posted by davidt on Saturday October 06 2007, @11:00PM
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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / You Have Killed Me / Sister, I'm A Poet / I Like You / The Loop / Whatever Happens, I Love You / Irish Blood, English Heart / That's How People Grow Up / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / In The Future When All's Well / Tomorrow / Disappointed / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / Stretch Out And Wait / All You Need Is Me / Billy Budd / London / Dear God, Please Help Me / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • What a great show. I loved it oodles.
    Viva -- Saturday October 06 2007, @11:08PM (#276926)
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    Kewpie is a cunt and everyone knows it...

    i could not attend due to work. i'm excited to see what he played and what his demenor was. hopefuly not dismal like lastnight.
    morethanfashion -- Saturday October 06 2007, @11:10PM (#276927)
    (User #18852 Info)
  • Stop Me/ You Kill Me/ Sister I'm A/ I Like You/ Loop/ Whatever Happens/ Irish Blood/ That's How/ Why Dunt Ya/ In The Future/ Tomorrow/ Disappointed/ Arms Around Paris/ Stretch Out/ All U Need/ Billy Crud/ London/ Dear Dios Por Favor/ HSIN?// 1st In The Gang
    BOYRACER76 -- Saturday October 06 2007, @11:12PM (#276928)
    (User #9118 Info)
    "just put your arms around me. I won't tell anybody"
  • Great show...
    Highlights were

    The Loop
    Sister I'm A Poet
    Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This One Before
    Dear God, Please Help Me
    How Soon Is Now?
    Stretch Out And Wait
    Boy With The Thorn In His Side
    Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
    Viva -- Saturday October 06 2007, @11:14PM (#276929)
    (User #19620 Info |
    Kewpie is a cunt and everyone knows it...
  • a funny aside... (Score:2, Informative)

    was when he passed the mic to a woman in the audience after playing "Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself". she asked to hear something from "Kill Uncle" and Moz replied "Not while blood runs through this body. Don't rake up my mistakes."
    BOYRACER76 -- Saturday October 06 2007, @11:26PM (#276931)
    (User #9118 Info)
    "just put your arms around me. I won't tell anybody"
  • First time I didn't hear Everyday Is Like Sunday. I'm a little surprised. Some woman in front of me got the whole second shirt. I reached down and got Boz's pick. A great show overall. Everyone was really into it. I was trying to help a guy protect his son on the rails. Moz tried to pick the kid up on stage, but a crowd surfer smashed those hopes. I felt bad for them. I talked to them after the show and the dad and kid had a great time.

    Good show.
    JoeyfromIndy -- Saturday October 06 2007, @11:48PM (#276933)
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  • Hats off to all of you that so genuinely helped
    me tonite. My son Matthew had a great time... Although Morrissey reached for him to have him on stage and security came over to pull him up,
    Little Matthew was too shy... All of you around me were awesome and thanks for making this night
    one that Matthew will always remember. I really thank all of you for helping me take care of him. So many of you were so concerned. Special thanks to Holly and her friend who really took care of us! You're all the best.... See you at the shows... JJ Porcell
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 06 2007, @11:54PM (#276934)
  • Just got back from a phenomenal show!! If any night was sold was definitely tonight! Morrissey's performance was stellar and the crowd was loving it! Everybody was dancing, laughing...and finally living! Morrissey seemed to be enjoying himself! The set was similar to the previous nights, but the energy within the crowd was tremendous! I can’t wait for Tuesday!!
    sonnet29 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @12:08AM (#276938)
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    My love, wherever you are, Whatever you are...Don't lose faith...I know it's gonna happen someday...
  • 100% fabulous (Score:2, Informative)

    Tonight’s show was 180 degrees from last night’s. The energy was thru the roof and the place was packed. Once again, I was 2nd row deep Boz-side.

    Unfortunately, the goon squad was there in full force. They were thuggin’ it up during KY’s set yelling MOR-RIS-SEY all during her set and basically yelling for her to get the F&*# off the stage. I’m not her biggest fan but that just ain’t right. It’s downright rude and I felt horrible for her. And I knew that it was just a sign of things to come.

    Highlights …
    M said something to the effect of many times in my life, when I’ve told the truth it’s gotten me into nothing but trouble. But just remember, whatever happens … I love you. YES! This was my first time hearing this song on this tour so that was the big highlight for me. Loved it.
    Disappointed was back in (always a fave) … London rocked (SO happy that’s now part of the set list on this leg) … During Dear God, after the crowd-pleasing “I’m spreading you legs” line he remarked “I’m trying.” * sigh, gasp, faint *

    2 shirts were thrown which I prayed would come nowhere near me because of the mayhem they cause. It was all of me not to elbow the world’s biggest midget asshole in the face who pried his way to the front, hell bent on ruining everyone’s good time around me, particularly mine. For this Jersey girl/SoCal transplant, restraint was the lesson of the evening. Anyways … the 2nd shirt did come close but luckily the girl to my right in front of me caught it and escaped with the whole thing intact. Good for you!!!! Big congrats.

    Moz was VERY playful, even to the point of being a ham (which I don’t mean in a negative way AT ALL – L-L-L-Loved it!), great spirits, lots of handshakes (none for me … boo), TONS of stage invader wanna-be’s (but only one successful). Moz seemed REALLY comfortable, completely at ease and loving the show. It really was spectacular!

    doney86 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @12:09AM (#276939)
    (User #19327 Info)
    It was dark as I drove the point home.
  • Somebody puked to the left of me during Kristeen Young's set. I'm glad it was them because last night I almost did the same and had to be carried out of the crowd during "How Soon Is Now?" (lack of food, not drunkenness for me).

    Kristeen was heckled a lot and I felt bad because I think I'm one of none who actually like her.

    Lotsa pushing, shouting, handshakes (couldn't reach far enough!). One guy gave Morrissey a T Rex single from Amoeba and Boz went to look at it. Morrissey again refused the manga from the Japanese girl. Can't think of anything that wasn't already said :/
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @12:15AM (#276941)
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  • They almost got it down. Maybe Monday they will have a separate line right away instead of an hour earlier, a velvet rope would be nice :D j/k. Then they line us up pat us down and let us powerwalk in, I prefer the Friday night style where we lined up at the doors ready to go that way we are with our friends and loved ones.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @12:29AM (#276946)
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  • The energy picked up momentum towards the end when people finally got their cameras out. It wasn't bad since none of them were blocking me. I was annoyed at the various tall dudes standing in the front but I was able to manuever around to get a view. When things started getting exciting, like the crowd becoming more agitated and pushing forward, the concert ended. I wish I got there earlier and got a center front spot instead of way to the side but still in the front and I wish people got super excited from the beginning and maintained that excitement throughout. I didn't drink anything because I wanted to keep my experience pure and unadulterated. I did wish I was able to connect with more people on a deeper level like strike up a conversation but I felt very much in my own personal vacuum. I did feel the push of the crowd on my back, and I leaned back against it so I wouldn't smash up against the people in front of me but eventually everyone was pretty much merged in a heaping mass of humanity in the end. I miss the mosh pits of the olden days, they were pretty fun, a lot of people pressed up against each other and swaying and me eventually losing a shoe and going home with foot bare. I wore cologne this time but the guy in front of me didn't and he smelled like BO. I wish I brought samples to give to him or spray on him. I think asking everyone to shower and wear deodorant before coming to a concert is a great idea. It was too intimate smelling everyone's unwashed BO bodies. After the show, I wish I could have talked to the cute, punkish girl who was in the very front railing who seemed to hang around me wherever I went after the show but we never talked and eventually everyone went home including me. Next time I see her I will say hi but I'm too busy the rest of the week to attend anymore unless someone has an extra ticket for Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday.
    charisma -- Sunday October 07 2007, @12:57AM (#276950)
    (User #19328 Info)
  • awsome show
    saintjuanpablo -- Sunday October 07 2007, @01:39AM (#276957)
    (User #18448 Info)
  • I've notice about half way through the show in between songs, he step to the drum kit and spray something on his face leaving a cloud of whatever it is lingering around his head. is it a powder? he did make a remark about boys using powder and it being alright if they did at friday's show.
    BOYRACER76 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @07:32AM (#276970)
    (User #9118 Info)
    "just put your arms around me. I won't tell anybody"
  • i was up there chilling on the right side balcony it was ok. the crowd was not like on the floor but it was good not coming out all sweaty. The only reason I was up there was for my g/f sake. she is 5'4 and wouldnt have been able to see anything besides other peoples backs. Im 6'2 so I think I also did a favor to everyone on the floor that would have ended up behind me
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @08:32AM (#276975)
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  • Hey just wondering if the Mechendise booth are taking Debit Cards by any chance?
    Moz 1988 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @08:58AM (#276985)
    (User #18895 Info)
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  • who got a piece of moz shirt?
    moz_1980 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @10:00AM (#276999)
    (User #18326 Info |
  • ...There is a Place in Hell!!!!

    Come on Morrissey! We should all have such great mistakes!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @10:28AM (#277005)
  • Oh my god. Sister I'm a Poet, Stop Me If..., the Loop, Why Dont You Find Out for Yourself, Tomorrow, Dissapointed, Stetch out and Wait, Billy Budd, London....

    This is amazing. I can't believe he did these songs..Wow. I'm like shocked.

    Jordo -- Sunday October 07 2007, @10:37AM (#277008)
    (User #14162 Info | Music!
  • I just posted all of the pics I took last night on my blog. There's about 150 all together

    Just go to my myspace,, and go to "palladium night 3". I have video from last night and pics from friday and monday, but it's going to take me some time put up load those.

    in the mean while, enjoy!
    ella-reflex -- Sunday October 07 2007, @10:40AM (#277009)
    (User #13859 Info |
    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • I have a picture from the October 5th show of the guy who tried to rush the stage and was taken down by security upside down. The guy has a tattoo on the back of his neck. I am looking for him (or anyone who knows him) if he'd like to have the upside down picture of himself... excellent picture.
    [email protected]
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @11:00AM (#277018)
  • I got a 2 day morrissey hangover that feels really good for some reason..But it was all worth it. After friday's show being fuken amazing saturdays show topped it off with a fat cherry on top to pop Aha!!! Morrissey for sure was enjoying himself. Everyone had bad ass attitudes!!! I loved the crowd surfing towrds Morrissey, That was instant hand shaking from the man, "Now if only I had balls to do such an act" Awesome night it was, All the songs were the shite!!!!
    Greatest night of my life!!!

    Billy budd was awesome

    London, The Loop, and sister Ima got the best of me..

    I like you, why dont you find out, and Dear God could have killled me....

    O but no "Death of a disco dancer..Maybe in the next world!!!

    Untill next time My friends!!!

    NO MOZ Fan Left Behind!!!

    Stoney the Pony -- Sunday October 07 2007, @11:51AM (#277031)
    (User #20041 Info)
    "I know what will make you smile tonight"
  • EPIC show! Moz was on IT last night and so was the crowd!

    LA finally heard "Whatever Happens..." for the first time this tour - big highlight for me. Moz in top form, spritzing his Evian, jacking vinyls from the crowd, and giving a "shake" to the surfers - EXCELLENT NIGHT!

    And say what you want about Kristeen Young, but nobody deserves to be done the way Moz fan did her last night. Drunk dudes yelling "Get the fuck off", "Who is this bitch" and chanting Moz's name during her set. That is not cool.

    Put yourself in her shoes: She's trying to get her name out there and scores big with Morrissey, now his peeps are bringing out the hook. And you could tell it was getting to her. How could it not?

    Yeah her voice can get annoying in person, and she might be a poor man's Bjork, but she has talent. I don't know if it's that or the thong she displays when she bends down for water, but this chick is growing on me! I think it's really for the fact this chick has major STONES for going out there night in and night out.

    Memo to Moz fan:

    Leave "The Bjork Identity" alone. She has feelings like you and...well...people you know. It's Moz's jungle and she's just trying to grab a vine like the rest of us.

    Jim Rome -- Sunday October 07 2007, @11:53AM (#277032)
    (User #720 Info |
    ...and how?
  • He deserves a lot of credit. Incredible drummer,
    works it hard... and very courageous to put it out their. Jeff White... way to go man... I admire your talent.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @12:09PM (#277036)
  • he played alot of my favorite songs
    moz_1980 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @01:27PM (#277052)
    (User #18326 Info |
  • I have finished uploading all my pics from the past 3 shows. i wish i could say 5 instead of 3, but what can we do...? i'll see everyone in line tomorrow. be sure to say hello to the "virgin" mary!
    ella-reflex -- Sunday October 07 2007, @01:32PM (#277053)
    (User #13859 Info |
    Only when I'm dancing can I feel this free...
  • are here for interested parties: 157600315246110/ (remove spaces in the link.)

    See y'all Monday!

    -- April
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @02:10PM (#277059)
  • Wow, what a night. As several have mentioned, the setlist was superb but nothing unusual. It was the energy that made the show. Moz seemed to enjoy the show much more than the previous night. Although he gives us his heart and soul every night, anyone could tell that playing to a full house with rough and hungry fans is an incredible tonic for him.

    Lots of people crowd surfed to get a handshake from Moz, especially at the end during First of the Gang. Even Ed (Mozzer's head of security), who is normally dead solemn, cracked a rare grin at the spectacle of all the Hectors and Marias trying to get onstage wiff duh Man.

    Moz was very funny, thanking people who travelled all the way from ... (wait for it) GLENDALE. Also gave some shoutouts to the homies in the eastern cities of LA county. Then he joked that he knew most of us had come in from Beverly Hills. But it was met with boos, and Moz kept repeating, I was only kidding!!

    The Palladium shows are affordably priced, so the crowd was younger, more pashernate. Crowd was definitely wantin' some and got very excited even during the intermission viddies.

    No pre-recorded entrance music, not since first SF shows. Couldn't figure out what Mikey was playing in Santa Barbara.

    On Friday, Mikey played the opening bars of Bach's Toccata & Fugue D minor (thanks to Mary for identifying this) and Moz welcomed us to Friday night Outpatients. On Saturday, he sang something about Saturday night again (and being alone?). I dunno. I'm on my last grey cell. He added a lot of "blah blah blah" to it.

    Some memorable tidbits not previously reported by others:

    Early in the set, Moz had a word with Ed between songs. Moz apologised, saying that he had to complain about something and that he felt better now. (Don't we all after we get something off our chests?) Then Ed jumped down into the pit and went house right. My guess is that he had a word with a security flunky who was being overly brutal with a would-be stage invader.

    Not so much tit-flashing as Friday, but he did open up his shirt to reveal a sexy, hairy moob when he sang "CON-FRONT what you are AFRAID of".

    Moz wore slate-blue shirt with greyish trousers. He doesn't do many shirt changes. I dunno if he's conserving shirts, doesn't think we deserve to see him strip, or if he's not as sweaty. The Palladium felt cold to me despite the mass of warm bodies crowded up against me. I kept my jacket on right up until the intermission viddies. Lads wore the grey M heraldric shirt with tourdates on the back.

    Boz had attacks of happy feet crazy legs again! : ) We love it when he dances.

    The sound was much better! But once in a while Moz seemed to behave with irritation at the mic going out. I could hear him perfectly. I think it must be the monitors going out on him. Whenever he can't hear himself he grunts loudly over the words. He did a lot of that.

    Shiho gave him the zine, but he handed it back to her. It was her last night, so Moz has missed out. The professional videographer shot her zine outside, and he was shooting footage of the concert as well. We missed him on Friday, but he's back. The other media showed up en masse only for the first night. After that, they were blissfully absent.

    I don't know if it's been mentioned here, but I have to get it off my tits -- the sausage vendors outside of the venue! I'm waiting for those PETA flyer people to get into it with a Hector chowing down on some death-fer-no-reason. I think Spanish-language TV would have a more interesting story with that -- film at 11!

    I shall light a Santo Morrissey or La Voz Sagrada de Morrissey candle for the unpopular weekday shows.
    Mel Torment -- Sunday October 07 2007, @02:17PM (#277060)
    (User #1764 Info)
  • Well my lazy ass managed to make it barely on time for moz's first song. Sadly this has been my routine lately since i dont care too much about getting there early for the 10 pack line. Regardless, last night was a much better show in terms of the crowds electricty. You could see that mozza really had a spring in his step. This was purely fed by the audience itself.

    Loved "The Loop", again. "London" rocked my soul.

    SO all by my lonesome self, i managed to hang out on the back left side of the stage. Not usually my style. But i am building character!!

    If you guys see a bushy haired mexi mullet slim cat with sideburns holding a beer, holler at me!!!

    Can we organize all loners to the left side of the stage. I wont bite. Well actually ill try not to break skin, k?
    mozcar78 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @04:59PM (#277084)
    (User #4118 Info |
    Paying morrissey's bills since 1991!!!!!!
  • Another unsuccessful night of trying to get on stage...thanks to the girls around me who helped me!! =P. I won't give up, I tell ye, I won't!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @05:02PM (#277086)
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  • Im glad Mel brought up the subject of Sausage-gate, nice job as always btw Mel, but really. I dont care so much that the flesh is being peddled outside that autrocity of a building, but to see the lines of people lined up to purchase (not ten yards from the PETA rep's I might add) was a bit much, Even the biggest meathead could see it would be appropriate to pass on this occasion couldnt they? Bit disrespectful to the man I thought. Food for thought....Thorough searches are to be expected for those who plan to attend next week, they are looking for guns, knives, bazookas, a suss-suss-suss-suss-suss-suss-suss-suss-suss-suspe ct device! Some of these crowds Moz draws are rowdier than snoop dog up in long beach, crazy ass mofoe's! At least thats what they tell me.

    I decided after fridays "gig to quickly forget" to just stroll around the perimetor for Saturday, I will make a rush and a push nearer the front thru the week when the crowd seems to be evevitably smaller, for Saturday the bar was closer and apart from side stepping the cardboard cut outs it was enjoyable. Its amazing what great things they are doing with cardboard cut outs these days, I swear I saw more than one having a drink and holding a cell phone in the air...amazing...message for those standing in balcony's, on the entrance steps and behind the "pit":- "Up there for thinking, down there for dancing"...know what I mean? Live a little for Christ sake!

    Moz was great, thank god they finally dropped EDILS from the setlist, even temporarily, its been done to death now. A song or two more wouldnt be a bad thing either, but nit picking aside its all good. The Kill Uncle request was priceless, Moz claiming that he had "just been backstage to complain, made me feel better" was a highlight and the guy who made it onstage who obviously had a gameplan that was thought out and executed perfectly...running around the side, passing the sound guy who weakly attempted a stop and then balancing past the speakers to centre stage! Great job!

    So the second week begins and although everyone will concede that 10 nights was too much, its still been fun, even for us out of towners who know every piece of dirt by now on that I15 freeway from LA to Vegas, fun but exhausting, Some one asked me "why not just move to L.A.?" this morning, "not in this life" I replied, you guys should get federal assistance in the form of cold hard cash to put up with that traffic. At least I can relax in a "normal" town for a couple of days....just kidding Angelino's, you know I love ya'.
    Foster88 -- Sunday October 07 2007, @05:29PM (#277089)
    (User #17605 Info)
    I have spent my whole life in ruin's, because of people who are nice.
  • Can all you jerks that like to get all boozed up for a show please wait until after. I have had it with drunken idiots ruining my night.

    And if you are still too insecure or stupid to do it, do it at a show where I wont feel like an asshole for kicking your ass.
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @07:45PM (#277100)
    • Re:Drinks by vande17941 (Score:1) Monday October 08 2007, @05:05AM
  • Went to the show on friday, it was awesome!!! However it was hard to see from the floor, does anyone know how to get vip tickets to sit in the balcony? Please let me know because I'm going back to the thursday show.
    xoxo moz -- Sunday October 07 2007, @08:18PM (#277106)
    (User #20130 Info)
  • What time does he take the stage? I get off of work @ 8pm on Thursday? I don't want to miss the opening!!! Thanks!!
    Anonymous -- Sunday October 07 2007, @09:15PM (#277115)
    • Re:Time??? by vande17941 (Score:1) Monday October 08 2007, @05:02AM
      • Re:Time??? by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 08 2007, @09:26PM
  • I got a ticket for Monday and I will try to be square in the front. I will help anyone through the barrier and hop on stage if you want to. 5-10 security guards can't beat 1,000-4,000 people, c'mon, people. RUSH THE STAGE, GET ON THE STAGE, AND ALL HANDS ON THE BAD ONE. SOME ACTION PEOPLE.
    charisma -- Sunday October 07 2007, @10:09PM (#277123)
    (User #19328 Info)
  • Crowd was definitely more rockabilly, rough and rowdy. My friend and I made it third row deep, stage left. Loud, loutish drunks around center stage were horribly mean to Kristeen. My friend thought he saw Moz behind the curtain walking around during her set. Dude, the Mozzer hears us! Don't be trashing his hand-picked opening act! I yelled out "Kristeen, you're awesome!" I dunno if that helped at all. Those of us who like her gotta be more vocal, I think. She got so fed up she said, "Morrissey doesn't like you anyway." So then we were all in preschool. I think she's really brave for toughing out being Mozzer's opening, esp. a solo female artist (imo, a cross between Patti Smith and Tori Amos) with no one else but a drummer... Stay strong, Kristeen! It was actually your songs that rang in my head after last night's show! Don't worry about the drunks. A lot of us do like you.

    This was the closest I've ever seen Moz in concert. Definitely cool to be in a group of giddy dancers like me, packed like sardines, loving Moz. Wasn't as bad as I was worried it would be. Mozzer was irritated and aggressive, though, for this show (we got the tiger instead of the tabby cat...because people were mean to Kristeen?). Towards the beginning, he emphasized the drum quote "Some of Us is Getting Nasty!" and also later apologized for chopping a head (he looked back at the keyboardist when he hit the xylophone thing too early before the end of Billy Budd). Also, when he was citing "Glendale" and "Eagle Rock Boulevard" then hearing the boos after "Beverly Hills" he said "be nice" repeatedly (but the boos just got louder so he stopped... uh, a quandary between us and him because his roots are poor but he and his neighbors are now ... Beverly Hills!?) So there was more verbal interaction than Friday but it didn't always end up congenial with the audience(and shirt kept on through buckets of sweat again). He also seemed to tell rowdy audience members in the center (the fighting drunks?) toward mid-beginning to be nice/calm down (something to that effect). He renewed his hello to Julia (replied "I think I'm okay ... I think, I'm okay" to whatever she said) and also picked up the "Boy Love" record single from an audience member (saw on this forum it's T Rex?). Moz asked him/her where they got it, I think they said Amoeba, and he asked if there were any more.

    Overall, it was definitely a different experience watching Moz and the boyz (and security!) up close. The Man does shoot his energy way out to the back of the house. The boyz really stick to their business playing their instruments. It did feel a little less intimate closer up (maybe it was just the night?), and I think when he was warming up to the front of the stage and wanting to extend his hand at least to my side, he just couldn't because people were shoving cell phone cameras in his face instead of extending their hands (and in my face when he was looking in my direction, grr). He did come closer and wander to both sides of the audience more than Friday, though, which was nice.
    romeogirl -- Sunday October 07 2007, @10:18PM (#277124)
    (User #2891 Info)
  • I'm swinging onto the stage on a vine next time, not wearing a Pebbles/Bam Bam dress but ninja attire with a carton of ninja stars under my arm. I will attach my scuttling crab-like body to Morrissey's face like the creature from Aliens and thrust my long probing tentacle down his throat until I impregnate him. My offspring will burst from his stomach and start dancing like a little Morrissey and also be named Morrissey.
    Anonymous -- Monday October 08 2007, @01:34AM (#277136)
  • Is it my eyes or did he drop Let Me Kiss You?
    Mrs. Woolf -- Monday October 08 2007, @07:45AM (#277149)
    (User #14157 Info)
  • Well, if those words are being said here then it really must have been fastastic, you lucky things !

    And Everyday is (really) like Sunday,


    Anonymous -- Monday October 08 2007, @07:57AM (#277152)
  • Did you notice even though moz sweats
    his shirt smells incredible?!?!
    haha I had the best day at the show
    I got to crowd durf a bit towards the stage at HSIN
    and shake his hand while i yelled yes this is the second time!!!
    then before the show started I got Oye Esteban for 15 bucks at Amoeba
    and well I was the kid who got in the tug of war for his shirt and suggested some one use a knife
    and my god
    Ive never seen so many pretty girls in one place haha I was in luv
    lol but yeah great show :]
    nobody hates us -- Monday October 08 2007, @10:26AM (#277157)
    (User #19301 Info)
  • While they are setting up the stage, what clips are playing on the white screen? ( I think its French) I saw it when he played at the Bowl and I always wondered what the name of it was.
    Thanks in advance :o)
    Anonymous -- Monday October 08 2007, @05:24PM (#277224)
    • Re:TV scenes by Anonymous (Score:0) Monday October 08 2007, @08:02PM
  • how is will call handled? im going with a group of friends but when do they let u pick up the tix?
    Anonymous -- Monday October 08 2007, @06:38PM (#277234)
  • 200. ;)

    well, somebody had to do it.
    Anonymous -- Saturday October 20 2007, @02:35PM (#279382)

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