posted by davidt on Sunday June 03 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

The Queen Is Dead / First Of The Gang To Die / You Have Killed Me / In The Future When All's Well / Disappointed / Ganglord / Girlfriend In A Coma / Let Me Kiss You / The National Front Disco / That's How People Grow Up / Panic / Irish Blood, English Heart / The Boy With The Thorn In His Side / Everyday Is Like Sunday / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / I Will See You In Far Off Places / I've Changed My Plea To Guilty / How Soon Is Now?

setlist provided by Mel Torment
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  • only 15 songs... Moz was complaining about the sound. Good show!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:02PM (#261358)
  • I mean, for fucks sake!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:02PM (#261359)
  • Decent setlist, but no encore, no hint it was over. How Soon is Now is the most over rated Smiths song, and to end on that just plain sucked. I've seen Moz many times since 91, and this was the least entertaing. He was booed after the no-show encore. I've never seen that before. I'm getting too old for this shit...
    Bob -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:05PM (#261360)
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  • good set but to end that apruptly without an explanation or forewarning was pretty bad. he sounded great and the band was good too, shame about the length.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:09PM (#261361)
  • I've seen Morrissey several times and they've always been good shows. But tonight's performance just plain sucked. He didn't even say goodnight, he just left in the middle of "how soon is now" and no one knew the show was over, no encore no nothing. I think his ego is starting to affect him, he has no respect for his fans. I personally will NOT buy a ticket to see him again. Time to grow up people!
    tuvok. -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:11PM (#261362)
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  • Once again San Diego crowds were a joke. No cheering the crowd was too busy talking. I have to say that this city consistantly disappoints with how they sit on their hands and hmm and haw through shows. I can't wait to move back to a proper city.

    The security was moronically tight and the sound was a nightmare, it sounded like an alarm clock stereo. I can't say I blame Moz for walking off stage and not performing an encore, the crowd didnt even attempt to cheer him out. Shame on you san diego, you third rate town.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:17PM (#261366)
  • The show was a disappointment - loved seeing him, long time fan circa 1986 & 1st show (I know unbelievable huh?) He seemed like he was pissed off all night (surprise) and like he hated everything. Wish I could have caught him on a better night...
    VK -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:17PM (#261367)
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  • Are we not human? Do we not support him by buying his music, posting on these boards, praising his name, defending his beliefs and artistry? If you answer yes to all of the above, then you deserve much more than Morrissey leaving the concert with no apology, explanation, or a simple "good-bye." Someone from his band or crew could have come out and said something, anything to at least show some decency or care for the fans. So much to answer for!
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:21PM (#261369)
  • All I can say is, I'd be dead without him. Without a doubt. Without a fucking DOUBT.
    I've been second guessing myself a lot lately, second guessing HIM, too. Trying to find holes, taking the posters down that don't befit a 31 year-old's room anyway. But I can't stay away, I keep returning despite the fact that HE'S RUINED MY LIFE.
    And he's ruined me for everyone I'll ever meet or know, so beautiful and perfect is spotless and stainless and cool, cool, COOL.
    I've had lovers who've hated him just for how much I've loved him...they've known they could never come close in my heart. I've blown out stereo speakers to Glamorous Glue, sighed on beds to Stretch Out and Wait, wept bitterly, violently the first time I heard Teenage Dad on His Estate.
    Yes I admit now that I've seen others behind his back...crept through the underworld with Luke Haines and ridden the subway with Brett Anderson mincing and miming to his own reflection in the dark window glass...but they can't do it for me, they can't replace him.
    I've wanted to hate him lately, I've spoken out against him, in thought and in pen and in keyboard click machine gun I've fired off my rounds, but I have to admit, he's it, he's it...I want it to end SO BADLY so I can JUST LIVE but how can I close the book when he releases b-sides like Christian Dior, yawning elegaic masterpieces of Time, Truth, and Tears...
    (And at 15 I shaved my hairline back to look like Michael Stipe and sang along to The Cure, but when he came along they all took a back seat and stayed there.)
    He is absolutely the best, there is no past and there is no future (as Alan watts said, they are real illusions) there is only now, and all I need is him. And while he's here I will stand at his side and hang on his every word until the chasm of obscurity swallows him down and me, too, and memory moths make holes in the fabric of what one day I'll look back on and say was a strange sort of life, hey coffin lid?
    The Bicycle Tragedy -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:23PM (#261372)
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  • Even though the sound wasn't that good, it was a nice performance aside from leaving us short...

    What could it be?!?!?!?
    1.- We were too lame of a crowd? (C'mon, it's a fucking Sunday and some of us are kinda tired; but we paid a high price for the ticket anyway).
    2.- He woke up today in the desert (Phoenix) to sing on a mildly cold sea-front venue and his throat was affected?

    It was really dissapointing after reading the encore played on the other cities in the tour. He owes us.
    Capo -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:30PM (#261378)
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  • I'm not that upset because, well he's freaking morrissey - And to hear him sing 15 songs no more than 50 ft from him was well worth $45.00 - I mean look at all the people who spent hundreds of dollars to see Britney spears lipsinc for 15 minutes -
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:30PM (#261379)
  • it really doesn't matter. he's Morrissey. there HAD to have been a reason. and even IF he had an ego, he deserves to have one.

    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:38PM (#261381)
  • I was really looking forward to seeing him tonight, and without sounding like I'm complaining or whining I have to admit that when the show ended & I came home I felt a deep sadness inside. I understand he is human, and how hard touring must be and def. how tired the poor man must feel. Perhaps he was sick (as the gaurds said as to why he left) so I won't make assumptions. I just know that he didn't seem all the way into it. I think the crowd was really harsh by booing him and chanting, "culero, culero, culero". I think we all try not to take things personal when he didnt do an encore or just left without a sign but the truth is I think most of us do and did. I was reading a lot of the previous posts about how some of the people in the crowd at other shows were being polite and I hoped this would happen here. I had a bouquet of Gladiolus and ended up in the 7th row and tried so hard to give them to him. Someone was kind enough to leach onto my back and help me through the rows to make sure I got close enough, but it didnt work. He said, "good try, good try" but by the time I got to the first row he had already left. I was a little suprised that 1 girl threated to "kill" me and some other guy tried to punch me as I moved up to stretch my arm, it was ridiculous. Any way, aside from that it was pleasant to see him regardless and def. overwhelming. It seems that after it ended the security tried to rush everyone out and I know the people selling the merch were mad because they blocked us from buying anything. Luckily, some gal was so kind enough to see how hard I tried to get up there that she bought me a shirt and handed me as I walked out. I hope all of you that see him on his future dates have a sweet and unique experiance with him and hopefully yall will experiance a more friendly crowd and hopefully will feel more positive about your city.

    Best Wishes.
    xrebirthx -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:39PM (#261382)
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  • I've seen him many times. This is by far the worst show ever. The crowd was lame and not very into it. It seems of though more people were excited about the smiths covers than ant actual Morrissey songs. It also seems as though no one bought ROTT. I've never not seen an encore. I despise Los Angeles. I will say this, they sure know how to enjoy a Morrissey show. The crowd in Anaheim was even better. I hate admitting LA is better at anything, however this is the exception.
    xwalterx -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:41PM (#261384)
    (User #3221 Info)
  • mixed feelings. Waited six years to hear Morrissey again, and my wife had been waiting to see him, every since she we met, six years ago.

    Mozza was complaining badly about the sound. He was off-beat many, many times, and didn't sing many verses. He kept pointing at his ear.

    We got to hear the new song, forgot the name.

    Boz or Moz messed up in How Soon is Now? and Moz made an angry face while looking at the floor. He left shortly after...
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:54PM (#261393)
    • The REASON.. by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 06 2007, @11:04PM
  • Moz was hot. Sound was not.
    Anonymous -- Sunday June 03 2007, @11:56PM (#261394)
  • i have to say the show was terribly disappointing. i saw morrissey three times in massachusetts during the late 90's and all three shows were amazing. They were smaller shows than the san diego one but i don't feel that crowd response should justify leaving with no encore, or at least a good night. Yes, i was surprised by the amount of people simply wandering around during the show, seemingly not paying attention, but there were thousands of people there and there were thousands within those thousands who were passionately waiting to see morrissey perform. i was guessing that he was also frustrated with the amount of security (as he was very vocal about their unwelcome presence) - but again, these problems should be dealt with - not used as an excuse to run off the stage.
    After reading about morrissey's own reviews of show's in the book "the severed alliance" i thought that morrissey had been trying all these years to create something passionate in his live shows. instead he became the same tired shows that he trashes in his earlier years. we as fans can justify all we want, but we got shit on tonight. maybe forty-five bucks to some southern californians isn't much - but to me it's a good piece of change - and i feel i should have gotten more - and not just for my money - but for my time and investment into a performer who i thought (foolishly) would give some of that feeling back. how much more will he charge for tickets? how much can we justify?
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:07AM (#261396)
  • right from the beginning he mentioned the technical problems so how wouldn't that bum the crowd. He hardly even sang at all!! I expected him to walk off stage after the 4th song, but knowing Moz and his money hungry ego, he would want to refund tickets, so he would much rather have use listen to half -assed performances.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:07AM (#261397)
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  • ENCORE??? Hey the show is over????
    Goodnight??? Thanks for Coming???

    Good show BS of an Ending!!!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:11AM (#261399)
  • His mic wasn't working right. He couldn't hear himself on his earpiece. He began a lot of verses one count off because all he could hear was echo. Although I was initially flustered at the sudden departure, I don't blame him since the audio wan't functional.

    We couldn't really see the video before show because there was still some daylight (outdoor venue).

    Despite the missing encore, it was breathtaking to be so close to Moz.
    astrangefear -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:21AM (#261402)
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  • Setlist (Score:2, Informative)

    I think the show was cut short because of the sound problems. Moz dropped the words to many songs, and the sound went out for a good part of a song near the beginning.

    When I finally got in -- show started @ 20:05 right as I walked outside to get to Bayside -- I stood by the sound desk. Saw the sound people fiddling with flashlights and cords trying frantically to get the sound back in the middle of the show.

    One of the sound engineers crumpled up the setlist (probably in disgust) at the end of the show and threw it down on the ground. He joked to a friend, "I'm holding you personally responsible!" But no one was very happy.

    Moz also expressed disappointment about how virtually no one could get up to him. During "I Will See You in Far Off Places" he sang/mocked, "It's so hard for the flesh to combine because security here won't let you." After someone finally did get onstage (during Plea), he said it was the most exciting thing that had happened all night. He also congratulated someone with "Nice try!" and demanded a round of applause for the effort during the song. He mentioned that there were a large number of security guards and quipped that he bet that it wasn't noted on our tickets.

    I requested the crumpled up setlist and saw that not only did Moz drop the two song encore, he also dropped two other songs between "I've Changed My Plea to Guilty" and "How Soon Is Now?":

    HSIN ?

    So what he actually performed was

    1. The Queen Is Dead
    2. The First of the Gang to Die
    3. You Have Killed Me
    4. In the Future When All's Well
    5. Disappointed
    6. Ganglord
    7. Girlfriend in a Coma
    8. Let Me Kiss You
    9. National Front Disco
    10. That's How People Grow Up
    11. Panic
    12. Irish Blood, English Heart
    13. The Boy with the Thorn in His Side
    14. Everyday Is Like Sunday
    15. I Just Want to See the Boy Happy
    16. I Will See You in Far Off Places
    17. I've Changed My Plea to Guilty
    18. How Soon Is Now?

    As I didn't pay for my ticket, I can't complain about the shortened set. But plenty of other people who paid for their tickets were very angry! I think most people stayed about 30 minutes after "That's Life" and the crew began breaking down the stage.

    Last time I remember him doing an outdoor show by the water in San Diego (1997) it was also the worst show I had seen on the tour that year. The wind blowing across the water chilled Morrissey. Crowd was mean and violent(and I'm talking by L.A. standards!) -- one girl in particular fought her way up to the front, BIT a guy next to me to force him to move, squeezed herself between a friend and myself and sat on my thigh the whole show, giving me a charley horse in the leg. Morrissey ended the show early; it was only a 45 minute show that year. ACtually I was glad that the show ended early because it was agony for me to try to hold myself up there against the barrier.

    The show in S.D. in 2002 was par for the course. Wasn't the greatest. Maybe it was the most lacklustre I had seen on that year.
    Mel Torment -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:46AM (#261410)
    (User #1764 Info)
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  • ...after 270 mile round-trip.

    Who the hell does this guy think he is?

    Sound or not sound, at least acknowledge your audience and not just Julia fucking Riley.

    What goes around, comes around, Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:48AM (#261411)
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  • I don't know...I've seen him so many times this tour..He was not Happy. The sound sucked. No Pigsty... no encores. I can't blame him. I'm ashamed to live in this city. Hopefully Riverside will be better for him. I still love You Moz!!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @12:50AM (#261413)
  • Geez with reviews like everything I have read on this page so far,... seems like I didn't miss anything. I feel sorry for the people who left disappointed...
    It was a off night for Morrissey, but it's not his fault if there was stage problems... I can just bet all of the stage hands are really getting their ass chewed out on this one. ... and San Diego is such a beautiful venue to see him at too. Well for those who have tickets for other future shows.. I bet they will be so much better. I agree with someone else who posted about smaller venues... they are better..I cannot tell you... how lucky I feel to have seen him in Denver.. everything went and was great.

    Well.. at least it wasn't like the The Greek in 97 where he only played for 45 mins and then got bombarded and then just plain left. I had front row tickets on that one.. row AA... and I was in tears..
    Better luck next time...

    mozluv -- Monday June 04 2007, @01:08AM (#261417)
    (User #973 Info)
    "guilt by implication by association"
    • Re:How Sad by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 04 2007, @10:06PM
      • Re:How Sad by mozluv (Score:1) Tuesday June 05 2007, @02:52AM
    • My memory of LA '91 by Anonymous (Score:0) Wednesday June 06 2007, @09:26AM
  • Morrissey is "breaking up" with you, California . James Dean is finally dead. The rest of the California shows will be similar to tonights lackluster shindig. He's not upset about the sound, the crowd, the security. He wants you to despise him now. That makes saying farewell so much easier. He's angry with the clock. He embarassed that he's become so preoccupied with news of himself (ie when he reads these posts, alone on his bus) that he needs for this masquerade to end. Stop complaining about being shortchanged and stiffed. These are the last Californian sunsets that Morrissey will share with you. Suck it up whiners... there are about a million and a half people out there who are bigger Morrissey fans than YOU who will never get the chance to see him in person.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @01:33AM (#261420)
  • The sound sucked, his mic. was fucked. I'd do the same!
    GH62IA -- Monday June 04 2007, @01:43AM (#261421)
    (User #15554 Info)
  • Wow We basiclly Paid Him A dollar a minute!! Not Worth it!!
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @01:51AM (#261423)
  • this was a pretty bad show.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @02:50AM (#261429)
  • This isn't the first time he's done this. At one of the Palladium dates in London last year he complained about monitor problems throughout the gig, got increasingly angry, SWORE (I've never heard that before) and eventually marched off in a huff after 'At Last I am Born' without an encore or even a 'goodbye'. He subsequently got loudly booed (again a first in my experience). It must be utterly infuriating for him when the sound is messed up, but I still thought his behaviour was rather insulting to his fans. But hey, it's Morrissey. It's all part of the deal.
    Lipski's Ghost -- Monday June 04 2007, @03:25AM (#261432)
    (User #15812 Info)
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  • is a shame for people who went to the gig and where disapointed.However, he's only human and is bound to have an off days when things don't go well or he might be feeling off.I know that in the past month, there will have been days when people on here are feeling down and have trouble performing what they can usually do easily.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @06:23AM (#261449)
    • Re:This by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 04 2007, @11:53AM
  • Fact: He's a perfectionist.
    Fact: He does whatever the hell he wants without regard to anyone's feelings.
    So....why so surprised by his behaviour tonight? I only hope Boz doesn't get sacked....who knows, maybe Moz has a pinkslip postcard ready to go. He is a living legend, but like many legends of music and the arts, they are misunderstood and highly eccentric...which is why some of those who respect him also hate him. As for me (my opinion counting for nothing even though i've been a fan for 25 years), I find that ROTT was not a serious album. I also find that he needs to return to the basics: guitar, the bass, the drums. Find that path you left behind Moz.....the one that gave us Everyday is like Sunday, William, Hold on to your friends, Hand in Glove, etc....
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @06:44AM (#261455)
  • Morrissey left with no encore and seemed in a bad mood? well my God that has never happened before now has it?

    with this happening once in a while in a cluster of shows in a very loooong tour, people are too quick to minge and bitch about one bad show and instantly hate the guy. What about all the good, nay GREAT concerts he's done-not just this tour but since 1983? But NOOOOOO,he does one bad show and the tide turns on him-was it even technically bad? What, he didnt say goodbye and you didnt get an encore? BOO HOO! Pete Doherty doesnt get this whinging from fans and he rarely shows up at gigs!

    For a Morrissey fansite theres a bit too much criticism about little things...I understand those who critique the albums and actually have a point, but whining cos he didnt do what you want-Christ almighty....your talking about a guy who is known to cancel tours at the drop of a hat...the guy aint perfect, and he can be moody!

    Ive seen him three times now-once in the Dublin point(Fantasmic), liverpool philharmonic (a bit shite, but that was due to the lazy crowd) and Manchester (a return to form)....and after the liverpool one I was disappointed but didnt cry about it....these things happen-for all you know the guys cat might have died before he went on or something...

    Sorry this is turning into a rant and a half....I honestly cant believe people will still get outraged when Moz gets in a mood...Christ almighty-if you yanks dont want to go to his next gigs because of it then good riddance to ya!

    rant ends....sorry, its been a long day and I needed to vent about something.....
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @07:01AM (#261459)
  • Bull shit! I want my money back.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @07:46AM (#261471)
  • ...but San Diego Bay Side isn't the best place for a Moz show. You should be grateful for the performance, It was good, and in my opinion he didn't need to put half as much care into the dregs of Sa Diego, but he did so be happy that you got to see him again, may be your last time.
    joe5161 -- Monday June 04 2007, @08:02AM (#261477)
    (User #19253 Info)
  • This is the 2nd time I have seen Morrissey - first in Vegas and now in San Diego. The Vegas show was also cut short, without any notice - about 2 yrs ago. No goodbyes, or encore - Lasted less than an hour and our tickets were $120...

    Last night the vocals and sound were great, except for the huge pushing up front - out of control drunk fans continued pushing their way up causing many of us to be pushed over. Not fun...

    Maybe now that I am 38, I forgot thats how concerts go...

    Before the end of the show, I talked my wife into us leaving to miss the mass crowd exit, I knew for sure he would have at least one encore and we would be able to escape without the rest of the fans following and we could listen to final songs while begging to be let out of the crowd. Nope, no music to the ears.

    The boos & screams to Morrissey for him to come back out proved to be needless - what a poor ending to another concert.

    mgalvin -- Monday June 04 2007, @08:41AM (#261480)
    (User #19255 Info)
  • my ticket didnt say there would be an encore or how long the show would last, or whether he would be petulant or quit "early" or what songs he would sing. he can put on whatever show he likes, and you bought a ticket that didnt say how it would be. boo hoo
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @09:03AM (#261483)
    • Re:complaints by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday June 04 2007, @09:28AM
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    • Re:complaints by Anonymous (Score:0) Tuesday June 12 2007, @10:47AM
  • Moz was a complete diva last night. His behavior and disregard for his fans was completely inexcusable. The sound was fine, his microphone worked everytime he actually cared enough to sing in it. He complained about the band, the crowd, security and himself... seems we were all doomed from the start. Everybody around me was singing and having a great time. Half of "How Soon Is Now?" was played and then the house lights and Sinatra came on. People just stared at the stage in disbelief... it was weird. I'd love to hear an explaination, but there's really no excuse for walking out on the people who love you.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @09:03AM (#261484)
  • I've seen Morrissey many times. I blame him for putting on a terrible performance as much as I blame the god aweful audience that was there last night. He should stick with LA folk. His Pasadena shows were so awesome, MUCH better than the crap from last night. Many people in the crowd were pathetic. To the guy who was near me yelling that Morrissey was eating too many french fries when he took his shirt off should have had his jaw bashed in. Why did you even go you fucker? Yeah, he deserved to be booed in the end for how it ended, but he saw the shitty assed audience he was wasting his time with, so in I don't blame him for cutting it short.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:26AM (#261511)
  • Clearly he didn't walk off stage because of the fans. The fans were as enthusiastic as any other show anywhere else. He constantly thanked the crowd.

    The sound was an issue early on ("it sounds awful up here, I hope it sounds good out there"--I'm paraphrasing.) He even trailed off or omitted lyrics on some songs.

    I think everyone was just stunned after he didn't come back after HSIN, because the song turned into an epic, long instrumental. He didn't just abruptly leave in the middle of it. And the fans did chant his name and urge him to return.

    It was a great show overall. Still, it was a disappointment to have him walk off without saying anything and to leave the crowd wondering. But reading another post about how he skipped a few songs to HSIN makes me wonder too if an early end to the show was planned.

    Don't blame San Diego for being a beautiful town.
    Hidden By Rags -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:33AM (#261514)
    (User #10262 Info)
  • In spite of the abrupt ending what were the toughts on the new song? Similar to any other from Moz catalogue?
    andrs <[email protected]> -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:45AM (#261518)
    (User #3097 Info |
  • Blaming the fans is stupid unless they are throwing things on stage.

    If you are a musician and you think the audience is giving you too cold a reaction, maybe you need to look at yourself. You should be motivated to inspire them.

    I'm sure that Morrissey was able to look out into the audience and see people completely thrilled to be there, even if it was 5 of them. For those 5 people alone you should put on the best show you can. It's a matter of principal.

    Now, if Morrissey left for sound reasons that's different. I think it would have been better to try to work the sound out. Maybe come back and do a one song encore and apologize about the tecnical difficulties.

    I know when I spend my money for services I expect to get what I paid for. If every Moz show ended like this then I would expect it. The fact that he has been playing 21-22 songs on this tour and even at the end of 06 has set an expectation.

    Most of us who buy tickets are not independantly wealthy and we watch every dollar (or other currency) carefully. I feel really bad for those of you who went last night and feel disappointed at the ending. Many people worked some shitty job to make the money to buy tickets and were disrespected by the actions of Morrissey.

    A positive spin however is that you did get 18 songs which is more than I got at a bunch of shows over the years that weren't stopped early but that doesn't excuse the disrespect.
    bored -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:54AM (#261521)
    (User #8415 Info)
  • After the Phoenix show which kicked absolute ass, this is a real mystery. Morrissey was in a great and playful mood in Phoenix. The crowd here was totally into the show. The band sounded fantastic.

    Sorry San Diego... I remember two guys walking out to their car after the Phoenix show and commenting, "After this show I can't f'ing wait for San Diego." Sorry boys...

    Mozaroma2007 -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:55AM (#261522)
    (User #19214 Info)
  • So he walked out in the middle of How Soon is Now. Morrissey is known for doing these sort of things. It is not the first nor the last time he will do this. I do feel bad for all those that were truly dissappointed with the show, but for $45 for a ticket, a tank of gas, 50 feet away from Morrissey singing 18 songs....priceless. He was not upset with the crowd. Morrissey knows how much his fans love him. He is a perfectionist and when things do not go the right way, you can get in a pretty bad mood. I do not blame Morrissey, I do not blame the crowd. The venue was a beautiful place to see him right by the bay. I was surprised he stayed as long as he did. Please keep in mind when you go see a performance right by the bay, there will be breeze that can and will interfere with the sound. I believe this is what happened last night. If you are truly a Morrissey fan, you should not be surprised at all by his behavior. I do agree with others, that he should of said his good-byes and thanked S.D. but he knows exactly what he is doing. The more he ignores us, the closer we get. Morrissey, I love you & always will. You can do no wrong in my eyes.
    poetrylover -- Monday June 04 2007, @10:56AM (#261523)
    (User #18707 Info)
    With loves, and hates and passions just like mine...
  • Look I head crap everday about other's band review and especaily on here. You just can not blamed on the Moz totally. He was blaming the crwod. I do like San Diego it's a beauitful city and all. But if you got lame ass crowd who dosn't apprceite performance. Why don't blame yourself. I am not a negetive person but when it comes to terms with Morrissey. Well you have yourself a problem. So quit your bitching and his music if you care at all. I can't beleive people are soo diverse with this shit. Get your shit together people I mean honestly we live in a fragile world.

    Have a good day.
    Mozz2007 <reversethis-{moc ... } {yneerbyenahs}> -- Monday June 04 2007, @11:00AM (#261526)
    (User #18907 Info)
  • What, pray tell, is in the drinking water in San Diego? The lot of you (with the exception of one or two sentient creatures) sounds like a pathetic horde of inconsolable, tiresome brats. There are, as you may or may not know, a handful of unique tribal cultures who believe that certain insects that cause us to shudder in fright do not actually exist in our physical world at all but rather, are manifestations and extensions of concentrated dark energy. Certain Indians in South America, for example, believe the centipede to be the devil himself or a projection thereof. Other cultures maintain that an ordinary housefly is nothing more than a negative thought buzzing right out of your own head like a fuzzy, dark bullet. And maggots… well, you get the idea….

    Perhaps the performer you all cherish for reasons that run the gamut from intelligent appreciation to Paleolithic overbite worship was not in San Diego at all and what you experienced and your pocket books suffered through, to your understandable yet poorly articulated dismay, was nothing more than a ghastly hallucination from the pit of your inexplicably unfortunate collective conscience?

    Let us hope that one bright day, if and when he ever returns, he does so as a lethal exotic butterfly and dazzles the cheated sons and daughters of San Diego to an ecstatic and enthralling death…
    M. VON ROKITANSKY -- Monday June 04 2007, @11:08AM (#261531)
    (User #19239 Info)
  • Perhaps the show wasn't all it could be. But as you have forgiven Jesus, I forgive you. See you at the Hollywood Bowl.

    astrangefear -- Monday June 04 2007, @11:25AM (#261540)
    (User #18491 Info)
  • I've been going to Moz shows since 91'...shows at the most were 45 minutes of him onstage and they were the best...the thought of him playing 15 songs at least is fantastic and should be appreciated.

    Saw him at Pauley Pavillion back in the fall of 91...I think he sang 1 or 2 songs...and then all hell broke loose...the greatest Moz moment I experienced...Moz kneeling down and kissing the feet of this girl who was getting manhandled by security and the crowd!
    ThinkOfMeKindlyLV -- Monday June 04 2007, @11:42AM (#261550)
    (User #18284 Info |
  • To me it was a great show.

    Not sure how many people, but it was definitley almost half full.

    Kristeen Young was great. As always there were those people who yelled cracks at her, but there were actually a lot of people yelling out for songs, so she was great.

    Videos were the same, but they were hard to see because it was day.

    Morrissey came on as beautiful as always in a very nice suit with a black shirt. Everyone in the crowd just kind of pushed forward.

    The setlist was great, it was great to hear Boy With the Thorn. Through many of the songs you could tell he was bothered about his voice, but frankly it sounded great.

    He gave Julia the mic, she thanked him for coming, he then gave some girl the mic and she said, "I love you Morrissey." He laughed and covered his ears. One guy made it onstage but didn't hug Moz, but he told him good try. There was a crowd surfer that got to shake his hand.

    Songs were great, all were highlights for me. Dissapointed about the encore though, I really wanted to hear Playboys. But something must've happened to him because when How Soon Is Now was finishing and he rushed off, it looked like something was wrong.

    Great show, he was really connected to the crowd, it was awesome.
    Sanchez -- Monday June 04 2007, @11:43AM (#261551)
    (User #17450 Info)
    "Sing me to sleep, sing me to sleep, I'm tired and I, I want to go to bed"
  • I think everyone should be venting their frustrations at the Viejas "sound engineers". They were the ones who fucked up what would have been a great show.
    Anonymous -- Monday June 04 2007, @11:59AM (#261555)
  • The intermission music went on a bit longer than usual this time, and it included "Little Sister" by Queens of the Stone Age; "Walking with a Ghost" by Tegan and Sarah; and "I'm Set Free" by the Velvet Underground. Have these songs been heard in the intermission before (Phoenix, etc.), or were they new additions to the intermission music? I didn't hear them at the Spokane show, I don't think, and I missed the intermission tape in Seattle.
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