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Set List:

Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before / Tomorrow / Irish Blood, English Heart / Last Of The Famous International Playboys / Sister, I'm A Poet / The Loop / I Just Want To See The Boy Happy / One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell / Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself? / Jack The Ripper / Stretch Out And Wait / I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris / All You Need Is Me / Death Of A Disco Dancer / Billy Budd / Last Night I Dreamt That Somebody Loved Me / The World Is Full Of Crashing Bores / Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want / How Soon Is Now? // First Of The Gang To Die

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  • First!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @09:10PM (#283388)
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  • I was there!

    I don't know what the standard set list is for this tour, so I can't comment on whether or not he changed anything. But he let a guy in the front row speak, and he said, "Reel Around the Fountain, please, please!" To which the Moz replied "Not in a million years."
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @10:01PM (#283396)
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  • can somebody please post the setlist and bits?
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @10:45PM (#283404)
  • This was far and away the best Moz concert I have ever seen! The Loop was slammin and Death of a Disco Dancer amazing. I can't give a set list, I was just too into the show. I do know Famous Int'l Playboys was early on because I was able to get pushed up on stage during it. I fell HARD on that stage but aimed for him when I fell and ended up clinging to the great man's foot. :) (Nice shoes, by the way.) I literally couldn't move for a moment, I've not ever felt so much pain all at once. So what could I do? I held onto his foot that much tighter. I don't think I could have got to my feet without that bouncer and then Thank God he let me dive back into the crowd. (And THANK YOU ALL for catching me!) Then, as if that wasn't enough, a huge fight went on to my right over his shirt but at the end I turned and there it was- a wonderful set of people went to work with a car key as scissors to get us all a bit of shirt. Morrissey's cologne is magnificent. What can I say? I can now die happy!
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @11:01PM (#283410)
  • I was going to submit the set, but considering how some of you are acting, you're not worth it.
    Viva -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @11:26PM (#283413)
    (User #19620 Info |
    Kewpie is a cunt and everyone knows it...
  • Got it right this time. Bastard skipped over a song again. Will probably happen tomorrow. Hope it's not "Drug". Will post tomorrow with all the details, includung banter.

    Stop me
    Last Of Famous
    Sister Poet
    The Loop
    Goodbye Farewell
    Find Out Yourself
    Stretch Out
    All You Need
    Disco Dancer
    Last Night I Dreampt
    Crahing Bores
    (skips over a song)
    Please X3
    HSIN /First Of
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @11:33PM (#283414)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • I'm all sorts of scatter-brained right now, but songs I remember [not in order, and probably missing something]:

    Stop Me
    Jack The Ripper
    First Of The Gang
    Please Please
    How Soon Is Now
    Throwing My Arms Around Paris
    The World Is Full of Crashing Bores
    Irish Blood English Heart
    The Loop
    I Just Want To See The Boy Happy
    One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell
    Why Don't You Find Out For Yourself
    Stretch Out And Wait
    Death Of A Disco Dancer
    Billy Budd
    Anonymous -- Wednesday November 07 2007, @11:34PM (#283415)
  • Morrissey was clearly embarrassed by the stark-bollock-naked Streaker!!
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 08 2007, @12:57AM (#283421)
    • Re:Holy shit! by Anonymous (Score:0) Thursday November 08 2007, @03:16AM
  • I was there! Very fun show. The set list seemed kind of short (he ordered the band once to change the order of the songs, so I'm guessing he skipped a few)

    Two shirts were throw (very late into the show). A first stage invader held on to his foot like there was no tomorrow in International Playboys.

    Someone gave him a James Dean tie which he put in his pants and let hang off his crotch (whoever gave it to him, where did you get it? I must have one)

    A guy with a disco ball like shirt was in the dead center and Morrissey asked him "WHAT ARE YOU WEARING?"

    Oh, and he opened the show saying, something along the lines of "the question of today is, why wait?"

    On First of the gang to die, he pretty much hummed and danced around the stage since there were like 20 stage invaders and he was not able to sing the song. He seemed please and amused by it.

    I didn't really like the venue, it was rather weird having to be surrounded by chairs, but hey, he was amazing like always.

    Oh also something happened with a bracelet or a watch. Was it his, or someone gave it to him, I'm not sure, but he talked about it and had someone take it from him.

    He commented on Hanna Montana and also he gave the mic to some guy who started singing and he said he hoped he didn't sound as bad as him.

    Anyways, my memory sucks, and I'm sure I had a lot more to say, but I oh well! Fun times!

    I look forward o the next one!
    MisterE -- Thursday November 08 2007, @05:04AM (#283434)
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    Anonymous -- Thursday November 08 2007, @05:21AM (#283436)
  • Edit the setlist.

    Morrissey sang "I Just Want To See The Boy Happy"...I should know.
    Viva -- Thursday November 08 2007, @06:03AM (#283441)
    (User #19620 Info |
    Kewpie is a cunt and everyone knows it...
  • So this was my 8th Morrissey show going back to 1992. I do not get how the crowd is sooo quiet you can hear a pin drop in between songs (yes there is appluase after each song but died down quickly). And people right up against the stage not singing, barely even clapping, standing still. Just very little enthusiasm overall (give or take the random individual or pockets here and there). and then during the encore...all hell breaks loose. People invading the stage seeming to come from nowhere, sometimes it seems JUST to get up there and fight with the bouncers....where was this energy during the show? I saw them really beat the hell out of one guy, I think they took him "backstage" as they were pummelling him...anyone know what happened there?

    I assume he gets a rise out of this "violence" (but...think he'd freak of course if left to fend for himself)....but to me it is so annoying, he can't even sing the song and you are too worried about the crowd and the bouncers throwing people back into the crowd to enjoy the end of the concert.

    Other than that....f-ing awesome show, lots of great the dialogue about the book he received..."You live on the beach?"..."what?"..."I live on the beach??"...."OH for me to READ on the beach..." cute.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 08 2007, @06:27AM (#283448)
  • Did the number of ROTT songs drop after he kicked Kristeen Young off the tour?

    Astroman -- Thursday November 08 2007, @06:42AM (#283451)
    (User #8735 Info)
  • Fantastic show, great small venue - unfortunately I was in the grand tier and there wasn't much energy up there and I was one of the the only ones screaming, dancing, and clapping - oh well...Moz sounded great, the band was awesome, and he talked to the audience a lot...only disappointment was that I waited after the show for over an hour by the great one's bus and security kept telling us just a few more minutes and he'd be out - when he finally emerged he didn't stop to shake hands, just waved and got on the bus - I'm sure he was tired but was hoping he'd come over to us. I still love him anyway...:)
    Shannarini71 -- Thursday November 08 2007, @07:22AM (#283459)
    (User #20412 Info)
  • Morrisey was fine. He got a very nice stage presence and his charisma and intensity prevailed during the whole show. His voice sounded well even though the quality of the audio and the accoustics at the King Center were mediocre to lousy. The concert ended abruptly because of the bunch of middle-age idiots that started jumping into the stage. What a sad and pathetic spectacle. Overall the show was very good.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 08 2007, @11:27AM (#283493)
  • Just heard via my source, tonight's Miami gig is cancelled. Moz is sick.
    Anonymous -- Thursday November 08 2007, @12:43PM (#283502)
  • Long drive, like I stated - 320 miles round-trip. Didn't have a ticket but just as I walked up a guy from Ocala came by and offered me third row pit for $40. You rock! I love performing arts centers. It usually means all the ushers are elderly and there is no barricade between the audience. Seeing that, I knew it would be mayhem, and it was at the end. Overheard some people in the lobby stating they were sad Kristeen wasn't opening. This was cool since unlike the rude hecklers, I showed support for her and Jeff by buying their cd. The crowd seemed sparse, with a lot of what I guessed were members. It filled in though and a drunk guy at the stage was singing "There is a Light" loudly and then the crowd broke into the hooligan chant. This may be heard periodically, but usually only from pockets of the crowd. Many more joined in this time. Here is the first part of Moz's banter from the show. The rest will follow soon, as I am busy and need to make it over to this Miami show.

    song played/what was said afterwards

    He came out and said "Why wait?"

    -Stop Me/At the end he said why wait again and then said "very good ending".

    -Tomorrow/"And if I seem a little strange, well that's because I am, that's because I am."

    -IB,EH/ "I know, I realize you are applauding the bracelet, as you should. God knows it works very hard." He asks an audience member, "what are you wearing?" (crowd yelling) "He didn't answer - very wise!"

    Playboys/This song had the first stage invader. He didn't finish the song by saying "me, me" as he did in ATL. I believe it was in reaction to the stage invasion that he states: "It's not really that easy for you, really?"

    Sister Poet/"If you look for meaning in that song you will waste hours and hours of your life. As I have, as you can see. Any questions before we proceed?" Moz grimaces at a response, "Well that's an easy one. You've heard of Ativan (anti-anxiety drug)? It will help you, but it helped you." (crowd yells) Morrissey: "Well, many people do, you know." Moz crouches down, puts his thumbs in his ears, wiggles his hands and makes a face at the crowd.

    The Loop/"And you see it isn't as good as Hanna Montana, who gets four photographs in USA Today. Why? Is this American Society? Hanna Montana? I don't think so!"

    Boy Happy - Yes he did play and sorry I overlooked. More to come!
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 08 2007, @12:50PM (#283504)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • The first stage invader, ThePoet1745, wasn't fully able to get to Moz. It was during "Playboys" and as she approached him, Moz quickly turned with his mic stand to form a barrier .She was tackled by security (think he was local but it may have been Eddie) and could only grab Moz's leg. Upon release, Moz said: "That's my leg!" Continuing on:

    Boy Happy/As usual, after Mike's outro Moz asks: "Is that it?" He intoduces the band: "You're in the company of the Boz that wouldn't die - Boz Boorer. From Chicago - Soloman Walker. From the same parents - Matt Walker. Found on a doorstep - Jesse Tobias. And do you remember, remember the Partridge Family? Do you remember the small boy who banged the tambourine? Michael Farrell.

    Goodbye-Farewell/"Well, I know, but they can't all be zingers. So much pressure Julia, so much pressure. Everything has to be perfect. It's not like that when you work in Rite-Aid. There's no pressure."

    Find Out Yourself/"I know when you, when you live somewhere as beautiful as here, it's hard to imagine White Chapel in 1888, but I can." Then he raises his eyebrows. They go straight into Ripper.

    Stretch Out/Asks an audience member if thet are okay. Mumbles and hands the mic off to a man who says: "Thank you for all that you are doing and thank you to my wife Heather for putting up with all of this." Moz makes a puzzled face and and says something about people being too nice. A girl hands him something (a book) and says: "Something to read on the beach." He looks at it and responds: "You live on the Beach?" She responds and he says: "Me, oh, for me to read by the beach." He hands the mic to Julia but her words are inaudible. He says, "Julia, you're being trammed out by..." (guys yelling) "They are saying Stretford, yes, Stretford." He hands the mic off to a guy who asks for Reel Around the Fountain. Moz replies: "Never in a million years."

    Paris/"That was called 'I'm Throwing My Arms Around Paris.' (crowd yells) I knew you would say that. This is called 'All You Meed Is Me."

    Need Is Me/Goes straight into Disco Dancer.

    Disco Dancer/Moz leaves for shirt change. Boz jumps on the keys. Goes straight into Billy Budd.

    More later...
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Thursday November 08 2007, @05:51PM (#283626)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • Excellent show! It was truly a dream come true for me so thanks very much to Morrissey and I wish him well.

    BTW, does anyone know who the Moz "look-a-like" was that performed Whole Lot of Twisting Going On during the intro film clips???
    My Mother would appreciate the information! ;)

    Anonymous -- Friday November 09 2007, @12:37PM (#283754)
  • During the end of Discor Dancer, after Moz had left to change (not replace) shirt, Boz (ever the ham) rocks out at the edge of the stage. He walks over and stands in front of Matt. Solomon jumps on the riser. Boz throws his arms in the air while Matt slams the sticks. Boz ditches his acoustic and walks over to Jesse, crouching slightly and staring. Then he jumps on the keys with Mike. Moz returns in a burgandy shirt and they rip into Billy Budd.

    Billy Budd/Nothing said but crowd screams crazily.

    Last Night I Dreampt/Crowd screaming even more intense. Moz smiles, says "what?" and hands the mic off to a guy who starts singing a terrigle version of "Last Night I Dreampt...". He gets halfway through the word someboby when Eddie rips the mic from him. The crowd cheers loudly! Moz says: "Please tell me I don't sound like that.

    Crashig Bores/Ends with Moz curled up in a ball. He gets up and says: "I know you understand the sentiment, and that's all I ask. All I ask." He motions to Matt to hold on, walks over to Boz and then back to Matt for acknowledgement (obviously changing the set). A crowd member yells something about Miami. Moz says: "What for? What's happening in Miami?" More yelling and a mocking voice from Moz.

    Please X3/Ends with Moz crouched over. Moz bows and shakes many hands as they band starts HSIN.

    I go to join in at the front of the stage. Moz throws shirt out and returns for the encore (FOTGTD) wearing the 'Je Suis" shirt. The mayhem I thought would occur ensued. Without a barricade between the audience there was a full-on invasion. Many made it up easily. Several were just pushed off the stage. One guy back-flipped off the stage and took out a bunch of people like bowling pins. I think he was pushed by Arturo, whom also got a wicked clothesline on a guy. Many poeple got close enough to kiss Moz on the neck. Can't people be happy enough with getting that close - no neck kissing people! Many pics thrown out. I got a couple and gave one away to this pleading guy. The setlists were taken from the stage, it seems, before the band even left. You know those weren't going to be given out. Given Miami, I am so glad that I attended this one, as well as Atlanta.
    FDR <[email protected]> -- Saturday November 10 2007, @05:33PM (#283931)
    (User #18941 Info |
  • I moved down from NY 2 1/2 years ago, and was tortured by the NY Moz week in October that I couldn't be at, so I drove 3 hours to Melbourne from Sarasota to see the man. (I had an incling he was getting ill, so I'm glad he didn't cancel one night earlier!)

    I was located 2nd 'row' deep against the stage, slightly to right of center. During FOTGTD, I helped several people get on stage. Particularly, the dude with the black hat, who failed on first attempt up, since I threw him up before he realized he was up there and got tossed back before he could get his bearings. 2nd time's the charm, though! Also, a girl about 5'2, blonde hair asked me to throw her up, which I did, and she got the best response from Moz AND the deadbeat crowd, as he hugged her mid-singing! After all this, everyone around me convinced me to jump up also. I waited until there were a few stage stormers for the bouncers to contend with before I made my move (as I'm 37, a new dad, and a tad slower than I was on the last tour!). I got up and shook his hand before getting tossed back into the crowd. (To the girl whose feet I fell at, thanks for the quick pick-me-up!!).
    Anyway, I handed my brother my camera, actually pressed record for him, and told him to just keep the camera on me the whole time no matter what. Guess what? He got about 4 seconds of people's feet.

    So, I'm wondering if anyone got pictures of any part of the FOTGTD stage antics, and if so, can anyone send me anything?

    To those around me, thanks for a great time. It was fun breaking my brother's cherry and taking him to a Moz show! He still doesn't get the stage storming thing, and frankly I don't either, but it was a lot of fun getting caught up in it!!

    BTW, I had a Greenwich Village grey t-shirt on, shaved head, and about 5'7. And my back is healing just fine, thank you!!
    skottydog -- Wednesday November 14 2007, @07:17AM (#284376)
    (User #20436 Info)
  • ng-Center-11-07_W0QQitemZ300179939775QQihZ020QQcat egoryZ86006QQcmdZViewItem
    Anonymous -- Wednesday December 12 2007, @02:55PM (#288246)
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