he was having a great time by his interactions and gestures. Morrissey to me has always looked incredibly comfortable on stage, but tonight some of the stiffness seemed to be missing, like he didn't have a damn thing to prove anymore and was just having a good time. As far as the gong and Las Vegasness of the show I just don't get that impression. We are all entitled to our own opinions, but like I said I don't get it.

    I see Morrissey delivering a very high energy show and you know Las Vegas dude, it is like the guys next to me that kept trying to get the Morrissey football hooligan chant going and no one ever really joined in, it just isn't 1991 anymore and it certainly isn't 1986 and the Bronco Bowl anymore. And if you are first now trying to give Morrissey solo a go after all these years then it is obviously your loss.

    When I saw Morrissey in 2002 on the tour before YATQ, I was a bit shocked to see the years on Morrissey and I longed for the days of 92 when he was touring Your Arsenal, it took me some time to adjust, but I have adjusted now and it allowed me to enjoy the hell out of tonight's show. I drove up from Austin and didn't even hear Kristeen because I was late, but I was still able to walk up and get about 12-15 rows of people back, and I felt the electricity in the air all night long as did the people around me.

    I think Las Vegas guy is really narrow minded or elitist if you think you were the only one in there who knew who David Johansen and Bridgette Bardot were. I think it's time for you to move on and obviously you were never that big of a fan anyway.

    Sorry my review was side tracked but some people are just so ignorant they are hard to ignore.

    Also, I thought Morrissey looked damn good tonight. He looked better than a lot of the recent pictures I've seen and much better than the YATQ tour.

    Hats off to the crowd for not doing anything stupid tonight. Looking forward to seeing the Austin show tomorrow night. I wish I had some idea of how early some people might choose to get down to the Backyard. It should be an interesting night it has been raining like hell here and the Backyard is an outdoor venue.

    Would be amazing to hear Interesting Drug or Our Frank.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @01:47AM (#260073)
  • Everyone, PLEASE STOP. He has (and this has been noted before, but let's drudge it up again) TWENTY FIVE YEARS of material to draw from. The Smithsism element will be pleased by the songs from TQID, but will yawn during Boy Happy. The heydayers will squeal at Playboys, but take a pissbreak during All You Need Is Me. Those who rank Vauxhall the best won't even go to the shows, as it's clear he's not touching 1994. The supporters of Tormentors are probably the only ones leaving pleased, since if they stand by the newer stuff they must truly love the guy.
    Look, with something like 250 songs to choose from, it's a fucking joke we're getting the same 20 each night. Are those 20 fantastic, though? Yes. But there's no thrill, because we already know what he's gonna play. He doesn't change it up (barring the odd replacement track every ten shows or so) because he doesn't care. I HATE THE CURE, but show me a Morrissey show like the one THEY did at the Royal Albert last year, playing 40 songs spanning their entire career. Fucking SPRINGSTEEN plays more eclectic sets... anyway, there's no pleasing EVERYONE,anyway, so why SHOULD he try to keep it interesting?
    The band is good..but TOO good. Things are just too note-perfect now. Too extravagant. Too predictable. Too orchestrated. His between song jokes are just...corny. Jesse and Boz are fantastic guitarists, but there's no naivete anymore. IT'S SO REHEARSED. It's just not the way it used to be.
    Don't get me wrong...I loved the last album and have all the b-sides...I've been obsessed with him for 16 years and have never gotten bored. Until now. Something is wrong. He's stopped being Morrissey and has become..MORRISSEY.
    Something happened to him in LA, maybe, during those years away. Or maybe it's just age, or maybe HE'S just bored. Hard to say. All I know is that I stood alone at the show in Chicago and watched an old hero going through the motions. I remembered being 15 and delivering newspapers to Northwest Indiana in the frost of the early morning Fall, and Piccadilly Palare or Rank would course through my cheap headphones and I felt more invigorated than I did during that entire show.
    Or maybe I'VE changed. It doesn't matter. You'll respond sarcastically, and probably anonymously, and say hateful arrogant things, and disagree...which is fine. But look around you. Look at him. Then go watch Live in Dallas. Tell me I'm wrong.
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Saturday May 26 2007, @01:53AM (#260076)
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  • ever wondered why the world dont like you, u dallas cowboys
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @05:45AM (#260090)
  • Great show. However, the AC/DC standing next to me was aled up, thought he was an action man and caused some trouble. Moz was tremendous. Great showmanship. Even though this gent tried to make this show go all to pot by being argy-bargy we still had agreat time. Go Morrissey and F U Dallas
    ryanmc -- Saturday May 26 2007, @07:02AM (#260094)
    (User #19158 Info)
  • Personally, I thought the show was beyond amazing. The setlist may not be as good as it was on the tour before quarry, but the band and Morrissey himself were technically in better form then Ive ever seen them. They were a rock band tonight, not a crooner act. I totally disagree with the person above me. The quarry sessions Morrissey played a great set, but the band seemed amateur and the man himself a bit beat up by life, but he was fresh and vibrant tonight. Of course the setlist was the same as usual. Ringleader tracks(which i love the album anyways, and wasnt a fan of quarry so much) and smiths tracks were Queen is dead, Panic, Girlfriend in a Coma, Boy with a thorn in his side, and How Soon. Last of the Famous was encore, and he was really working the crowd for it and National Front disco. So much energy from crowd and band, Morrissey looked like a champion and felt like one obviously, and not a defeated man playing 500 fan venues like I saw him in Tucson. I loved it, and everyone else did too. awesome show.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @07:50AM (#260100)
  • Do all of you have your cowboys spankies shoved entirely too far up your asses. why can't you just go to a show and enjoy the show without having to dissect morrissey's every movement..every syllable of every word he says...every note his band plays. this is ridiculous!!!! was there anyone at all that enjoyed the show completely and can give us good reviews? a good run-down of the show? just people that have seen every other date on this tour thus far?

    Dallas you should be ashamed of yourselves.

    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @07:53AM (#260102)
  • Here is the songs that were played in as close order as I can remember:

    * The Queen Is Dead
    * First Of The Gang To Die
    * Dissapointed
    * You Have Killed Me
    * The Youngest Was The Most Loved
    * In The Future When All's Well
    * Panic
    * I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    * National Front Disco
    * Girlfriend In A Coma
    * Let Me Kiss You
    * All You Need Is Me
    * I Will See You In Far Off Places
    * The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    * Everyday Is Like Sunday
    * Irish Blood, English Heart
    * At Last I Am Born
    * Ive Changed My Plea To Guilty
    * Life Is A Pigsty
    * How Soon Is Now
    "My Ass is getting on a bus in ten minutes, be there!" Morrissey
    *The Last Of The Famous International Playboys
    *Your Gonna Need Someone On Your Side
    MrTheEdge -- Saturday May 26 2007, @08:12AM (#260106)
    (User #18333 Info |
  • I was too exhausted to post when I got home late last night, so here goes. I originally intended to show up around three, so I could at least have a chance to be on the railing. When I saw how bad the weather was, though, I thought I'd better leave earlier, as it's a long drive from Denton. Traffic was tough, but I got there around one-thirty. I talked to a couple of rockabilly guys who were waiting by the tour buses for autographs. They looked great. They said the line was actually on the other side of the building, and that there were about thirty people lined up already. I checked it out, and I don't think there were even that many. Some people had gotten there extremely early, ( I heard 7:30), and had set up an awning to keep them from the rain. How prepared is that? I thought I would definitely get as close as I had hoped. I met two very nice couples, one from Irving, and another who had driven up from San Antonio.

              It turned out the couple from Irving had been at the same show I was at in Fort Worth, on the Quarry tour. Small world. We talked all afternoon about Morrissey's music, and shared concert experiences/war stories, (sometimes the same thing). There was some confusion about how they were going to let people in. The first 300 were supposed to be let in earlier for some sort of preparty. We worried we'd lose our place in line, though, when they actually started the mad dash into the venue.

              However, the line more or less maintained its order, (I think), and we sprinted to the front when they opened the doors. Actually, Security wanded us down, told us not to run, and even took the flowers some of us, me included, were going to take in there. Flowers are not exactly projectiles, so I can't see the problem. Anyhow, I got right up to the front, right behind a shorter guy on the railing. Moz looked the best I'd ever seen him live. He came out in a suit and tie and told us to "Saddle Up"!

              How cool was that? The Smiths songs were most of the highlights, especially The Queen is Dead, Panic, and How Soon is Now? I especially loved Disappointed and Everyday is like Sunday. I knew they were coming, but still. National Front Disco sounded massive, especially at the end when Boz, Solomon, and Jesse came to the edge of the stage. It was just this huge wall of sound. No one actually made it on stage, although kudos to the girl who fought with Security long enough to get a handshake. Talk about dedication, considering how small she was. There were several who did the same. It got particularly intense during the encore, as it always does. One guy came right over my head!

              Morrissey only threw one shirt into the crowd. From where I was standing, it looked like Security tore it in two to give to a couple of fans who must have been fighting over it. of course, there were plenty of lyric changes, but they only add style to the whole experience. I don't think Moz is anywhere near slowing down, after last night's show. He was really playful, shadowboxing and posing for a guy's cameraphone near the beginning. The crowd was completely into it, singing along to the favorites and jumping up and down during Irish Blood, English Heart. Congratulations to everyone who's going to see him in Austin, and especially Isaac and Lisa in Houston!
    richard cory -- Saturday May 26 2007, @08:31AM (#260111)
    (User #18908 Info)
  • I wish security would smash all phones up with a hammer before letting people into the venue. The guy to the left of me was text-messaging the whole time and the guy in front of me had his phone held up the entire night blocking peoples' view taking pictures. And when he played How Soon Is Now a hundred phones went up in the air to record it. What't the point of all these jerks having crappy quality video of a performance, are you really gonna watch it over and over? Ever heard of you tube or official releases. Just becase your camera can take pictures and video doesn't mean you have to be low class and use those functions every chance you have.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @09:19AM (#260119)
  • First of all I want to say I've been a Smiths/Morrissey fan since the day "This Charming Man" came out, but I have never seen M live until last night--not for lack of trying, he's canceled out on me three different times over the years. So anyway I was not really sure what to expect, although I'd heard a lot about how militant his fans were (in a good way, of course).

    Well to start off it was pouring rain, and the ballroom people saw fit to let us all stand out in it for what seemed like hours. Many of us drove from places where it wasn't raining, so we didn't have umbrellas and it would have been nice for the staff at the Palladium to have mercy and let us in but they didn't. i was completely drenched by the time the doors opened!

    I didn't have a ticket yet so I asked the parking lot guy if tickets were still available and he said yes, so I paid the $20 parking fee only to be told by the next staff member that the show was sold out. I was annoyed so I went to a third guy and he said they added four hundred more tickets to the 2600 they already sold, so yeah there were more tickets so I bought one for $45. Fortunately I didn't listen to the first parking lot girl who told me I had to wait in the main line to buy a ticket (the line was around the block) because that wasn't true either--had I done that I would have waited for hours only to be told I was in the wrong line!! GRRRRRR

    Anyway once the show started, I have to say I didn't know whether to laugh or not laugh at the opening act. A girl next to me described Kristine as "Vagina Rock"--yet another supposed-to-be-angry girl singer modeled after Tori Amos. Kristine warbled, shrieked, yodeled, yelled and banged on the keyboards in what appeared to be an attempt to convince us all how angry she was--which I found hilarious, honestly! I kept bursting out laughing!It was hard to take her seriously because she was dressed like a cross between a Cupie Doll and "Whatever Happened to Baby Jane." I liked her but felt pretty sure she was trying to come off as deadly serious. Oh well.

    Next came the the film shorts others have mentioned here. I couldn't really hear what was being said over the noise of the crowd--until the NY Dolls stuff came on. Now that was great! There was a clip of David Johanson in a bathtub smoking a cig, spouting off about how the dolls would never get back together. Hee hee! Very Morrissey!

    When Morrissey hit the stage, it was to the sounds of "The Queen Is Dead." Morrissey looked, in my view, much better and younger than he does in recent photos. Unfortunately I didn't think his band was nailing the song. It sounded muddy to me,maybe it was just the sound in that hall. Since TQID is one of my all time favorites, I have to say I was disappointed.
    "First of the Gang" was next and I thought they nailed it--in fact all of the sparer arranged songs like that one and "Girlfriend In a Coma" and "Boy With A Thorn In His Side" seemed to come off better than the denser stuff like "National Front Disco."

    Speaking of NFD, it's one of my favorite M songs but I have to say Morrissey slaughtered it. Morrissey's voice cracked the whole way through it and he sounded like the worst Skareoke I've ever heard at a neighborhood bar. He just couldn't hit any of the high notes. Uhg. It was embarrassing but the crowd didn't seem to care.

    It didn't seem like the crowd knew the latest CD's songs, so those seemed to create a lull in the show, and the heat/humidity in there didn't help. But I loved the dreamy spare arrangement of "Faraway Places"--I thought it kicked ass.

    After the song "The Boy With a Thorn in his Side" started, Morrissey really seemed to get the crowd going--he and the band nailed that song! It was all uphill from there! "How Soon is Now" was absolutely hypnotic and riveting--I was just telling a guy in the crowd before the show that I was kind of tired of that song, but Morrissey totally proved me wrong. It was definitely a highpoint!

    To me the highpoint was the encore "Last of the International Pl
    Noodles -- Saturday May 26 2007, @12:54PM (#260139)
    (User #19160 Info)
  • great setlist! getting a little tired of freebird though. maybe we'll get stairway at madison square gardens. can't wait!
    jazzcannon -- Saturday May 26 2007, @12:55PM (#260141)
    (User #19154 Info)
  • once bitten, twice shy
    18 and life
    seventeen (plus winger medley)
    up all night
    atlantic city my old friend (bob goulet)
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @02:58PM (#260167)
  • why do people keep saying that there are three guitar players? It's only Boz and Jesse and a bass player, equaling two guitarists and one bassist, equaling, the way it has always been.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @03:27PM (#260173)
  • I don't know how anyone can say this was not a great show. Morrissey was happy - can anyone imagine - Morrissey happy - go figure. Morrissey sounded great and I would have loved to hear other songs , but christ he can't play everything - to anyone that has not seen Moz GO TO THIS TOUR!!!! WOW!!!
    14fouts1 -- Saturday May 26 2007, @04:00PM (#260181)
    (User #19162 Info)
  • This was my first show ever, and I loved it. I reallt felt a kinship with everyone, though I talked to very few people. I really felt like I was in a room with my fellow brothers and sisters in arms. I thought Moz kicked absolute ass. The set list, while not including some of my favorites, was still great. I loved the films he showed at the beginning to create a mood, it certainly seemed, barring the New York Dolls stuff, that he was trying to create a mood that was somewhat Western seeing as he was in Dallas. I mean the black and white film footage which looked like some old Italian western film, and he kept saying things like "Saddle up" and I do believe he said Rootin Tootin at one point in Your Gonna Need. I really enjoyed myself and as for the guy who said it was a Gay Nuremberg rally, okay fine lets say for aguments sake that it was a little Nuremberg a little Beatles at Shea Stadium so what. It obviously means that the majority of us were into what he was doing enough to get carried away, and that's his whole purpose as a musician right. And what was with the slamming the opening act? I mean I understand we all went there to see Morrissey, and not her, but what's wrong with being open to a new sound or artist. And if you don't like it take a piss, get a drink, fuck off, do what you gotta do, but let the rest of us enjoy her act and don't interupt the poor girl to tell her how much you wanna see your "BABY" Morrissey. So in sumation, Morrissey awesome, opening act alright, poeple who are apperantly too old to enjoy Morrissey: a pain the arse and should go back to Shady Acres.
    Finn420 -- Saturday May 26 2007, @04:13PM (#260182)
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    • Re:Wow. by Chrissy!! (Score:1) Saturday May 26 2007, @10:21PM
      • Re:Wow. by Finn420 (Score:1) Sunday May 27 2007, @01:21AM
  • hey if anyone wants to trade one garden ticket for a place to stay here in Manhattan please contact me. Extra room in a three bedroom on 23rd Street on the east side. (Short walk to the East Village and Madison Square Gardens) Queen size bed in room can accomodate up to three Moz fans for a decent ticket. Stay the weekend! Serious replys only!
    jazzcannon -- Saturday May 26 2007, @04:24PM (#260183)
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  • SDJGGGGGGGGGGGGGm pppppppppprg vsn poerrrr ]]]fffffffffffffffjeihrr g tohrayje35uiortkpwfd gf eriof , what do you think of that then!?
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @04:30PM (#260185)
  • Outstanding show musically... the crowd, however, disappointed me immensely. I wasn't expecting Kristeen Young to be cat called to while trying to talk (twice some prick shouted "SHOW US YOUR TITS"). I also found it enormously stupid to allow those who were 21+ to enter the venue first (before the 19 and 20 year olds who had been camped outside the venue since 10:30 that morning). A good portion of the front row was drunk before Kristeen Young even walked onto the stage... and of course, funny note: the most disrespectful people/those causing the most problems with the general crowd had on 21+ wristbands and reeked of alcohol. Palladium Ballroom security is far too lax on the wrong people. A guy was smoking on the front row (against the club rules, thankfully) and blowing smoke in my girlfriend's face and my friend's face as well, who has asthma. Also, since when do you try to mosh to Morrissey? Have Morrissey fans changed this much since last year? Surely not... I don't recall such ridiculous behavior at the Tulsa show...
    Annoying people aside, the show was great. Kristeen Young is amazingly talented and I hope to hear more from her. Few people showed her the respect she deserved during her set, and for that I'm embarrassed... Moz was great as expected.
    Just a reminder to the male population: don't hit girls, not even when they're vying for the same piece of Morrissey's shirt that you are. Pricks.
    Those with cell phones... don't stick your phone in my face mid-show... quite rude and tasteless.
    Cheers to the other die hard Morrissey fans in attendance!
    Also, a hello to those who met up with myself and my friend outside of Morrissey's tour bus around hour 3 of our "stake out"!
    tylerevansokay -- Saturday May 26 2007, @04:39PM (#260187)
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    • I know there are some real aholes that show up at by Anonymous (Score:0) Saturday May 26 2007, @09:50PM
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  • By the way, the "3" guitarists that keep getting mentioned are:
    Boz, Jesse, and Mikey on back-up. He doesn't play for the whole set.
    tylerevansokay -- Saturday May 26 2007, @04:42PM (#260188)
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  • This was easily one of the best Morrissey shows I've seen, but, BUT...

    did anyone else catch the soundcheck? Without Moz they ran through International Playboys, Lucky Lisp, and Whatever Happens, I Love You. Yes. I'm really envious of the fans at upcoming shows for that last one. That would have really sent me over the edge.

    Moz came on and ran through First of the Gang after that, if I'm not mistaken. Does anyone else recall?
    kingbaz -- Saturday May 26 2007, @05:36PM (#260190)
    (User #12070 Info)
  • This was my first ever Morrissey show. I came late to him and the Smiths - I was a sentient being when they were together, but for some reason I never heard of them. Also, during the time they were together both of my parents died, so I guess I was preoccupied. I've only been a fan since around 2000, when a friend introduced me to Morrissey, but I really listen to nothing else!

    I waited in line starting at 9:45 a.m. and managed to be front row center (I was the one wearing the "Worst President Ever" shirt). I tried so hard to get a handshake, but the guy(s) next to me had a longer reach. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE - you kept me from shaking his hand! Once he was looking right at me and reaching out to me, but I was denied my handshake by someone who'd already shaken his hand twice because he had a longer arm. Again, YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE. I did manage to "collar" the collar of the light blue shirt Morrissey threw out (after being nearly squashed to death). It smells so wonderful - it's in a baggie now! Unfortunately I was too busy trying to survive to hear him perform "National Front Disco" and "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy."

    I thought the show was amazing. He sounded great (from what I could hear with everyone in the crowd singing along) and was an incredible showman. The band was spot on.

    I loved that he noticed my shirt and gave me an "A-OK symbol. He also changed the lyrics in "I Will See You In Far Off Places" to "and if George W. Bush doesn't kill you." HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    I have lots of scratches and bruises today, but it was sooooo worth it!!
    Gucci Baby -- Saturday May 26 2007, @09:39PM (#260204)
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  • Anyone know who the foriegn language video/performers were before the NY dolls video i believe? It was funny, although i dont know if that was the intended result.
    Anonymous -- Saturday May 26 2007, @09:49PM (#260205)
  • Can one of you who were very annoyingly holding up your cell phones to take pics please post some?? Please?
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @10:52AM (#260290)
  • I thought the show was great. This was my first. I got lucky and got two tickets for $50 (Thanks Mark)
    I saw 2-3 songs performed by Young which was nice.
    I kept reading how no one liked her so I did not know what to expect. I thought she was pretty interesting. Shame to those yelling things at her.
    Lighten up and just enjoy life.
    Luckily where I was standing there were no real nasty people. So here I was thinking everyone was cool except one guy who ran the stage at the end.
    No easing his way in, being nice about it. He just acted like he was running though a sea of grass and mowing everyone over. I ended up getting about 5-6 rows of people back (in a nice way) towards the end of the show. I know I could not get past the crazy guys with their arms out as though Morrissey was
    going to save them from falling off the side of a cliff. Geeez!
    Shake the man's hand, we know you want to and no one blames you BUT dont be all pathetic and insane about it.
    Sorry to those who didnt get to enjoy the show.
    Applause to those on the left (our left, not M's)
    who acted like normal humans. Thanks for making it
    decent. And sorry if I was obstructing anyone's view!!!! I was a girl with medium cut dark hair with a fitted black and white sripped shirt (jail pattern looking)

    To those people that read this and have yet to see Morrissey, remember to mind your manners! Morrissey is a cool person. I've never seen someone shake so many hands and look you right in the face and be so nice about it.
    If you really like the man and claim to be a real fan then act like he would and be a classy kinda person!!!!!! That would be acting in true MOZ form. NO???????
    flightmode -- Sunday May 27 2007, @11:35AM (#260298)
    (User #19177 Info)
  • This was the first time I have seen (not to mention heard) Morrissey live, and I was not dissappointed. My husband and I drove from shreveport louisiana to see the show, and it was well worth it. We were about 4 people from the stage on the left side (our left), right under the speakers. Everyone was happy, and there was a lot of friendly chatting before the show started. The crowd was a nice mix of ages and ethnicities; it was great. I don't understand all the criticism of Kristeen Young. I had never heard her, and I was blown away. The first song was so emotional and beautiful it brought tears to my eyes. I loved the music, her voice, her stage presence...everything. Morrissey "fans" keep saying things like "who was that chick screaming?", but it doesn't take much research to know that he hand picked her, and is promoting her career. Judging from what I saw and heard last night, he has good reason to do so. The duo were a big part of my enjoyment of the night. So, then we get to Morrissey. At the first song I was worried because the sound seemed off, but things corrected themselves, and from there it was wonderful. Morrissey was spot-on. He was engaging, energetic, and shook way more people's hands than he had to. He was making a lot of eye contact with all of us, which was great. His voice is as beautiful as ever. The band sounded fantasic. I loved every single song they played, so how could I complain about the set-list? Hearing the new songs live only confirmed to me how good they are, and of course I was thrilled to hear the old Smiths stuff. Yeah, my legs hurt, and there were some silly people there, and my left ear is still ringing slightly...but so what?!!!? If the rest of the tour is like this show, you should buy a ticket now!! A great night!
    Anonymous -- Sunday May 27 2007, @02:00PM (#260312)

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